I have visited Shuang Hor's HQ, Greenhouse farm and Factory in Taiwan 4 times since 2010. I am really impressed with the company's staff and their dedication and commitment to create only the safest and most effective products for the benefit of the global community.

Here are some photos from my personal collection.

Lingzhi Biotechnology Park

Lingzhi Biotechnology Park in Tainan area (built-up area 48,000 sqm), the place where Shuang Hor Lingzhi is cultivated.
Lingzhi Greenhouses

When I visited in 2010, there were only 2 greenhouses. Now it has expanded to Area 2 and Area 3. This is because Shuang Hor has to keep pace with the incredible rise in demand for quality Lingzhi.

This is Area 2 of the Lingzhi greenhouses. It is HUGE, as far as your eyes can see.
The workers unloading the sawdust bags, which are food for Lingzhi.
In 2014, we were told this plot of land has been earmarked for the construction of more greenhouses (Area 3).
In 2016, this is Area 3 - fully operational.
The original Lingzhi greenhouse. All are fully computerised. The black netting on top can be closed at the push of a button, to control sunlight penetration.
Inside Lingzhi Greenhouse

This is where we get Stable, Consistent and High Quality supply of raw materials from Lingzhi fruit body. And that is how we are able to produce high quality end products.

Dr Chen explaining the challenging process of cultivating Lingzhi.
Rows and rows of Lingzhi cultivated in an ideal environment so that all the effective constituents are maximised.
Baby Lingzhi
The fruit body is starting to grow.
Grown Lingzhi ready to be harvested.
Computerised Greenhouses

Despite a built-up area of 48,000 sqm, Lingzhi Biotechnology Park has only 16 employees, because most processes are computerized.

Shuang Hor has its very own weather station, which sends data to the central computer for analysis every 15 seconds so that the growth environment is always ideal. This also minimises human error.
Equipment to monitor and control the growth environment of the Lingzhi fruit body.
Thermometer to monitor the temperature in the greenhouses - it should be between 26'C to 32'C.
3 layers of black netting, glass and plastic membrane to control the level of sunlight and temperature. The water pipes and sprinklers control the volume of water for the Lingzhi.
Fans used to generate fresh air from outside. This ventilation can control temperature and humidity in the greenhouses.
View of the automated air vents from outside the greenhouses. When the air vents are open, it will channel water vapour into the greenhouses. So if the weather is hot, the temperature and humidity can be lowered.
Lingzhi Warehouse

Where Lingzhi harvested from the greenhouses are dried and stored, before being sent over to Yung Kien Factory for processing.

Huge warehouse where bags upon bags of dried Lingzhi are stored. The supply can last for up to 2 years.
The racks of Lingzhi bags are stacked in an orderly, tidy manner. The warehouse environment is clean and hygienic.
Yung Kien Factory

Our factory where quality Lingzhi and supplementary products are produced. It is currently the largest and most advanced Lingzhi manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

Front entrance
The factory occupies almost 20,000 sqm. Started operation in October 1993.
Our factory houses its very own Museum on Lingzhi.
Tour of Yung Kien Factory - R&D Area

Shuang Hor's Biotechnology R&D Institute works closely with the Microbiological Research Foundation and many top-notch Taiwanese universities and institutes in the domain of R&D.

R&D Room - the professionals specializing in biochemistry and healthfood research devote themselves to constant improvement of Lingzhi quality as well as R&D of new products.
Lingzhi Spawn Cultivation Room - research is carried out on hundreds of Lingzhi species and strains to produce top-grade spawns for large scale cultivation. The identified strain will be eventually cultivated in Lingzhi Greenhouses and the manufacturing process is patented.
Lingzhi Experimental Farm - the different species of Lingzhi are experimented with different temperature, humidity, light and airflow, to discover the optimal growing parameters.
Objectives: Shorten the growing periods, Increase the harvest, Maintain good quality.
Yung Kien Factory - Processing Area

The highest quality Lingzhi can only be produced when the growing environment is ideal, the company has the necessary skills and expertise, and the owners continuously invest in research. That is why, even with the same source of raw materials, different manufacturers will still produce different quality end products.

Dr Chen explaining the highly technical and complex process of producing Shuang Hor Lingzhi. 
The layout of the factory structure is designed in accordance with Dust-Free Partition System, and in full compliance with the standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in Taiwan.
We are not allowed to enter the factory floor to prevent contamination. Safety and hygiene are of paramount importance. That is why even a terminally ill cancer patient can safely consume more than 1 bottle of Lingzhi everyday.
The Lingzhi processing area where (i) Dried raw lingzhi are crushed to powder, (ii)  Effective components are extracted using Dual-Phase Extraction method, (iii) Liquid lingzhi is then concentrated, and finally (iv) Dried using Vacuum Freeze-Dry method. 
Raw water and effluent treatment centre, to ensure that the finished products are Safe for long-term consumption by everyone.
Yung Kien Factory - Quality Inspection Area

Quality Inspection Centre to ensure that all our products meet the demands of international requirements and standards.
Tests which are conducted to ensure the quality of our products include Special Component Analysis, Micro-Organism Test, Heavy Metal Test, Physical Chemical Test and Purified Water Test.

Yung Kien Ganoderma has been accredited with many endorsements and certifications from various Government bodies and Authorities on its Effectiveness and Safety.
Dr Chen obliged us with more than 2 hours of Q&A session after the factory tour.
My health and the health of my family and people around me have benefitted greatly from consistent use of Shuang Hor's many quality products.
Shuang Hor also offers me a genuine business opportunity with a fantastic culture and environment so that I can take back control of my time, live a more meaningful life as well as have a proven way to earn passive income.

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