Order Online

To my Dear Readers who want to try Shuang Hor products, it is now just a few easy clicks away.

If you are in Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia, click on this link..


1) You will come to this page. Click the little icon where the arrow is pointing.

2) You will come to this page. Select your Membership Origin

3) You will come to this page. Follow instructions to fill in the Form.

Under the section Sponsoring, fill in as follows:

Is there any Sponsor? Yes

Sponsor No.: 3212302

Sponsor H/P No.: 012-2388834

Follow instructions to complete your registration.

** Remember your Distributor No. You will need it to make your purchases.

How to Order Online

After you have registered, you are ready to make your first order. 

Click on this link..


Then click "Login". Proceed with your order.

Email me at askfuiping@gmail.com if you need help.