Uniqueness of Jia Hor Soya Protein and Jia Hor Fiber

Sunday, 7 February 2021

Protein and fiber are 2 of the key nutrients our body needs on a daily basis.
On average, for every kilo of our body weight, we need to consume 1 gram of quality protein.
As for fiber, we need to take an average of 25 apples or 1 kilo of leafy veges a day to meet our daily requirement.
If you're like me, it's a tall order. So, for over 10 years, I have relied on these 2 supplements - Jia Hor Soya Protein powder and Jia Hor Fiber.

Jia Hor Soya Protein

What is so unique about Jia Hor Soya Protein is because it is an isolated protein powder.
The skin of soya beans contains purine (which is one of the main culprit for causing gout pain), as well as fats and cholesterol. Jia Hor Soya Protein does not contain purine because it has gone through an isolation process and already been converted to amino acid. Thus the human body cells can easily absorb and utilise.

In fact, Jia Hor Soya Protein has also been added with papaya and pineapple enzyme, which further help with absorption; up to 95% of the protein consumed. This is important because many of the protein products in the market are still in big molecule structure whereby your body must have the ability to breakdown and digest. If your body is not functioning at tip top condition, whatever protein you consume may cause more burden to your kidney.

People who want to go on diet or don't have good appetite can take 4-6 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein a day as their meal replacement as it contains high quality raw materials for their body to use.

Many people who suffer from kidney problem are prevented by doctors from taking high protein food; for example, people who suffer from gout, diabetes or undergoing dialysis. But protein is a very important ingredient for all our cells. About 30% of our whole body structure is made from protein. Where are they going to take their source of protein?

Jia Hor Soya Protein is also excellent for people with gastric caused by taking a lot of painkillers. Drink the protein shake mixed with warm water. The bubbles from the shake help form a layer of protective membrane to protect the stomach lining and repair the damaged lining. It is advisable to use warm water as it works better to reduce the stomach acids from attacking the lining.

Some soya protein are very cheap, selling at perhaps RM20 for 1 kg. However, these kind of products are likely in the form of whole soya beans that are grounded into powder, perhaps only removing the skin. Thus, they are Not in readily-absorbable amino acid form, unlike Jia Hor Soya Protein. This explains for the price difference. Vegetarians in particular are very concerned about quality as they mainly rely on such form of soya protein to get their essential amino acids.

Jia Hor Fiber

Many fiber products in the market share a similar feature - they are added with an ingredient called senna. It's a kind of laxative, because many people take fiber supplements for constipation problem and want to see quick results. To meet the demands of these people, senna is added.

That explains why after taking these types of fiber products, people experience diarrhoea. Senna is used to stimulate the peristalsis movement of intestines to create purging. One of the disadvantages of this method is the diarrhoea can become uncontrollable and disturb the balance of electrolytes in the body. We also lose a lot of mineral contents in the body and experience dehydration.

In medical reports, the reading of electrolytes appear in the section for kidney. If you have been experiencing diarrhoea often, these readings will not be good.

This is not how Jia Hor Fiber works. You won't experience watery stools like diarrhoea. Instead, it provides you with sufficient amount of fiber (whose original function is to act like a broom) in your colon, and your bowels will move naturally as the fiber sweeps the wastes out.

On average, we need about 25-30g of fiber a day. A sachet of Jia Hor Fiber contains a net weight of 4g fiber. Thus for a person who hardly consumes fiber products, it is advisable to supplement with 3-6 sachets a day.

Some doctors advise patients not to consume too much fiber because it will affect the absorption of minerals especially calcium. However, Jia Hor Fiber is different. It is added with a soluble dietary fiber called Digestion Resistant Maltodextrin.  Apart from regulating bowel movement, it is able to maintain healthy blood glucose level, and reduce cholesterol and triglycerides level. It also does not affect the absorption of calcium.

For people with a 3-Highs condition, it is best that they can add Jia Hor Fiber into their diet. For diabetics who cannot control their diet, their blood sugar reading can be maintained much better if they also consume Jia Hor Fiber. They do not have to take so much medication.

