Yung Kien I Ganoderma Lingzhi - Protection Against Covid and Diabetes

Sunday 3 October 2021

Shuang Hor company specialises in Lingzhi Ganoderma for more than 30 years. In upholding the spirit of innovation, Shuang Hor continues to spend a lot of manpower and observe high quality control to research and develop Lingzhi with higher purity and efficacy. The Equivalent Target Lingzhi (Target Lingzhi) uses more advanced equipment and the effects appear sooner after consumption.

The Target Lingzhi is in addition to the Basic Lingzhi already in the market. The differences is in the manufacturing process.

To manufacture Basic Lingzhi, the entire Fruiting Body is used, and the processes it goes through before the final product is obtained are:

  • Drying 
  • Coarse crushing
  • Extraction
  • Concentration 
  • Rapid freeze drying.

For Target Lingzhi, the raw material is Mycelium from Liquid Fermentation. It is put through the processes of:

  • Drying, Extraction and Concentration
  • Separation
  • Purification
  • Rapid freeze drying
to arrive at the final product. This process increases the effectiveness of Lingzhi, where the higher concentration and purity level of ganoderic acid will give results that are more effective and quicker.

Application of Target Lingzhi v. Basic Lingzhi

Basic Lingzhi - as the whole fruit body is used, the effective components are complete but may be fractional. It is better for general use, especially for people who don't know exactly which body organ is unwell or what diseases they may have. In other words, it's for general health maintenance, protection and prevention purpose. The time taken is longer and dosage is higher.

Target Lingzhi - if a specific health problem is identified, then it's better to take Target Lingzhi as it is of higher efficacy and gives better results. In other words, because of its specific functions, Target Lingzhi is a better option as it achieves faster and more effective results in a shorter span of time.

Special Features of Target Lingzhi

1. High concentration and purity of specific ingredients.
Hence it's faster to see effective results.

2. International GLP laboratory efficacy verification.
GLP is a legal term referring to the practice of using a standardised set of guidelines to generate reproducible results that can be validated by replicating experimental conditions.
It is recognised by all countries in the world. The experiments are done using actual Target Lingzhi, thus giving consumers more confidence on the products.

3. Patents endorsement for product efficacy.
Eg. YKI has a patent from USA on improving hyperglycemia; YKK has obtained a patent for the lucidenic acid component etc.
Because of this proven effectiveness, this Lingzhi has been positioned as targeted to be used to address specific problems.

4. Accumulated many clinical testimonies.

Since the product launch, the Target Lingzhi have accumulated many successful stories of their efficacy.

Yung Kien I Ganoderma (YK Immune)

YK Immune was launched in Malaysia in early 2021. YK Immune is quite similar to YK1. Two accreditations which were accorded to YK1 (namely for Immune Regulation and Liver Protection ability) are also present in YK Immune. In addition, YK Immune has 2 additional abilities, to fight against Viral Infections and Hyperglycemia.

Immune Regulation and Liver Protection

Immune Modulation Function:
- Helps promote the activity of natural killer cells.
- Helps promote the activity of phagocyte cells.
- Helps increase the proliferation of immune cells (T and B cells).
- Helps increase the production of antibodies.
- Helps regulate the functions of T-cells (Th1 and Th2). 

Liver Protection Function:
- Reduce the indices of GOT and GPT. 

Who Needs It?

For those who need daily maintenance and want to maintain good immunity.

Also for people who have allergic rhinitis, urticaria, asthma and other allergies, often stay up late, and suffer excessive fatigue.

YK Immune has 2 additional features i.e.:

1. Fight against virus (protects our respiratory system).
2. Fight against hyperglycemia, for which its ingredients has obtained a USA Patent for being able to treat hyperglycaemia.

As such, it can be said that YK Immune is an Upgraded or an Improved version of YK1.

1. Fight Against Virus

How does one get flu?
1) Virus enters respiratory tract.
2) After entering, virus starts to replicate itself. Respiratory tract becomes swollen and inflamed.
3) Once inside respiratory system, virus enters bloodstream. First symptom begins to show.

How does YKI work?
Step 1 - Prevent invasion of virus, by increasing immune system strength. The immune cells in the nose and throat area would kill the virus before they can enter further into the body.
Step 2 - Prevent replication and spreading of virus, if the virus managed to enter into the body.

Who Needs It?

For people suffering from recurrent colds, common colds, influenza, and specific virus infections of the respiratory tract, covid, enterovirus, avian influenza, herpes zoster etc.

Usage Recommendation

Maintenance: 1 sac morning + 1 sac night. 

While under acute attack: 1 sac every 2-4 hours, 3-6 sac/day to achieve best results.

Take YK Immune when one starts to feel symptoms e.g. blocked nose, runny nose, sore throat. If you neglect these symptoms and not take preventive precautions, the disease will spread further. When disease has spread, dose must be increased to 3-6 sac/day for a faster recovery rate.

2. Protect Pancreas and Fight against Hyperglycemia

If one constantly takes a diet high in sugar with lots of white rice and bread, the pancreas and its beta-cells will be damaged in the long-term.

YK Immune is able to improve the conditions of diabetes. It protects the pancreas. Beta-cells in pancreas are the ones that produce insulin. Insulin's function is to reduce blood sugar. When beta cells are healthy, the amount of insulin released is normal. In diabetic patients, a lot of beta cells are dead. When there is massive beta cells death, the ability to produce insulin diminishes and worsens the situation of diabetic patients. YK Immune helps avoid the death of pancreatic beta cells.

Who Needs It?

For hyperglycemia or diabetic patients.


Profile: A 64 year old lady from Tawau, Sabah.

On mild HBP medication for more than 10 years.

Consuming only CEO Coffee and sometimes Luchun Tea.


20/5/2021 - Fever, headache and body chill.

21/5/2021 - Went for covid test - result covid positive.

23/5/2021 - Admitted to hospital.

27/5/2021 - Transferred to ICU, coughing, needed oxygen support. Progressed to Stage 4 covid.

Products consumed:

29/5/2021 - 1 sachet YK Immune + 1 sachet Vitaking with 200-250 ml warm water. 3 times a day (total 3 YK Immune + 3 Vitaking per day).

Also consumed together with traditional Chinese herbal concoction for the lung.

Reaction & improvement:

30/5/2021 - After the 2nd dose of YK Immune & Vitaking on Day 2, condition improved significantly. Oxygen level went back up to normal and no more coughing.

31/5/2021 - Transferred from ICU to normal ward and was taken off oxygen support.

3/6/2021 - Recovering well but still under observation until condition stabilized. She was told she should be able to be discharged on 8/6/2021. However, on 4/6/2021 afternoon, she was told that she could be discharged that evening as her condition has stabilized and readings look good.

4/6/2021 - Blood glucose reading was 9 and was recommended to take insulin injection. She decided on her own accord that she did not want the insulin at all.

9/6/2021 - Follow up checkup in hospital - glucose reading dropped to 5.2 (in 5 days).

10/6/2021 - Reduced to only 1 sachet YK Immune for maintenance.


The functions and benefits of YK Immune include:

(a) Immune modulation
- Helps promote the activity of natural killer cells.
- Helps promote the activity of phagocyte cells.
- Helps increase the proliferation of immune cells (T and B cells).
- Helps increase the production of antibodies.
- Helps regulate the functions of T-cells (Th1 and Th2). 

(b) Liver protection - reduce GOT and GPT levels.

(c) Prevent invasion, replication and spreading of virus eg. covid-19.

(d) Protect pancreas and fight against hyperglycemia. Regulate blood sugar level to improve condition of diabetes

How to order YK Immune?

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