Bits & Bites #204 - Health: Drugs, Lingzhi Cost and Healing Reactions

Sunday, 20 May 2018

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There are probably thousands of diseases in the world. I can't tell you for sure if Lingzhi works for a specific rare disease, but for sure, Lingzhi is excellent for modulating your immune system and protecting your liver function. Why not try it for 3 months and find out for yourself?
Overall you will feel a positive difference.


Take medicine only when necessary. Many people are overly reliant on drugs because of their immediate effect; or these people are unable to withstand any amount of pain and so turn to drugs at the first sign of pain.
Statin and Aspirin are 2 very common drugs. But both these drugs can be replaced by Lingzhi because Lingzhi can work better but without the side effects. 


Do you think that Lingzhi is expensive?
Actually, many people have that perception, including me. But after really understanding Lingzhi's efficacy, I change my mind. It may expensive but if it works, then it's worth it, the price is secondary. Afterall, quality things don't come cheap.
Even though it is expensive, but it is guaranteed safe and it works, don't you agree it's cost effective and value for money? Otherwise, even if it's only RM30, you won't buy it as it will create more harm. There is no medicine that does not cause side effects when taken for the long-term.
Do you really think low price is good? If I recommend a cheaper brand, would you dare to try?
The key factor is the efficacy. If it doesn't help improve your condition, even if it's free, you should not take it.


How do you differentiate between Healing Reactions and Side Effects?
For a person with hypertension problem, after taking Lingzhi, it is normal for the blood pressure to shoot up. It may even go as high as 200/80 mm Hg. However, the person may not feel any dizziness, headache or vomit, which are common symptoms for people with such high level of blood pressure.
He should continue to take Lingzhi during the period of negative reaction until the reaction subsides.


Another Healing Reaction from Lingzhi
When diabetics start consuming Lingzhi, it is normal to find their blood sugar readings increase for a period of time before eventually going down to healthy level.
Why is this so?
Because Lingzhi cleanses glucose from the muscles and skin as well (not only from the blood). During this process, more sugar will be forced into the bloodstream to be eliminated out of the body. So if they were to take a snapshot of their readings at this point, it would appear that their blood sugar reading has increased.

Gogi King
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The 13 Unappreciated Traits You Absolutely Need to Succeed

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Character is not inborn. It can be cultivated. For people to follow you (whether in terms of trusting you to buy the products you recommend or whether to partner with you in the business), you need to be able to attract them. It is your character that can hold you and the people you attract for a long time.

The usual attributes of successful people are being disciplined, committed and hard-working. Here, I share 13 other qualities that make up important ingredients for your success.

1. Mindfulness

This means being present. Whoever you are with or whatever you are doing at that particular moment, that is the most important person / thing you need to do. Pay 100% attention. The most important time in your life is Now. Your body and mind must be present all the times.

2. Solid speaking skills

Learn to speak fluently, sincerely and confidently from your heart. Brush up on your public speaking skills and people skills. Express what you feel inside. Put in a structured manner what you want to explain to your friends. Write down in point form if that helps you to be more organised so that you can communicate better.

3. Insatiability

Always be hungry for learning and growth. Go deeper into your skills and knowledge.
Our Outer self is always "not enough" because there are always new skills to learn and new things to share.
However, our Inner self is already "full", it is already perfect. If you really open your heart to discover and spend time to look within and appreciate what you already have, you will feel so fulfilled.

4. Decisiveness

It is common to encounter situations where we have no time to gather All the information before coming to a decision. We simply have to make the best decision with whatever resources we have. In such cases, if the decision is wrong, don't beat yourself up. Be fully accountable and learn from it. Then let go and move on.

5. Consistency

Many people can be disciplined and do things they are not comfortable with, but that is only for short-term. The key is to make whatever actions you take become a part of you - to be consistent. For example, it is easy to start a blog and post up a few articles. But to be able to continuously and consistently post up articles over the next 10 years is the hallmark of successful people.

