About Me

Hi.. My name is Fui Ping. Thank you for visiting my website!

Since young, I avoided seeing doctors and taking medicines unless I was forced to. I am still afraid of needles even if it's only to take some blood sample for routine medical checkup. I always remember the time I visited a cousin in the General Hospital. He just had a motorcycle accident. When I saw the nurse roughly handling the metal plates sticking out of his broken leg plus the terribly strong stench of antiseptic, it was just too much. I fainted.

So you cannot imagine how grateful I was when I discovered something amazing called Lingzhi (Ganoderma) in 2009. This is the solution I didn't know I was looking for. I tested it on myself and subsequently saw amazing results on my elderly parents, my friends and their children and loved ones for all sorts of ailments.

I spend many years studying the therapeutic benefits of Lingzhi and how it works to improve and maintain our health without resorting to doctors, medicines and surgeries. I learnt how to complement healthy diet and good lifestyle with natural remedies to achieve holistic health. Since 2016, I started learning about TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory and how to diagnose the state of our health by reading the symptoms and signals displayed on and in our body.

This is why I want to reach out to you..

I am passionate to share with you tips and resources on how to stay healthy and beautiful. Discover simple and convenient solutions to looking great and keeping doctors away. Take charge of your own health. You (not the doctor) are the only one who controls it.

I am an accountant, ex-investment banker, ex-corporate finance specialist and on-going entrepreneur. I am also an Authorised Distributor of this amazing Lingzhi and the whole range of Shuang Hor products. I am proud to be associated with a 35+ years old company that engages itself incessantly in research and development to produce top-quality products with the intention to help the world achieve wellness of mind and body. Shuang Hor works hand in hand with me to fulfil my dreams. I want to offer you good Health so that you can have more Time to enjoy your Wealth.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy sharing them with you.
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My Journey

I like to share with you some photos as I journey through life since I came to know Lingzhi and Shuang Hor Business..

Sept 2010: First visit to SH Taiwan

Jan 2011: I caught a little fish

Apr 2012: Avid golf fan

July 2013: Ubud, Bali

Apr 2014: Chateau Latour à Bordeaux

May 2015: Shangri-La, Xian

Sep 2016: SH factory, Taiwan

Oct 2017: My inspirations

Sep 2018: Stella Bella, Margaret River

Mar 2019: Lotte World, Busan

Jan 2020: Krinklewood, Hunter Valley

Mar 2021: Skybridge, KL Twin Towers

June 2022: Lake Gardens KL

Mar 2023: Club Med Cherating