Bits & Bites #186 - Testimonies: Sinus Allergy, Blood in Stools, Ulcers and Gastric

Sunday, 15 October 2017

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Testimony: Sinus Allergy and Nutrihealth Tablets

Ms K is 15 years old. She suffers from bad sinus allergy since young. She used to sneeze every morning. A lot of mucus came out and she felt very uncomfortable. Her mother fed her with 2 Nutrihealth Tablets every day since she was 11 years old.
Vertigo reaction: Her sinus got worse and she wanted to stop. But her mother told her to carry on taking it. It slowly improved and now she doesn't have sinus attacks anymore.
She also observed that whenever she falls sick, her recovery rate is faster.


Testimony: Sinus Allergy

Ms S' uncle used to suffer from very severe sinus problem for 15 years. He always had to use nasal spray and used to carry around a handkerchief. He had an air purifier in his room but it didn't help. Whenever he visited Ms S in 2005 to 2006, he had to make sure he got the nasal spray and allergy medicine from the doctor first, because her house was quite dusty as it was near the main road.

He started taking Lingzhi and Pollen in mid 2012. For about 6 months, he consumed 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 30 capsules Yung Kien Pollen a day. Thereafter, he reduced the dosage to 6 Yung Kien Ganoderma + 12 Yung Kien Pollen a day. Since 2014, he stopped using the nasal spray and stopped taking allergy medication. His room does not have any air purifier anymore. Now even if his house is dusty, he doesn't suffer from sinus allergy anymore.

Further, in the past, when he climbed just one flight of stairs, he would feel out of breath and tightness in his chest. Now that problem does not trouble him anymore.


Testimony: Blood in Stools

Mr P underwent an operation for the piles problem he used to suffer from many years ago. Since than, he would regularly bleed during his bowel movements. He started consuming 6 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 12 capsules Yung Kien Pollen a day. After about 1 year, he noticed the bleeding had stopped.


Testimony: Stomach Ulcer and H.Pylori Bacteria Infection

On 25 Sept 2016, Ms K's friend's father, 80, was admitted to the hospital for severe ulcer in the stomach and H.Pylori bacteria infection. His CA19-9 reading (which is a cancer marker for pancreas, bile duct and stomach) is above 80 U/ml. The normal range is 0-37 U/ml.
The blockage on his throat and oesophagus is very serious, wherein he cannot eat any solids and can only swallow liquid.
As the man does not want to swallow a lot of things, she just fed him with 5 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma2 + 1 sachet Vitaking + 200 ml warm water each time, 3 times a day.
She recommended 2 sachets Vitaking but the man refused to take it as he did not like the taste. However, it is very important because of the inflammation and he needs food. She did not include Pollen and Protein because he did not want to take them.
20 days later, when the doctor did a biopsy, he was shocked because the CA 19-9 reading went down to 18.1 U/ml. The H.Pylori bacteria presence was negative. His blood pressure went down from 200 to 130-140 mm Hg.
In fact, about 1.5 hours after the initial first dose of YK2 + Vitaking, there was improvement in his breathing and mood when he already started to feel better.


Testimony: Mouth Ulcers During Menses

Ms A, 30s, has acidic body constitution. In the past, during her menses, she would also suffer from mouth ulcers. It has been going on for a long time. Recently, to treat that, she tried a remedy of mixing 5 sachets Lactoberry with water, then gargling and finally swallowing the mixture. She found that it helped the ulcers to recover quicker. Since then, she would consume 4-6 Lactoberry during her menses. It helped her control her ulceration.


Testimony: Gastric and Soya Protein

Ms O has severe stomach pain (around the whole waist area) almost everyday in the office. As a banker with hectic schedule, she realised that irregular lunch hours is the cause of her gastric. So what she did was to consume 2 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein everyday around 11 am. She has been taking it for 1 month. She found it very effective because 15 to 30 minutes later, the pain lessens. She likes the smell and mild taste of the protein, which to her means it is something healthy.