A little tip: using hairdryer to blow at the sole of the feet is found to be helpful for people with weak kidneys and weak limbs.

(Source: Shuang Hor seminar 14 Jan 2019)

Please email me at askfuiping@gmail.com to purchase Jia Hor Soya Protein and Jia Hor Fiber. I am an Authorised Distributor.

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Bites & Bites #231: Business - The Difference Between (a) and (b)

Sunday, 10 January 2021


Happy New Year 2021 dear Readers. We are resilient beings and we will survive.

The impact from Covid19 is still far from over. Many lives and livelihood have changed drastically. Some friends have found 2020 to be a year of opportunity. But for many, 2020 has been a disaster, financially, professionally and personally. We took for granted that we can travel freely and patronise whichever restaurants we want. Those rights were taken away in 2020 and certain restrictions are still in place.

For me, I gratefully say that 2020 had been one of my most productive years, and a large part of it is due to my decision to do Shuang Hor Business. Otherwise, I cannot imagine the amount of stress I would have endured because I am not very quick at adapting to unplanned situations. Who knows, I may be one of those who lost my job. Or go into deep depression not knowing what to do with the endless boring hours being stuck at home.

However, Shuang Hor has taught me to be positive, to be creative, to develop and learn, to be kind and given me a group of friends whom I can count on. I have learnt many new skills and taken on challenges that made me feel like I have travelled the world.

Here.. may I share with you some observations below.. if what I share whets your appetite, email me at askfuiping@gmail.com. Let's have coffee..


If you are an Employee, you must be aware of 2 very cruel facts:

(a) The maximum percentage a company pays out as salary is about 30% of its total revenue. Even though you are a top performer, there is still a ceiling to your salary. No matter how high is your qualification, your income is decided by others. Your worth is determined by your boss.

(b) However high was your salary and however high was your position, upon Retirement, your income goes back to Zero. All becomes history.


2 key differences between being an Employee and doing MLM Business:

(a) Your Fate
As an employee, your fate is decided by other people. If your boss doesn't like you, no matter how hard you work, you will still not get that promotion or increment you deserve.
In an MLM Business, your fate is entirely in your own hands. The more effort you put in, the better results you will reap.

(b) Your Worth
As an employee, the older you get, the less valuable you are to your company because your salary is high but you don't have the energy to work as long/hard as young people.
In an MLM Business, the older you grow, the more valuable you become because you have more experience and as your network expands, you can share your knowledge with more people.


Shuang Hor Business offers you many possibilities, at different stages in your life.

(a) If your business is good and you earn a lot of money - take care of your Health. If you don't, 10 or 20 years later, as you age, you will surely need to start looking for health solutions. Shuang Hor offers some of the best health products I know.

(b)If you are retired or your business is not good, Shuang Hor offers you a business and another source of Income.


How do you differentiate a Pyramid-Scheme from a Genuine MLM business?

(a) A company operating a pyramid scheme rewards its distributors the moment they recruit new members. These companies may charge a high membership fee where they package some products together with the fee.

(b) A genuine MLM company does not make money from recruiting new members. Members are not required to buy anything and membership fee is minimal. It is only when we decide to purchase products that the distributors earn a commission from their sales.

Bar Tapas
This post is part of a series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching. And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

Drop me a mail at askfuiping@gmail.com if you want more tips on how to successfully achieve your goals. 

Have an awesome day!

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Antibiotic Resistance - A Serious Danger

Sunday, 20 December 2020

The germ theory of diseases links bacteria to the causation of diseases. As a result, scientists started to search for drugs that would kill these bacteria. In 1942, the term "antibiotic" was first used and now, antibiotics means any medication that kills bacteria or inhibits their growth.

Antibiotic resistance refers to the ability of bacteria to resist the effects of medication that could once successfully treat them. It is one of the biggest threat to global health, food security and economic development.

Resistant bacteria:
- are more difficult to treat as the antibiotics become less effective.
- require alternative medication.
- require higher doses of antibiotics.

As a result, treatments can become:
- more expensive with longer hospital stay and higher medical costs
- more toxic with increased rates of death.

What cause antibiotic resistance?

