Health Benefits of CEO Coffee: 6 Testimonies

Sunday 9 October 2022

Are you a coffee lover? 
If yes, check out these 6 amazing stories - how you can take care of your health simply by doing something you enjoy, which is drinking tasty coffee. Choose CEO Coffee.

Testimony 1: Migraine, gastric and overweight

Ms A from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah suffered from migraine and gastric. She started drinking CEO Coffee since January 2019. She drinks 2 sachets (no sugar) in the morning and 2 sachets (no sugar) in the afternoon. After 3 months, she noticed improvements in her migraine and gastric problems. She also has more energy. Her body weight reduced by 10 kg and her belly has also shrunk.

Testimony 2: Asthma, gastric, migraine, allergy and overweight

Ms J suffers from asthma, gastric, migraine and allergy. She's also overweight. She started drinking CEO Coffee since September 2019. She drinks 2 sachets (no sugar) in the morning and 2 sachets (no sugar) in the afternoon. 

Healing reactions: On the 3rd to 5th day, she experienced difficulty breathing at night. She also has difficulty sleeping for 1 week. She felt trembling, allergy on the fingers, headache for 3 days, gastric attacks and felt hungry very quickly. 

After 2 months, she noticed her asthma condition has improved and her gastric, migraine and allergy problems have disappeared. Her body feels lighter, she doesn't gasp for breath, her heartbeat is normalised and she has more energy throughout the day.

Testimony 3: Gastric

Mr N, 40s, suffers from very severe gastric. He started drinking CEO Coffee since December 2019. He only takes 1 to 2 sachets a day in the morning. He noticed that his gastric is not triggered anymore since then.

Testimony 4: Diabetes

An elderly lady suffers from diabetes. Some open wounds on her foot was very serious and were unable to heal. The doctor wanted to amputate her leg. 

However, her wound dried up and healed when she did this:

(a) Drink CEO Coffee.
(b) Apply Greenzhi Toothgel onto her open wound.

Testimony 5: Diabetes and overweight

A man, 40s, suffers from diabetes and is severely overweight. He decided to try drinking CEO Coffee every day. He takes 3 sachets a day. After 3 months, his blood sugar level reduced from 11.3 mmol/L to 4.7 mmol/L. He lost 11 kg, from 150 kg down to 139 kg.

Testimony 6: Stroke

Mr S from Labuan was paralyzed for 2 years as a result of stroke. He was bed-ridden and wheelchair-bound. He started taking CEO Coffee (no sugar) at 3 sachets / day. He also takes 2 capsules Jia Hor Lingzhi / day. After 4 months, he is able to walk with the help of a walking stick.

(Source: Seminar 4 Jan 2022)

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