Organic Recipe
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Exclusive: Healing with Ganoderma: How Lingzhi Helps with Circulation Related Problems (Heart, Cholesterol, Stroke and Blood Pressure)

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Ms Wu Tingyao is a news editor and from her interviews with experts on Lingzhi and her own research, she published a book titled Healing with Ganoderma (which is in its 2nd Edition now).

This post is translated from a chapter from this book relating to how Lingzhi helps with our heart and blood circulation related problems..

When a sperm fertilises an egg and a human embryo starts to form, the first thing that grows is the heart and blood vessels (the circulation system). In other words, our life begins with the heart. By taking good care of our heart and circulation system, we can maintain the fundamentals of our health.

Unfortunately, nowadays, many people are hospitalised due to cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood lipids, high blood pressure, hardening of blood vessels, heart attacks and strokes. The age of such patients are getting younger and younger.

Lingzhi is well known for heart and blood vessels protection. About 500 years ago, it was documented in Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica) that Lingzhi helps with blockages in our chest and is beneficial for the blood and chi circulation in our body. Lingzhi penetrates into our heart and bloodstream and is able to promote the circulation of chi and blood in our body.

It was only since the 1970s that Lingzhi started to be studied scientifically. Particularly the scientists from China have learned a lot in terms of Lingzhi's ability to treat cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks, high lipids and high blood pressure. There are a lot of clinical studies showing that after taking Lingzhi for 1-6 months, patients who suffer from these diseases (including heart pain, palpitations, abnormal ECG (heart muscles are damaged), high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, viscous blood, chest tightness, shortness of breathe, headache, giddiness, swelling, water retention, fatigue, cold hands and legs due to bad circulation) show 50-80% improvement.

Testimonies of Lingzhi Treating People with Heart Problems

Case 1

Mrs Woo, 85 years old, suffered from stroke and half of her body was paralysed. The doctor said if her condition does not deteriorate, she should be happy because of her old age. 
But miraculously, 20 days after the stroke, she was able to walk out of the hospital. This was because while waiting for the ambulance to arrive to her house when she got stroke, she was fed with 4 capsules Lingzhi every 2 hours. That is why she was able to recover within 20 days, due to the high dose and immediate consumption.

When the lady was 90 years old, she was interviewed by the author of this book. The author noted that she did not have a second stroke, she can still walk properly and her thoughts are still very clear, despite her age and history.

It was after that interview that the author started to take Lingzhi.


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Bits & Bites #185 - Business: The Intangible Benefits of Shuang Hor Business - Physical, Mental and Soul

Sunday, 24 September 2017

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Xin Cuisine
If you have all the Money in the world and all the Time in the world and are in perfect Health, is the lifestyle you are living right now what you want to have? Is what you're doing right now what you want to do for the next 5 to 10 years? If not, do you know what is important to you and what do you want? Take action because time waits for no one.


If I succeed in Shuang Hor Business, I become the master of my life and a benefactor to others.
Shuang Hor is not just a Business. It is a Life to me.

What are the Intangible Benefits I can have if I choose Shuang Hor Business?
  • I have peace of mind.
  • I have real time freedom.
  • I have good health.
  • I have true friendship.
  • I can enjoy my life.
  • I have time for my family.
  • I can spend more money and effort to do charity and care for the less fortunate people because I have the time and heart to extend my love to them.
  • I can help sick and hopeless patients.
  • My perception about life changes completely from Competitive to Compatible and from Win-Lose to Win-Win.
  • I learn to love people (instead of being self-centred).
  • I feel grateful and happy everyday.

There are 3 things we should take care of in order to help our friends stay long in Shuang Hor Business:

1. Physical, which means Money.
We have commitments and bills to pay. If we don't see results, we may as well look for something else to do. We start to have doubts. If you don't have passion in what you do, work becomes a routine as you don't have the heart to do it. Help your friends achieve their goals. Help them set plans. Equip them to independently do the required activities to get what they want.
Monitor and review their progress.

2. Mental
Feed the minds of our friends so they feel fulfilled. Give them personal growth. If not, their minds become stagnant. When our life is stagnant, our passion dies. We attend meetings to learn about health and wellness, as well as leadership skills and personal development, which help build up our character. If we don't grow as a person, our outer world will also not grow.