(a) Lack of target

Antibiotics normally bind onto specific proteins on the bacteria's cell wall. Some bacteria have no cell wall, giving the antibiotic no place to latch onto and rendering it useless. This gives these bacteria an innate resistance to penicillin.

(b) Lack of entry

After binding to the cell wall proteins, the antibiotic normally enters the bacterial cells via porin channels in the cell wall. The loss of these specific porin channels or the creation of new porin channels in the bacterial cell wall block antibiotics from entering the cells.

(c) Blocked entry or increased excretion

This means that the drug is either blocked from entering the cell or there is a mechanism that caused the drug to be excreted from the cell too quickly to be of much use.

(d) Enzyme inactivation

Certain enzymes can either destroy antibiotics or prevent them from binding to target sites.

(e) Altered target

The specific binding proteins on the bacterial cell surface can be altered due to genetic mutations as the cells replicate, resulting in the antibiotic being unable to bind to them anymore.

(f) Alternative pathway

An alternative pathway that bypasses the reaction inhibited by the antibiotic allows for the bacteria to avoid the antibiotic's harmful effect.

(g) Genetic mutations

This refers to the random change in the DNA structure of genes, which occurs at a frequency of 1 per 10 million cells. Mutations can randomly confer the ability to resist antibiotics on bacteria through a few methods, including those listed above.

The Human Factor

We humans also promote antibiotic resistance through various ways:

(a) Patients

- Forgetting to take medication.
- Stopping medication when they begin to feel better.
- Unable to afford the full course of medication.
- Misuse of antibiotics.
- Self-medication, which may be unnecessary or taken in the wrong doses.

(b) Doctors

- Overprescribing broad spectrum drugs when a narrow spectrum drug is appropriate.
- Prescribing wrongly.
- Prescribing unnecessarily.
- Inadequate surveillance and susceptibility testing, leading to use of broad-spectrum drugs, rather than a narrow spectrum now.

(c) Hospitals

- Poor infection control practices e.g. inadequate hand washing, not changing gloves between patients etc.

(d) Antibiotics

- Using expired or counterfeit antibiotics.
- Lack of quality compliance and monitoring.

(e) Animal use

- Used for growth and disease control in poultry, cattle, pigs etc. Humans are indirectly taking these antibiotics when eating the meat.

(f) Overcrowding

- Residents of developing countries often carry antibiotic-resistant faecal commensal organisms due to close living quarters.
- Visitors to developing countries passively acquire antibiotic-resistant E. coli.

(Source: A major threat by Assoc Prof Dr Mohammad Nazmul Hasan Maziz, Starhealth, 1 Dec 2019)

As you can see above, it is so easy for antibiotic-resistance to happen. There are too many uncontrollable factors. Even if we do everything we can, there's nothing we can do when the bacteria mutate.

This means that taking antibiotics for long-term is Not a sustainable solution.
How can you boost up your immune system then? Is there anything that can replace antibiotics?

A Better Solution

Have you heard of Lingzhi / Ganoderma?

Shen Nong's Herbal Classic identifies it as a  top superior herb, that if consumed for an extended period of time may lighten the body, prevent ageing and thus sublimate to Godly longevity.

"Let Food by thy Medicine, and Medicine be thy Food" - Hippocrates.
Lingzhi falls in the overlapping section between food and medicine.

Lingzhi performs many Functions, including:

- Protect our liver
- Regulate our immune system
- Cleanse and detoxify our blood
- Promote regeneration of cells and metabolism
- Prevent the occurrence of diseases
- Delay ageing.

This means that Lingzhi is able strengthen your immune soldiers so they are capable of fighting the bacteria and virus. When you are attacked by bacteria, take Lingzhi instead of antibiotics. That is what I have been doing over the last 12 years. I have never taken any antibiotic for 12 years. Whenever I fall sick, I just take high dose of Shuang Hor Lingzhi. My problem is solved.

Click on this link for more info..


Please email me at askfuiping@gmail.com to order. I am an Authorised Distributor of Shuang Hor Lingzhi.

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The Best Coffee Business in the World

Sunday, 29 November 2020

Have you heard of the 111 Coffee Plan?
It is a business opportunity to earn RM12,280 / month.

