Exclusive: Target Lingzhi: YKC (Yung Kien C Ganoderma Tablet)

Sunday 30 October 2022

This article is sourced from a talk by Taiwan nutritionist Ms Yu-Chi Cheng, in conjunction with the launch of Yung Kien C Ganoderma Tablet (YKC) in Malaysia in July 2022.

Shuang Hor has a series of products called Target Lingzhi, 4 of which were launched in Malaysia and Singapore since 2020:

(i) Yung Kien B which is mainly for Bones.

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(ii) Yung Kien K which is mainly for Kidney.

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(iii) Yung Kien S which is the tablet version of Yung Kien K.

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(iv) Yung Kien I which is mainly for Immune.

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In July 2022, Shuang Hor launched the most cutting-edge product of the series, YKC, which is designed for cancer diseases. 

This article focuses on the technical proof of how YKC complements conventional cancer treatments and how YKC protects the brain neurons.

Background - Process Flow of Basic Lingzhi

Prior to the launch of Target Lingzhi, Shuang Hor has in its stable a series of products called Basic Lingzhi, which are produced using Lingzhi fruit bodies. The fruit bodies are harvested and then put through these processes in the factory:

- Drying - Crushing - Extraction - Concentration

- Purification (for Yung Kien Ganoderma 2)

- Rapid vacuum freeze-drying - Capsuling and packaging.

From this process, Shuang Hor is already able to obtain many active constituents, including over 300 types of ganoderic acids (under the umbrella of Triterpenoids) and over 100 types of high-molecular Polysaccharides. The Basic Lingzhi is already able to do an excellent job to protect our health. 

Process Flow of Target Lingzhi

Now, Target Lingzhi is even more advanced, as compared to Basic Lingzhi.

Target Lingzhi is also produced using Lingzhi fruit bodies; but the breakthrough of the process is the addition of another component done using a technique called mycelium fermentation. This gives Target Lingzhi a higher concentration and purification of Ganoderic Acid. 

In the past, only Polysaccharide could be extracted from mycelium. It is only with this fermentation technique that Shuang Hor is now able to extract a high concentration of Ganoderic Acid (a sub-constituent of Triterpenoid).

So, the processes in the factory are slightly different:

- Fruit body plus mycelium fermentation

- Drying - Extraction - Concentration

- Separation and Purification

- Rapid vacuum freeze-drying - Packaging.

In other words, Shuang Hor is able to produce this high efficacy product to be used as supplementary treatment for cancer due to:

(a) the technique of doing mycelium fermentation.

(b) the technology of obtaining high quantity of anti-cancer substances through a concentration and purification process to get Ganoderic acid T, S and Ganodermic acid S. If you refer to technical papers in PubMed, you will know these components are very important in cancer treatments.

What is the Difference in the quantity of Ganoderic Acid in Basic Lingzhi as compared to YKC?

(a) Basic Lingzhi products contain about 1% Ganoderic Acid T + 99% other active components.

(b) YKC contains 95-98% Ganoderic Acid T + up to 5% other active components.

In other words, 

(i) The high concentration and purification process results in YKC having higher quantity of active constituents targeted for cancer treatment.

(ii) Cancer patients only need to consume a smaller dose but achieve greater efficacy and better results.

Functions of YKC

1. YKC is used for cancer treatment:

> Effective against all kinds of cancer.

> Taken together with chemo treatments to ease the side effects.

> Facilitates the effectiveness of medication.

2. YKC modulates and balances brain neurons which helps people to have better sleep.

3. YKC is effective for brain diseases. This is achievable because the ganoderic acid have very small molecular structure which can pass through the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), into the brain tissues.

What is Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)?

Our body can be easily infected by bacteria or virus. But because of the importance of our brain, there is a special system called BBB that shields the brain from harmful substances in the blood. Thus, the bacteria and virus are filtered by BBB from affecting the brain cells. The is a very good function, but unfortunately, it also prevents drugs from entering the brain. That's why certain chemo treatments are not effective to treat brain cancer.

The good news is, as the molecules of YKC's ganoderic acid are very small, they are able to pass through the BBB and have a good effect on brain diseases.

How Cancer Starts, Grows and Spreads

Cancer cells are mutation of normal body cells. After mutation, our body can't control them anymore. They multiply haphazardly, up to the stage where they affect our major organs, form tumours and kill us.

Stage 1 - A normal cell mutates into a cancer cell. It develops rapidly and grows into our body tissues. Eg. if we talk about lung cancer, it's the lung tissues. If we talk about gastric cancer, it's the stomach tissues. Prostate cancer starts in the prostate tissues.

Stage 2 - To grow faster, the cancer cells start to grow new blood vessels, so that they can get nutrients from nearby cells and grow bigger. The cancer cells are still contained in the same area but take up more space now.

Stage 3 - When the cancer cells grow even more, the next step is to migrate and invade nearby body organs. They do this via the lymphatic system - finding then getting onto the "highway". Eg. breast cancer cells would move to nearby lymph nodes (under the armpits) in order to move to other parts of the body.

Stage 4 - Once the cancer cells get onto the highway (blood or lymphatic system), they can easily spread to nearby organs or organs further from the origin (metastasis). Eg. a breast cancer can go to the lymph nodes and then spread up to the brain or down to the bones.

YKC is a Multi-Target Treatment, meaning it works on all 4 stages of cancer. Below are the results of the experiments conducted by Trineo Biotech Lab in Taiwan, which is a GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified lab. 

How does YKC work?


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