3. Soul
We help our friends find out who they are and what they want in life, so they can have a sense of purpose and feel fulfilled. In whatever we do, we aim to make a difference in people's lives. We help them see their own self value and self worth. Sometimes it's our own effort, sometimes it's self discovery by them. We simply create a platform for them to find themselves.


Shuang Hor's education system is a unique system that equips the potential business owners with all the tools, skills and knowledge needed to conduct your business. The Shuang Hor culture promotes harmony and your guiding leaders unselfishly do their best to help you achieve what you want.

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Bits & Bites #184 - Health: Glucosamine, Collagen and Toxins

Sunday, 17 September 2017

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Majestic Ballroom
Difference between Glucosamine/Chondroitin v. Collagen

Cartilage is the connective tissue found in many parts of the body, including the knees. In a simple explanation, cartilage (comprising collagen and proteoglycans) is produced by the bones. As we age, even more so above 40 years old, lesser cartilage tissue is produced, and together with wear and tear, there will be lesser cushion amongst the bones, causing pain and inflammation. In other words, if the raw material is already low, and yet the bone is still forced to produce cartilage, the bone would really suffer.

Consumption of glucosamine stimulates the bones to produce or grow more cartilage.

(i) However, in older people where bone density is lower, glucosamine doesn't work so well anymore. As such, consuming glucosamine is not so effective. Further, over time, the bone becomes more and more porous, resulting in osteoporosis problem.

(ii) In the process of stimulating the bone, some residual by-products are produced. This substance cannot be excreted easily and stay in the kidney. In the long term, it will cause burden to this organ.

That is why people who want to take glucosamine are advised to consume in a cycle of 3 months and stopping for 1 month, so that the residual waste can be excreted out.

On the other hand, Vitaking is already in collagen form. It can immediately supplement and form more cartilage. So Vitaking does not hurt our bones at all. It reduces inflammation and swelling and therefore the associated joint pain. There is no side effects and no burden to the kidney.


Toxins are things that enter your body, but after digestion and absorption, is the leftover that is not used by the body but is also unable to be passed out. Storage of these waste materials in the body creates toxins.


Lingzhi is a superior herb and is categorised as an Adaptogen, in that it does not cure but enables the body to heal itself. An Adaptogen possesses these 3 qualities:

(a) It is Non-toxic.
(b) It is Non-specific.
(c) It has overall Normalising effect.

This makes Lingzhi a multi-functional healthfood that is able to help with many health conditions.


Not all Lingzhi products in the market are the same.
Shuang Hor has taken an extra step to prove the Effectiveness and Safety of its Lingzhi by obtaining various reputable third party accreditations including from Taiwan Health Authority, as well as from Japan and the Singapore government.
This builds confidence that Shuang Hor's Lingzhi works and people can consume with peace of mind.


To raise your health to a higher level, you must first throw out the toxins. During this process, you will feel some discomfort, which is called healing reactions. Imagine you live in a big bungalow but you have never cleaned it for 40 years. If you get 1 worker to do the work, he won't be able to handle it. But if you deploy 20 workers, the work can be done efficiently and quickly. The cleansing process will create temporary disruptions but it is normal and something we should welcome. This is a detox process. The discomfort is only temporary.

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This post is part of a weekly series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching. And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

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Absorbing Nutrients is More Important Than Eating Nutrients

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Source: nutrient-absorption.jpg
Having a "clean" diet over the long-term gives us increased energy, improved physical appearance and fewer symptoms of illness. We love to have that so we can enjoy a busy life full of meaningful activities, right?

But consuming a balanced diet is not enough. Even if you are eating the right food in the right amounts, you may not benefit from the nutrients, because nutrients aren't technically in our body until they have been Absorbed. That's why it's so important to understand how absorption works.

Food that we eat gets broken down by the hydrochloric acid and enzymes (protease, lipase and amylase) in our stomach into smaller molecules that then make their way into our upper intestine before entering the bloodstream, which delivers nutrients to the body organs.

The 2 types of nutrients absorbed are:

a) Macronutrients which are derived from carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They are foods that power your body directly.

b) Micronutrients are derived from vitamins and minerals. They are vital to the process of enabling the release of fuel from macronutrients.