Is it doable? Yes. Because it answers the 3 key requirements of a successful business, which are:

1. Are the Products good? 
Yes. CEO Coffee is a well-known product which has been in the market since 2006. Not only does it taste delicious, but it has multiple health benefits.
Click on this link to find out 5 of its benefits:

2. Is the Income good?
Yes. You can earn RM12,280 / month every month. It's more than the monthly salary for many average Malaysian employees. Many people do not even earn this amount up to the day they retire. 111 Coffee Plan is the opportunity for you to fly above average.

3. Is it Easy to do?
Yes. The 111 Coffee Plan is based on Duplication. The strategy is very easy to follow and can be done by everybody of all ages and educational background because it is:

(a) Simple 
(b) Easy to Understand 
(c) Easy to Learn.

Important Tips on How to Execute 111 Coffee Plan Successfully

Let me show you how easy it is:

1. Invitation

When you invite your friends to taste your coffee, tell them "I want to treat you to the World's Best Coffee". Indeed, this is my personal view - CEO Coffee is the only coffee that I feel most comfortable drinking anytime and every time. Inviting with enthusiasm gives your friends a feeling of anticipation. They look forward to try that first sip.

Imagine if someone says he is going to let you try a durian from the orchard that grows the Best Durian in the World; won't you be salivating in excitement and can't wait to try?

2. Coffee Experience

As you are making the CEO Coffee for your friend, educate them on how to identify what is a good coffee. 
The smell is fragrant, rich and pleasant.
The taste is natural, bitter and dry. The texture is silky and smooth.
After swallowing, it does not leave a chemical aftertaste in the mouth. It is non-oily. 
CEO Coffee ticks every box.

3. CEO Coffee brand story

A coffee is nothing more than a coffee until you hear the story behind. Once you know its story, CEO Coffee will stay in your heart and you will remember it even when you drink another coffee. It somehow takes on a vintage and culture instead of merely a random coffee. For example, when you find out a table is actually 300 years old, it takes on a new meaning and you see it differently from simply an old table in your grandparents' house, right?

CEO Coffee's story started in early 2000.
Mr Terashima from Yonago City, Japan had a car accident and badly hurt his 5th and 6th lumbar spine. He was paralysed and was wheelchair-bound for 3 years. One day, Mr Ku's friend brought him to meet Mr Ku in a restaurant with the objective of getting him to take Lingzhi for his condition. He offered Mr Terashima a cup of the restaurant's coffee where he added 2 capsules of Lingzhi powder. After only a few minutes, Mr Terashima felt electrical pulses in his hands. A bit more time passed, and he felt the same electrical pulses in his legs when he used to feel nothing. To his amazement, he found he was able to stand up! He was convinced it was not because of the coffee but the Lingzhi. He decided to seriously try. He took 8 capsules Lingzhi a day.

After 1 month of consumption, when Mr Ku saw him, he noticed Mr Terashima could walk but was moving slowly and in a hunched manner, like a frail old man.
After 2 months, his walking improved and he was less hunched.
After 3 months, he was walking like a normal person.
It was the result of Lingzhi in the coffee.

Many people were amazed with this story and started to try the same formula. Here are some of the results they found:
a) People with migraine find relief in their headache after drinking coffee with Lingzhi.
b) People who cannot sleep after drinking coffee at night find their problem resolved.
c) People who have heart palpitations when drinking coffee find they have no palpitations when their coffee is added with Lingzhi.
d) People with stomach ulcer also find their problem resolved.

Shuang Hor decided to produce Lingzhi Coffee. The whole process took 4 years. Why did it take so long? Because it is not as simple as merely collaborating with an existing 3-in-1 coffee manufacturer. Shuang Hor does not want to be associated with products that are added with unhealthy food flavouring and use dairy creamer with trans fat. It searches for a coffee formula that must be natural, healthy and yet still taste good.

The company came to Malaysia to continue its quest because there are many coffee manufacturers here. Lingzhi was sent to Malaysia and much effort was put in to find the perfect formulation. CEO Coffee was born 4 years later.

