Yung Kien S Ganoderma (Tablet)

Sunday, 23 January 2022

The target lingzhi Yung Kien Ganoderma S (YKS) was launched on 18 January 2022 in Malaysia. It is a tablet version of Yung Kien K Ganoderma Powder (YKK). 

Click on this link for more info on YKK..

1 bottle of YKS has 48 tablets. 

1 sachet of YKK is equivalent to 6 tablets of YKS.

The distributor price is RM860 (710 PV).

Functions and Benefits

1. Prevent kidney disease, including conditions of urinary protein, itchy skin and kidney dialysis patients.

2. Help kidney to detoxify and protect the kidney.

3. Prevent nephritis (inflammation of kidney tissues) caused by drugs.

4. Increase kidney blood flow and prevent kidney atrophy.

5. Improve filtration capacity of glomerulus.

6. Speed up detoxification.

7. Protect liver.

8. Improve liver cirrhosis.

9. Improve fatty liver.

10. Improve pneumonia and lung fibrosis.

11. Improve atherosclerosis (thickening and hardening of arteries caused by buildup of fats and cholesterol on artery wall).

12. Improve intestinal inflammation.

13. Improve atopic dermatitis and eczema.

Who Should Consume

1. Anyone who has kidney disease or undergoing dialysis.

2. People who are on long-term medications.

3. High risk groups (known as "3 Highs" - high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar).

4. Atopic dermatitis and eczema patients.

5. Anyone who wants to strengthen their kidney functions.

Recommended Dosage

Normal maintenance: 2-3 tablets daily.

Chronic diseases: 6 tablets daily.

Dialysis patients: 12 tablets or 2 sachets YKK daily.

Time to consume: Between 5 pm to 7 pm or Before sleep.

Both YKK and YKS are made of the same ingredients. The difference is just in the packaging. Of course, YKS is more affordable (RM860 / bottle) compared to YKK at RM2,150 / box.

How to order YKS?

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Digestion System Diseases: Application of SH Products

Sunday, 9 January 2022

If you know how to interpret the sickness in your body, you will be able to take care of them before they become serious. Our mental and emotional states contribute substantially to our physical health. 

It's not easy to control our emotions. Psychedelic drugs can make you happy. However, these hallucinations are temporary and also harmful. The practice of meditation can help control your emotional state to keep it calmer and more stable. If you are at a negative mental state, unhappy or depressed, it's very good to practice medication.

Believe it or not, the health of our Digestive System has a lot to do with our emotional health. Many major diseases are related to the digestive system because the nutrients that our body need come from food. The nutrients has to be digested and absorbed before it can be utilised. Even if you have consumed a lot of food, but because of wrong eating habits or wrong food combination, your cells are not able to absorb the nutrients.

The 3 common illnesses that manifest because of poor digestive system are liver diseases, gastric ulcer and constipation.

1. Liver diseases

Anger is an emotional state that affects the liver. Anger a vicious cycle. People who are always feeling angry will harm their liver function. And when their liver function drops, it makes them become even more agitated. When one is angry, it creates stagnation of liver Qi and its flow is blocked.

Stagnation of liver Qi results in insufficient supply of Qi to the brain and because of that, they tend to get headache or migraine easily. For ladies, the act of constantly suppressing your anger can lead to breast cancer.

Liver disease is not easy to detect because it's a silent organ (it doesn't feel pain) and hence the symptoms are easily misdiagnosed.

Symptoms of liver disease from TCM perspective:

(a) Eyes
- Poor vision can be attributed to unhealthy liver.
- Red veins on white of eye - stagnation of liver Qi or poor sleep quality over long-term.
- Yellow patches on white of eye - liver unable to breakdown bilirubin or jaundice.
- Skin tags on the face below eyes - fatty liver.
- Drooping eyelid - stagnation of liver blood.

(b) Energy level
Liver is an energy generator. If you feel tired most of the time, it's an indication that liver function has dropped. You may sleep a lot but still feel very tired.

(c) Nails
Condition of nails indicating unhealthy liver - brittle, dull, pale, uneven surface.