Nutrients pass into the bloodstream through:

a) Passive diffusion, like pouring liquid over a piece of cloth. Most vitamins are absorbed in this way.

b) Active transport absorption, where nutrients need an assistant / molecule to help carry them pass the intestinal wall and into the bloodstream. Calcium and magnesium are delivered in this manner.

Without sufficient absorption, nutrients can't be utilised maximally. So even if you diligently follow food serving sizes, it is not an accurate measurement of how much nutrients you are actually getting.

Your body naturally aims to achieve homeostasis - a balance. You body will only take in nutrients that are insufficient until homeostasis is achieved.
Source: How-To-Improve-Nutrient-Absorption-By-The-Body.jpg
The good news is there are things you can do to optimise the benefits of your food.
Here are 6 tips on how to boost your nutrients absorption:

1) To counter the stress that wreaks havoc on our wellbeing, consume a balanced and high-fibre diet. Supplement with Jia Hor Fiber if you are unable to consume up to 1 kg of vege a day.

2) Exercise at least 3 times a week, as it is the perfect way to get your blood circulating, de-stress and feel better mentally.

3) Substantially reduce smoking and consumption of alcohol.

4) Educate yourself on what food combination to consume which can increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption. For example, mixing raw or semi-cooked vege with olive oil or avocado can help our body absorb vitamins A, D, E and K more effectively. Or combining vitamin C with iron-rich foods will enhance the mineral's absorption. To ensure you have sufficient quality micro-nutrients, take 2 sachets of Yung Kien Pollen everyday, as each grain contains up to 200 types of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

5) Strengthen your gut health. A normal gut contains about 1.5 kg of bacteria, including lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. They play an important role in breaking down food molecules and harnessing that energy for storage and usage. Supplement with a high grade probiotics called Lactoberry which gives you up to 40 billion good bacteria per sachet.

6) Manage your stress level, as stress creates a lot of toxins which damage your body organs and interfere with smooth absorption of nutrients. Restore your body's natural healing ability by taking Shuang Hor Lingzhi.

It is up to you to figure out how you can improve your health in order to encourage better nutrient absorption.

(Source: Absorbing nutrients, Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, FitforLife 27 November 2016)

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Exclusive: Practical Tips from TCM Theory on the 6 FU Organs

Sunday, 3 September 2017

This is a continuation of last week's post.

According to the TCM theory, our health is governed by the 5 Zhang (heart, lung, spleen, liver and kidney) and the 6 Fu (stomach, large and small intestines, gallbladder, urinary bladder and triple energiser (sanjiao)).

Last week, we had looked at some symptoms given by our body in our daily lives, which we can use to identify which body organ is deteriorating in relation to the 5 Zhang organs. You can access the post by clicking on this link..

This week, we seek to understand the 6 Fu organs.


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Exclusive: Practical Tips from TCM Theory on the 5 ZHANG Organs

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) originated in China more than 2,500 years ago. It includes acupuncture, pulse reading, tui na massages, yin & yang, qi etc. It takes years of intense study to master. Here, I want to share something very practical - from the symptoms given by our body in our daily lives, we can identify which body organ is deteriorating. From this knowledge, we can give it due attention before it is too late.


Our health is governed by the 5 Zhang (heart, lung, spleen, liver and kidney) and the 6 Fu (stomach, large and small intestines, gallbladder, urinary bladder and triple energiser (sanjiao)).

The 5 colour food we eat are "absorbed" by the 5 Zhang. If the organ is unwell, the related colour will be reflected in our face.

The 5 Zhang is associated with 5 flavours. If the organ is unwell, we tend to prefer food that is stronger in that flavour, or food tend to taste more of such flavour even though it is not the case. Likewise, eating too much of a particular flavoured food will damage the related organ in the long run.

The health of the 5 Zhang can be seen from the symptoms exhibited by the 5 elements on our face.

The health of the 5 Zhang is impaired / affected by 5 emotions. However, there are opposing emotions that can overcome the impact of key reaction.

This is the summary:-


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