4. 111 Cafe Plan

This is what you tell your friend..

"Try the Best Coffee in the world.
Invest in 1 box a month and enjoy it at home.
Find 1 friend every month to follow and do the same as you.
Keep doing this same process for 1 year.
You will earn RM12,280 / month."

End of presentation. It is that simple.

What is the next step?
Drop me a mail at askfuiping@gmail.com. I invite you to taste the World's Best Coffee and partner me in this business.

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Bits & Bites #230 - Health: Lingzhi v. Medicine, Testimonies v. Accreditations, High v. Low Body Temperature

Sunday, 15 November 2020

Please email askfuiping@gmail.com to buy Shuang Hor Lingzhi for your health.

Q. What is the difference between Lingzhi and Medicine?

A. Lingzhi can treat pre-illness symptoms before they develop into full-blown diseases.
Medicine can only treat when the diseases have started. Unfortunately, it may already be too late by then to reverse the conditions.


If a doctor stops you from taking Lingzhi / Ganoderma, before you take his advice, please ask him these 2 questions:

(i) Do you know what are the major functional components in Lingzhi?
(ii) Do you know which of these components are poisonous?

If he is unable to respond, do you think he is qualified to advise you on your decision?


The methods that Shuang Hor uses to process its Lingzhi are very special - including dual-phase extraction and concentration process. Approximately 5-6 stalks of Lingzhi are needed to produce just 1 capsule of Lingzhi. Compare this to many other Lingzhi producers - they simply grind the entire stalk of Lingzhi into powder. Obviously, many more capsules can be made, and their cost would be much cheaper. But the difference is their effectiveness is lower.

If you open up a capsule of Shuang Hor Lingzhi and place the powder on your tongue, it fully dissolves and there's no residue.
Grounded Lingzhi leaves some residual, which is not used by your body.


Q. What is the difference between Testimony and Accreditation?

A. Many companies like to use Testimonies as proof that their products are effective. Be careful when you evaluate. Is the product consumed together with other medications / products but the companies presenting the testimonies have omitted those information? Is the product effective for only 1 out of 6 people who take it, but the companies again omit that information?

As for Accreditation - it is very specific - it confirms whether the product itself actually has that ability to perform certain functions or not. Especially if these endorsements come from credible third parties which are recognised globally, it means that product is certainly able to handle your problem.


The best antidote to fighting virus and bacteria is your own immune system.
When the immune system is strong, they are able to fight against these pathogens that invade your body. The "battle" naturally heats up the body and causes a rise in temperature. One of the greatest mistakes parents make is to immediately feed their children with anti-fever drugs the moment they have fever. Their immune soldiers have no opportunity to develop and as such, they lose their ability to fight over the long-term.

In fact, what parents should be concerned about is if their children are constantly feeling cold i.e. suffer from low body temperature. Because this is an ideal environment for virus, bacteria and cancer cells to thrive. Do not ignore low body temperature.

Ante Kitchen
This post is part of a series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching. And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

Drop me a mail at askfuiping@gmail.com to buy Shuang Hor products for your health. I am an Authorised Distributor. Have an awesome day!

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Exclusive: Healthfood for Eyes - Yung Kien I Plus

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Yung Kien I Plus (YKI) provides a complete range of nutrition to protect your eyes. 

The key nutrients include:

  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Anthocyanin
  • Blackcurrant extract
  • Natural astaxanthin
  • Bilberry extract
  • Wolfberry extract
  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamins A, B, C and E
  • Zinc.
Stringent selection of ingredients with effective extraction method

The purest form of Lutein is extracted from marigold flowers. It is done using the patented FloraGLO extraction technology, which delivers a comprehensive effectiveness with more efficient absorption rate and higher bioavailability.

High in antioxidants

Free radicals, the biggest culprit in the ageing of eyes, are generated when blue light emitted from the UV rays of sunlight and electronic products enter the eyes. YKI contains multiple antioxidants that help protect the eyes from the damage of free radicals, delay the ageing of eyes and prevent eye diseases.