What causes fatty liver?
When the liver cannot breakdown the fats as it should, the fats accumulate and wrap around the liver, leading to fatty liver. When liver cannot metabolise fats, the functions of metabolising toxins also deteriorate. There's no medicine to treat fatty liver. The best a doctor can do is advise you to change your lifestyle and eat less oily food.

What causes headache or giddiness?
Bone marrow synthesise blood. From TCM point of view, liver transports blood to the heart, which onward transport to all over the body, including the brain. So liver plays a key role. If it's weak, its efficiency drops, there will be insufficient blood (and oxygen) pumped into the brain. Further, if there is blockages in the circulation system, less blood will reach the brain. That's why people get headache.

How does paracetamol/painkillers function?
It only suppresses your pain. But it doesn't clear the blockages. As the pain escalates, you need to increase the dosage and there will come a day when it is no longer effective.

How does Lingzhi work?

(i) Lingzhi is particularly effective for liver. It reduces the level of GOT and GPT enzymes i.e. it directly improves liver function. This in turn reduces migraine problem and improves digestive function.

(ii) Lingzhi also has the ability to increase the liver protein content (albumin and globulin) which means improved ability to regenerate new liver cells.

Yung Kien Ganoderma can work for these 2 areas simultaneously.

Whereas from Western medicine point of view, if you are diagnosed with liver diseases, you need to take interferon drugs to reduce GOT and GPT. It is very expensive. If the disease is caused by infections, doctor prescribes antibiotics or anti-viral drugs. However, these drugs don't improve the liver functions at all. For that, some people inject stem cells. There can be a lot of side effects.

2. Gastric ulcer

People who think they have gastric problem but which are not solved by taking gastric medication should have their liver examined. Because many a times, liver diseases have been misdiagnosed as stomach disorder.

What cause gastric ulcers?
- Irregular meals, over-eating - the gastric juice produced is not used therefore eroding the stomach lining.
- Eating too fast without chewing properly creates a lot of stress to the stomach. Digestion starts in the mouth. Saliva breaks down carbo. If you don't chew sufficiently, your stomach is forced to work harder.
- Drinking too much water while eating - it dilutes the stomach acid and therefore affects proper digestion.
- Lying down immediately after meals can lead to reflux. Dinner and sleeping time should have around 3-4 hours gap.

How do gastric drugs work?
A common drug prescribed for severe stomach ulcer is Controloc. If you only depend on drugs, but don't change your lifestyle, you will never be able to permanently improve your condition. Controloc is a proton pump inhibitor. It works by blocking the proton pump from pumping acid into the stomach.
Another way gastric drugs work is to dilute the stomach acid. But it cause the side effect of bloatedness.
As such, since the drugs only address the symptoms and not the root cause, the diseases cannot be cured.

What's good for digestive system?
For people with gastric problem, mix 2 sachets Jia Hor Protein in warm water, shake well and drink immediately.

For people who eat irregular meals, mix Jia Hor Protein and Jia Hor Fiber with water and drink immediately to substitute the missing meals so that the stomach lining is protected.

For people with indigestion problem, take Yung Kien Pollen as it contains more than 94 types of enzymes and coenzymes to help digest food. In order for food to be digested, broken down, absorbed and utilised, you need 3 factors to be present at the same time, which are vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 

If you're always very busy and don't have the habit of eating vege and fruits, it's good to take Yung Kien Pollen as it has all the essential nutrients that your body requires to improve your digestive system.

3. Constipation

After food has been digested, absorbed and utilised by the body, the residual will be excreted from the body. If it cannot be flushed out, you suffer from constipation.
There are 2 common causes of constipation:

(i) Lack of fiber
As we age, our colon's peristalsis function becomes sluggish. It's important to take fiber to stimulate the movement of the intestines. We need about 25g of fiber a day, which is very hard to meet from our daily food intake. It's not surprising to have remnants of waste from many years ago still stuck in our colon. If your colon is sluggish, it moves slower. More water and toxins will be reabsorbed and circulate back into the body system. The stools become harder and heavier and sink - which are signs of unhealthy stools.

