Exclusive: Target Lingzhi - YKI (Immune)

Sunday 17 May 2020

This article is from a talk by Taiwan nutritionist Ms Yu-Chi Cheng, in conjunction with the launch of YKI ("Zen Pin" Lingzhi) on 6 April 2020. It comprises one of the 3 Target Lingzhi launched. It is presently available only in Singapore. Application has been submitted to the relevant ministries in Malaysia for approval to bring YKI into Malaysia. 
[Update: YKI has been made available in Malaysia since February 2021]

YKI is in fact quite similar to YK1. Two accreditations have been accorded to YK1, namely for its immune regulation and liver protection ability. These 2 features are also present in YKI, namely:

Immune Modulation Function:
- Helps promote the vitality of NKC
- Helps promote the vitality of phagocyte cells
- Helps enhance the production of immune cells (T and B cells)
- Helps promote the production of antibodies
- Helps modulate the functions of T-cells (Th1 and Th2). However, YKI is more effective in regulating the T-cells as compared to YK1.

Liver Protection Function:
- Reduce the indices of GOT and GPT. YKI also performs this function more effectively than YK1.

However, YKI has 2 additional features i.e.:

1. Prevent virus infection (protects our respiratory system).
2. Reduce high blood sugar, for which its ingredients has obtained a USA Patent for being able to treat hyperglycaemia.

As such, it can be said that YKI is an Upgraded or an Improved version of YK1.


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