Q1. Which group of consumers would YKI be suitable for?
  • People who are long-term users of computers and smartphones.
  • People with long-term exposure under the sun.
  • Patients of 3-Highs (high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar).
  • People with high stress level.
  • People who drive a lot.
  • People who often strain their eyes for specific jobs.
  • Eye patients.
  • Long-time users of contact lenses.
  • Regular fast food consumers, those with sweet-tooth and those with low intake of vegetables and fruits.
Consumption of YKI benefits everyone including children, elderly, pregnant women and vegetarians.

Q2. Why does supplementing with Lutein and Zeaxanthin help protect the eyes?

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are 2 important components in the macula of the retina. Macula is an oval yellowish area near the centre of the retina (at the back of the eyeball). However, these components cannot be produced by the human body. Further, intake from a regular diet is still insufficient for eye health maintenance. Therefore it is recommended to supplement them.

Q3. Will consuming YKI maintain or improve myopia (short-sightedness)?


Dear Readers,
I hope you like what you read so far.
There are many more Questions & Answers related to YKI.
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** This info is reserved exclusively for my Consumers and Business Partners only.
Email me at askfuiping@gmail.com to order Yung Kien I Plus - health food for your eyes. I am an Authorised Distributor of Shuang Hor.

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Exclusive: Yung Kien I Plus for Healthy and Beautiful Eyes

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Our eyes are the windows to the world. Through them, we witness life's greatest moments and create memories that stay with us for a lifetime. But often, we take our eyes for granted. In today's world, our eyes are more vulnerable to damage. The increasing numbers of digital devices in our lives are exposing us to more screen time than ever before. Long stretches of screen time can cause the eyes to get dry or irritated easily, leading to vision problems. 

According to the world report on vision by WHO, at least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment or blindness of which over 1 billion cases could have been prevented or have yet to be addressed. In fact, up to 80% of vision impairment or blindness in adults are preventable or treatable. Therefore, we need to protect our eyes starting from now, to maintain healthy vision throughout our lives.

Fight Blue Light Naturally

Blue light is the harmful light that we are exposed to everyday in the forms of sunlight, artificial light and digital electronic devices including smartphones, TVs, tablets and computers. Blue light has short wave length and is very high in energy. It is not easily filtered by our eyes and over-exposure can negatively impact our vision, causing digital eyestrain. Therefore, as the uses of these devices increase, the risk to our eyes increases as well. 

This high energy blue light can penetrate deep into the back of our eyes and induce photochemical stress. This may damage the light sensitive cells in the retina, increase the risk of macular degeneration which may lead to permanent vision loss. Besides that, long term exposure to blue light also put pressure on the lens, causing the lens to become cloudy, leading to dry eye symptoms.

Roles of Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Free radicals are the natural by-products of chemical reactions in the body called oxidation. With thousands of unbalanced electrons, these electrons can cause damage to our cells. The tiny spot in the retina called macula is highly susceptible to oxidative stress because it consumes high levels of oxygen that leads to the production of high levels of free radicals. 

These free radicals are very unstable and can cause damage to the cells, nerves and capillaries of the eyes. Long-term accumulation of free radicals can lead to progressive vision problems and macula degeneration. 

Therefore, keeping free radicals in balance is extremely critical in the prevention of macula degeneration. Antioxidants are the natural substances whose job is to clean up these free radical wastes in the cells (like fibre which cleans up the waste products in the intestines). They are able to neutralise the destructive properties of free radicals that are harmful to the body and the eyes. 

Ingredients in Yung Kien I Plus

While it is impossible to completely avoid the exposure to blue light and oxidative stress, there are ways to protect your eyes and maintain healthy vision for a lifetime. Regardless of age, supplementing with nutrients beneficial to eyes starting from today can help to protect your eyes for a lifetime. 

Yung Kien I Plus is a perfect health food to protect the eyesight. It is rich in these 6 major ingredients:

  • Lutein
  • Zeaxanthin
  • Blackcurrant polyphenol
  • Bilberry extracts
  • Astaxanthin
  • Wolfberry extracts.


Dear Readers,
I hope you like what you read so far.
Do you want to know how what are the functions and benefits of these ingredients? 
Who should consume? How much to take?
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