(ii) Poor liver function
Liver is an energy generator. We need energy to create the peristalsis movement. When liver function is deteriorated, it does not create enough energy for colon to move the bowel. In this case, even laxatives may not be effective.

Take 4-5 Lactoberry a day as well as Yung Kien Ganoderma to help regulate back your elimination process.

How to order?
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Immune, Nervous and Circulatory Systems Diseases: Application of SH Products

Sunday, 5 December 2021

This article talks about the application of Shuang Hor products in addressing different kinds of diseases related to 3 main systems in our body - Immune system, Nervous system and Circulatory system.

1. Immune System 
- allergy, cancer, SLE, AIDs

(a) Immune-Regulatory Effect

Lingzhi has the ability to suppress over-active immune cells (which refers to T and B cells). The T and B cells start to act irregularly when the body is constantly under a lot of stress. They may randomly attack your platelets or blood vessels (causing stroke).

There's no medicine to treat auto-immune problems completely. Doctors can only control using steroid. No doubt steroids can suppress immunity, but there are a lot of side effects. And if the level of T and B cells are constantly low, it increases the risk of cancer.

Our body's most powerful anti-cancer cells are NKC and phagocytes. They patrol our body and swallow the cancer cells.

Young people have thousands of cancer cells in their body. These cells are unable to form into tumour because they are eaten by the NKC and phagocytes, which are active and functioning well. Those who succumb to cancer have low levels of NKC and phagocytes.

Some symptoms of poor immunity and thus face higher risks of cancer:
- White spots on the tongue or lining of mouth.
- Mouth ulcers that will not heal.
- Hardly have fever.

Old people have tens of thousands of cancer cells. One of the ways the body protects itself is to group all cancer cells together to form a tumour.
If size of tumour is less than 1 cm, it is undetectable.
If size of tumour is 3-4 cm, it can be detected. By then, it may be at stage 3, especially for colon cancer.

How Lingzhi works

For auto-immunity problems, Lingzhi suppresses the activity of T and B cells. At the same time, it boosts up the activity of NKC and phagocytes. YK2 works more effectively for those with auto-immune problem due to the higher content of triterpenoids.

Take at least 20 YK1 or 3 YK2 within an hour to suppress the activity of T cells.
If the auto-immunity problem is very severe, take the said dose 3-4 times / day.

(b) Anti-tumour Activity

Our WBC count start to deteriorate as we grow older. There is no medicine in the market that can boost up WBC. However, YK1 has the certification that it can do so.

Click on this link for more info on the types of certifications YK1 has been accredited with:

YK1 has the ability to activate the vitality of WBC and that's how it achieves anti-tumour ability. When the WBC kill the enemies (by engulfing and swallowing them), they also die at the same time. If you have sufficient and strong WBC, they can quickly eliminate the pathogens.

This explains why some people feel feverish after taking Lingzhi. People who don't get fever could mean their WBC are not working. Because one way to destroy the virus is by increasing the body temperature. Hence fever is a good sign as it means that the body is fighting against the invaders. Such people recover quickly from their illnesses. Relying on panadols and aspirins are not good solutions in the long-term because the WBC would forget how to work.

How to take Lingzhi

Stage 4 cancer = 2 boxes YK2/day for a higher chance of survival + 10-20 sachets Pollen + JH Soya (for patients who have no appetite or cannot eat).
Stage 3 cancer = 1-2 boxes YK2/day. Take for 3-4 months, many a times the cancer cells will disappear.
Stage 2 cancer = 1 box YK2 or 10 capsules YK2 + 10 capsules YK1 (budget constraint).

A suggested ratio is 1 YK2 to match with 1 sachet YK Pollen.

(c) Reduce Side Effects of Chemo

Experienced doctors will examine a patient to check if they are strong enough to undergo chemo. Patients feel very low in energy after chemo. There are many things they cannot eat.

Chemo patients and those who are exposed to a lot of radiation (e.g. using handphones excessively) should take more YK Pollen, as it has anti-radiation properties. A lot of cancer are caused by radiation, which creates free radicals in the body, which attack the stability of our body cells and cause massive cells death. YK Pollen can protect the cells from the attacks of free radicals.

2. Nervous System
- migraine, epilepsy, sleep disorder, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer

Such diseases are closely related to the brain. Our cells are in one of these 4 stages - healthy, dead, sick and ageing. Our body has a mechanism called Apoptosis. If this apoptosis process is working well, it has the ability to eliminate the cancerous, abnormal cells and regenerate new good cells. If we abuse our body through unhealthy lifestyle, sleeping late and having a lot of stress, this apoptosis mechanism will malfunction and kill its own good cells, including brain cells.

As the brain controls the nervous system, when we lose a lot of brain cells, we also start to lose control of our bodily functions. Some problems include memory loss, stiffness of joints, loss of speech and movement, endometriosis (the body does not eliminate the abnormal cells growing outside the uterus wall when apoptosis mechanism malfunctions) and PCOS.

How Lingzhi works

Lingzhi can maintain the balance and homeostasis of the apoptosis. Lingzhi can prevent the occurrence of diseases.

(a) Lingzhi has calming and relaxing effect on nervous system
When the body is in a calm and relaxed state, the apoptosis function would be more normal.

(b) Improve the condition of Alzheimer disease
There's no drug to treat this disease at the moment. They can only relieve the symptoms.

Other SH products that are able to protect the nervous system:

(i) JH Soya because it contains Lecithin, which is food for the brain and it can clean up our arteries. It is a source of high quality protein.

(ii) YK Pollen also has great benefits for our brain cells because it's very dense in nutrients.

(iii) JH Calcium is important for the nervous system to perform properly.

If we have sufficient fluid in our spine to cushion the central nervous system and sufficient calcium, we won't have uneasiness or pain when we move. Vitamin D3 is required to ensure that the body is able to absorb the calcium intake. Sunlight is a good source of vitamin D3.

Many people are under the mistaken belief that by taking cow's milk, they will have sufficient calcium. On the contrary, too much cow's milk may drain out calcium from the bones (because it's acidic in nature). People who are stressed, lack sleep and meat eaters have acidic body constitution (symptoms include fatigue and dry mouth) and they tend to lose more calcium. The reason is because the body neutralises the acidity in the blood by drawing out calcium (as it is alkaline) from our bones, leading to osteoporosis in the long-run.

Hyperthyroidism can also cause blood calcium level to rise and osteoporosis. The parathyroid hormone regulates level of calcium in the blood, by increasing the levels when they are too low. Hyperparathyroidism can cause excess calcium in the body.

An adult needs about 1,000-1,200 mg of calcium/day, equivalent to about 2-4 tablets of JH Calcium per day. Take together with YK Pollen as it has vitamin D which helps with absorption of calcium. Further, pollen is essential to help us achieve a good hormone system because it's rich in many nutrients required.

3. Circulatory System
- HBP, LBP, stroke, cardiac infarction (heart attack), arteriosclerosis (thickening and hardening of walls of artery)

Lingzhi has the ability to clear blockages, as well as regulate HBP and LBP. Some people found that 2 capsules Lingzhi + CEO Coffee work wonderfully on these circulatory problems.

Circulatory problems can also be caused by auto-immunity problem. The malfunctioning macrophage immune cells can trigger the over-growth of endothelial cells, leading to blockages of arteries.

Click on this link for a more detailed explanation..

There's no medicine that can treat this problem. Hence even vegetarians or people who eat healthily can also get blockages, if they have auto-immune system problem. However, Lingzhi has the ability to regulate the immunity such that this condition will not happen.

The Lecithin in JH Soya can clear the clots that block the arteries.

The Maltodextrin in JH Fiber can reduce the levels of cholesterol, fats and triglycerides in the blood and maintain healthy blood glucose level.

The Ribose in Vitaking can replenish the ATP energy so the liver is not burdened to over produce cholesterol (to produce energy).
The Lemon Verbena in Vitaking has anti-inflammatory effect which can address the inflammation of the arteries. Doctors usually prescribe steroids to reduce inflammation, but there are many side effects. Take 4-6 Vitaking / day can help reduce severe inflammation. Elderly people who are feeling very weak can safely take up to 6-8 Vitaking / day (for several days) to help them quickly recover their energy.


In summary, SH products are able to manage the diseases when you already have them. But if you don't have them, SH products can prevent them from happening.

It is important to know how to use SH products because they really have therapeutic effects. Understand how they work so you will dare to take at the correct dosage.

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Bits & Bites #234 - Success: Words of Wisdom

Sunday, 7 November 2021

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Everything changes moment by moment. This is called Impermanence. There is no beginning and no end, only continuation. In knowing this, we no longer hold anger or complain. We focus our energy on things that make us happy and do things that make the people around us happy.


Don't underestimate the power of Simplicity.
Success is about consistently doing small, simple things the right way.
Eventually you will achieve your goal.


Here's a general guideline on how to live a Fulfilling Life:

Up to 25 years old - make all the mistakes you want.
26-40 years old - find a direction in life and learn to be an expert.
40-50 years old - only focus and do the things you are good at.
50-60 years old - teach and nurture the young generation. Let them succeed you.
Above 60 years old - spend time for yourself.


Grow yourself first if you want to grow your income.
Find ways on how to upgrade yourself so you can earn that income (or achieve what you want).
If you want to change your life, you must evaluate what is important to you.  If you say you want a lot of money - what do you want to do with it? How much do you need to do that?
Can what you are doing now give you what you want? If not, start looking for another way.


"To have something, you need to give first.
To give something, you need to have it first."

For example, you are angry with your spouse because he / she leaves his clothes lying all over the place or he does not wash that coffee cup after drinking. You are angry because you want him to do things the way that You want. But if you let go, and accept him as it is, you will have inner freedom.  Learn how to make yourself happy. Don't get affected by external factors.

This post is part of a series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching. And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed. 

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Yung Kien I Ganoderma Lingzhi - Protection Against Covid and Diabetes

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Shuang Hor company specialises in Lingzhi Ganoderma for more than 30 years. In upholding the spirit of innovation, Shuang Hor continues to spend a lot of manpower and observe high quality control to research and develop Lingzhi with higher purity and efficacy. The Equivalent Target Lingzhi (Target Lingzhi) uses more advanced equipment and the effects appear sooner after consumption.

The Target Lingzhi is in addition to the Basic Lingzhi already in the market. The differences is in the manufacturing process.

To manufacture Basic Lingzhi, the entire Fruiting Body is used, and the processes it goes through before the final product is obtained are:

  • Drying 
  • Coarse crushing
  • Extraction
  • Concentration 
  • Rapid freeze drying.

For Target Lingzhi, the raw material is Mycelium from Liquid Fermentation. It is put through the processes of:

  • Drying, Extraction and Concentration
  • Separation
  • Purification
  • Rapid freeze drying
to arrive at the final product. This process increases the effectiveness of Lingzhi, where the higher concentration and purity level of ganoderic acid will give results that are more effective and quicker.

Application of Target Lingzhi v. Basic Lingzhi

Basic Lingzhi - as the whole fruit body is used, the effective components are complete but may be fractional. It is better for general use, especially for people who don't know exactly which body organ is unwell or what diseases they may have. In other words, it's for general health maintenance, protection and prevention purpose. The time taken is longer and dosage is higher.

Target Lingzhi - if a specific health problem is identified, then it's better to take Target Lingzhi as it is of higher efficacy and gives better results. In other words, because of its specific functions, Target Lingzhi is a better option as it achieves faster and more effective results in a shorter span of time.

Special Features of Target Lingzhi

1. High concentration and purity of specific ingredients.
Hence it's faster to see effective results.

2. International GLP laboratory efficacy verification.
GLP is a legal term referring to the practice of using a standardised set of guidelines to generate reproducible results that can be validated by replicating experimental conditions.
It is recognised by all countries in the world. The experiments are done using actual Target Lingzhi, thus giving consumers more confidence on the products.

3. Patents endorsement for product efficacy.
Eg. YKI has a patent from USA on improving hyperglycemia; YKK has obtained a patent for the lucidenic acid component etc.
Because of this proven effectiveness, this Lingzhi has been positioned as targeted to be used to address specific problems.

4. Accumulated many clinical testimonies.

Since the product launch, the Target Lingzhi have accumulated many successful stories of their efficacy.

Yung Kien I Ganoderma (YK Immune)

YK Immune was launched in Malaysia in early 2021. YK Immune is quite similar to YK1. Two accreditations which were accorded to YK1 (namely for Immune Regulation and Liver Protection ability) are also present in YK Immune. In addition, YK Immune has 2 additional abilities, to fight against Viral Infections and Hyperglycemia.

Immune Regulation and Liver Protection

Immune Modulation Function:
- Helps promote the activity of natural killer cells.
- Helps promote the activity of phagocyte cells.
- Helps increase the proliferation of immune cells (T and B cells).
- Helps increase the production of antibodies.
- Helps regulate the functions of T-cells (Th1 and Th2). 

Liver Protection Function:
- Reduce the indices of GOT and GPT. 

Who Needs It?

For those who need daily maintenance and want to maintain good immunity.

Also for people who have allergic rhinitis, urticaria, asthma and other allergies, often stay up late, and suffer excessive fatigue.

YK Immune has 2 additional features i.e.:

1. Fight against virus (protects our respiratory system).
2. Fight against hyperglycemia, for which its ingredients has obtained a USA Patent for being able to treat hyperglycaemia.

As such, it can be said that YK Immune is an Upgraded or an Improved version of YK1.

1. Fight Against Virus

How does one get flu?
1) Virus enters respiratory tract.
2) After entering, virus starts to replicate itself. Respiratory tract becomes swollen and inflamed.
3) Once inside respiratory system, virus enters bloodstream. First symptom begins to show.

How does YKI work?
Step 1 - Prevent invasion of virus, by increasing immune system strength. The immune cells in the nose and throat area would kill the virus before they can enter further into the body.
Step 2 - Prevent replication and spreading of virus, if the virus managed to enter into the body.

Who Needs It?

For people suffering from recurrent colds, common colds, influenza, and specific virus infections of the respiratory tract, covid, enterovirus, avian influenza, herpes zoster etc.

Usage Recommendation

Maintenance: 1 sac morning + 1 sac night. 

While under acute attack: 1 sac every 2-4 hours, 3-6 sac/day to achieve best results.

Take YK Immune when one starts to feel symptoms e.g. blocked nose, runny nose, sore throat. If you neglect these symptoms and not take preventive precautions, the disease will spread further. When disease has spread, dose must be increased to 3-6 sac/day for a faster recovery rate.

2. Protect Pancreas and Fight against Hyperglycemia

If one constantly takes a diet high in sugar with lots of white rice and bread, the pancreas and its beta-cells will be damaged in the long-term.

YK Immune is able to improve the conditions of diabetes. It protects the pancreas. Beta-cells in pancreas are the ones that produce insulin. Insulin's function is to reduce blood sugar. When beta cells are healthy, the amount of insulin released is normal. In diabetic patients, a lot of beta cells are dead. When there is massive beta cells death, the ability to produce insulin diminishes and worsens the situation of diabetic patients. YK Immune helps avoid the death of pancreatic beta cells.

Who Needs It?

For hyperglycemia or diabetic patients.


Profile: A 64 year old lady from Tawau, Sabah.

On mild HBP medication for more than 10 years.

Consuming only CEO Coffee and sometimes Luchun Tea.


20/5/2021 - Fever, headache and body chill.

21/5/2021 - Went for covid test - result covid positive.

23/5/2021 - Admitted to hospital.

27/5/2021 - Transferred to ICU, coughing, needed oxygen support. Progressed to Stage 4 covid.

Products consumed:

29/5/2021 - 1 sachet YK Immune + 1 sachet Vitaking with 200-250 ml warm water. 3 times a day (total 3 YK Immune + 3 Vitaking per day).

Also consumed together with traditional Chinese herbal concoction for the lung.

Reaction & improvement:

30/5/2021 - After the 2nd dose of YK Immune & Vitaking on Day 2, condition improved significantly. Oxygen level went back up to normal and no more coughing.

31/5/2021 - Transferred from ICU to normal ward and was taken off oxygen support.

3/6/2021 - Recovering well but still under observation until condition stabilized. She was told she should be able to be discharged on 8/6/2021. However, on 4/6/2021 afternoon, she was told that she could be discharged that evening as her condition has stabilized and readings look good.

4/6/2021 - Blood glucose reading was 9 and was recommended to take insulin injection. She decided on her own accord that she did not want the insulin at all.

9/6/2021 - Follow up checkup in hospital - glucose reading dropped to 5.2 (in 5 days).

10/6/2021 - Reduced to only 1 sachet YK Immune for maintenance.


The functions and benefits of YK Immune include:

(a) Immune modulation
- Helps promote the activity of natural killer cells.
- Helps promote the activity of phagocyte cells.
- Helps increase the proliferation of immune cells (T and B cells).
- Helps increase the production of antibodies.
- Helps regulate the functions of T-cells (Th1 and Th2). 

(b) Liver protection - reduce GOT and GPT levels.

(c) Prevent invasion, replication and spreading of virus eg. covid-19.

(d) Protect pancreas and fight against hyperglycemia. Regulate blood sugar level to improve condition of diabetes

How to order YK Immune?

Click on this link to register and then you can proceed with your order.

Email me at if you need help. I am an Authorised Distributor.

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Bits & Bites #233 - Health: Having Fever is Good News

Sunday, 5 September 2021

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The average healthy body temperature is 37'C. At this ideal temperature, most of the virus / bacteria will be killed when they enter our body. Some pathogens which are more resistant will not be killed at this temperature. As our body is very intelligent, it will raise the temperature to kill the pathogens. It's the same analogy as boiling water - the pathogens can only be killed at higher temperature. In that sense, having a fever is a good sign because it kills the virus / bacteria.

Some people think that as they hardly have fever, they must be very healthy.
There are 2 possibilities:

(i) You are very healthy and your immune system is strong, OR
(ii) Your immune system isn't functioning well - hence no heat is generated and the pathogens are not killed. It is dangerous when your body cannot react to the pathogens as it can develop into something more serious.

A common healing reaction for many people when they first start consuming Lingzhi is the feeling of warm body and feverish symptoms. They will blame Lingzhi, saying it is too heaty and not suitable for them. But they don't realise that their actual body temperature is lower than the normal temperature. This is because most of us never measure our body temperature unless we have fever.

In relation to the 7 Stages of Disease theory, the more advanced we are along the stages, the more efforts the body will do to flush out the toxins. Thus when one gets fever, inflammation, itchiness, swelling, gangrene etc. as part of the healing reactions, do not take medication to suppress them because that is how the body pushes out the toxins. What you need to do is change your Lifestyle and Diet, and continue taking Lingzhi. If you stop them from being flushed out, the disease can progress further to tumour / cancer.


Consider these Questions..
- Do you spring-clean your house regularly?
- Do you agree that the pipes and electrical wires in your house need to be changed after using them for 40 years?
- Are you over 40 years old?
- Do you agree that similarly, if you have been using your blood vessels and intestines for 40 years, they will get blocked / clogged? Can you change them or can you prolong their lifespan?

If you want to continue using them for another 40 years, you need to maintain them.
How? Use Lingzhi + Pollen as your Annual Spring-Clean Program. This is an ideal solution for you if you are not disciplined to take supplements every day.

What's more.. It not only serves as a full-body detox, but it can also highlight hidden health problems. In other words, Lingzhi + Pollen work as a Scanner of potential health problems so you can get them handled before it is too late.


Does this scenario sound familiar?
I think I lack calcium - I go to the pharmacy and buy 1 bottle.
I think I need vitamin C - I go to the pharmacy and buy 1 bottle.
I think I should supplement with some zinc and magnesium - I go to the pharmacy and buy another 2 bottles.
You will end up with a cabinet full of synthetic supplements.  You don't know how safe they are if taken for long term. And if you add up the costs of all the bottles, it is definitely not cheap.

What is a better alternative?
Take Yung Kien Pollen. It is a One single product with All these nutrients that your body needs. In fact, it has much more, as it has around 200 types of nutrients, all in a little grain of Pollen. It is Natural, Wholesome and Complete. It is 100% Safe and replenishes your deficient micro-nutrients.

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Exclusive: Is It True that Lingzhi Ganoderma Prevents & Fights Coronavirus?

Sunday, 8 August 2021

Lingzhi Gannoderma has been widely researched over the years and its ability to fight virus is well-known. So when the covid-19 pandemic happens, researchers simply do additional research to prove that it also helps to fight this particular virus.

Six Research Findings

Report 1 - China (Issue 89 (2021) of Healthy Ganoderma Magazine)

I have translated an extract of the above research news:

Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides effectively inhibit the growth of new coronaviruses in animal lungs. Since the outbreak of covid-19, Ganoderma lucidum's excellent ability to regulate immunity has been regarded as the theoretical basis for Ganoderma to help fight the epidemic. The report published in the February 2021 issue of PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) by a team led by the Genomic Research Center of the Academia Sinica has finally provided direct evidence for Ganoderma lucidum to suppress the SARS-Cov-2.

The researchers first infected lab hamsters with covid-19, and then orally administered Ganoderma extract the next day, at a daily dose of 200 mgkg. After 3 days of treatment, it was found that the amount of covid-19 in the lungs of these hamsters was only about half of that of the untreated control group. Since the weight of the hamsters did not drop significantly, the researchers concluded that the multi-extract of Ganoderma lucidum can be used without any concerns about food safety.

Ganoderma lucidum effectively inhibits the proliferation of covid-19 in the body. Although this is only a result of an experiment on hamsters, but because the respiratory tract tissues of hamsters is similar to that of humans, when the immune system is stimulated by infection, it also produces cytokines similar to humans, so the experimental results have their reference value.

This study is not an independent study of Ganoderma lucidum. The researchers intend to select ingredients that "can inhibit new coronavirus infections". Therefore, they used 2 rounds of in-vitro cell experiments to comprehensively evaluate the safety and effectiveness of more than 3,000 existing water extracts and Chinese herbal medicines. 

In the end, 7 "potential devices" including Ganoderma lucidum extracts were selected. The result is a reminder that neither animals nor humans is a single cell being, but are composed of multiple cells - a whole set of systems are fighting the virus. The dazzling performance of Ganoderma lucidum in the body must be related to the enhancement of the antiviral ability of the whole system (including the immune system). 

A brief explanation of the graph above..

Mefloquine, Nelfinavir, Salinomycin and Thioguanine are drugs to treat malaria, HIV, bacteria (antibiotics) and leukemia respectively. Although Mefloquine and Nelfinavir are more effective than Lingzhi in inhibiting covid-19, the drugs can only be used for treatment, and can never be taken to prevent infection.

RF3 is an extraction of polysaccharide from Lingzhi. The experiment proves that Lingzhi polysaccharide can effectively inhibit the survival of covid-19 in lungs.

Perilla Frutescens and Mentha Haplocalyx are plants in the mint family. They are also known to be effective in fighting coronavirus. You may think in that case, they are a good solution as they are cheap. 

However, the time taken to prepare and the volume you have to drink is not feasible. According to the experiment, you need to spend 4 hours to extract 1g of herbs in 20 ml (20,000 mg or 20 g) of water. In the animal experiment, equivalently, they need to take 200 mg (0.2 g) of water extract per 1 kg of body weight per day to convert to the amount required for human consumption. Therefore, it is not feasible in terms of the volume of raw material and time needed to prepare, not to mention the quality and consistency of active ingredients in the plants. 

In conclusion, not only is Lingzhi safe to consume, it is also convenient as it is readily available. 

Taking a step back, let's try to understand how covid-19 attacks lung cells..


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