6. Coachability

Successful people know there are always new things to learn. In order to acquire new knowledge, we must be coachable - be open to learning new skills. When you can do things other people cannot do, then people will see you as a role model and you can gain their respect.

7. Honesty

Honesty means being able to say "I don't know but I will find out for you." or "Sorry I cannot do this because it is the company's policy." or "I am new and not familiar with how this works but I will get back to you.". Be a resource - a person whom people go to when they are looking for solutions.

8. Calmness

This trait is mainly tested in times of crisis. When a emergency situation happens, if you are able to remain calm and handle it, that is the quality of a good leader. If you radiate calmness, impatient people get attracted to you as they look to you to calm them down.

9. Patience

Never push or rush people to try your products or embark on your business. Just sincerely offer the best to them and leave the decision to them. They will come to you when the time is right. Be patient.

10. Gratitude

Be humble and appreciate life. Focus on what you already have and the good things you are blessed with. Cultivate an attitude of abundance, then you won't feel that you are a victim of life. Really feel blessed that life has given you so much. Appreciate the small things in life, so you won't keep wanting more and more. The more grateful you are, the more you will receive.

11. Ability to read people

Ask the right questions. Listen to their answers attentively so you can read them better. Read their character through their body language. Find out what are their deepest concerns. Empathise with them. Then you can offer the best solution.

12. Hunger and humility

You must have a goal to aspire to. Don't just settle for "good enough". However, if your goal leads you to do wrong things, then change that goal. But if your goal inspires you to do good things and to become a better person, go for it.

Even though Goals are destination for you to aim for, the Journey itself is equally important.
Be balanced - Don't be overly confident until you think you know everything and don't want to learn anymore. On the other hand, don't be overly humble until you have no self-esteem.

13. Vulnerability

Be real, authentic and available. Be responsive. Be yourself.
Don't be afraid to let your downlines know that you are hurt or sad. The pressure to always act strong is not healthy.

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Bits & Bites #203 - Testimonies: Ovarian Cysts, Fibroids and Miscarriage

Sunday, 6 May 2018

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Testimony: Ovarian Cyst

Ms L said that 5 years ago, her daughter,  then 22 years old, was diagnosed with a cyst on her right ovary. It was accidentally discovered when she went for routine checkup as part of her new job requirement. The cyst was more than 22 cm in size - very big. All the opinions she sought from 3 doctors told her that the cyst was too large, they cannot do a keyhole surgery. The only way is operation to remove the cyst. Further, one of her ovary might need to go. Cost of surgery is estimated to be RM7,000-RM9,000.

The doctor scheduled the operation for a couple of weeks later but she asked the doctor for 2 months as it is non-life threatening.  She fed her daughter Yung Kien PollenVitaking, 3-4 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein, 5-20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma and 5+ capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma2.

After 2 months, the surgeon was able to perform keyhole surgery after all because the "cyst was movable" as it had already liquified. He was also able to save her ovary. She was able to be discharged the day after. Ms L was so happy and grateful to Shuang Hor products.


TestimonyTummy Issues and Ovarian Cyst

Ms BT's friend, 40s, has long-term tummy issue wherein she has frequent stomach aches, feels nauseous, weak, has pale face and cannot tolerate a lot of food. A few years back, she had a benign tumour in her ovary which she handled using Western treatment.

She started taking Shuang Hor products for maintenance, especially for her tummy issue: 2 Nutrihealth Tablets + 1-2 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein + 1-4 sachets Lactoberry + CEO Cafe Coffee 4in1.

After 1 year, her tummy issue improved and she enjoyed better life quality.
It also help her avoid going through surgery to remove her ovary because during this 1 year, she was taking oral medication wherein if her body is not able to produce hormones, she would need to remove her ovary in order not to get tumour again.

Because of this, in April, she increased her Nutrihealth Tablets to 4-6 a day.
Vertigo reaction after 1 month: Headache, hot rashes on her face and admitted to hospital for high blood pressure.

After discharge from hospital, she started taking 4-6 capsules Jia Hor Lingzhi a day.
On 19 June, when she was supposed to undergo the ovary removal operation, the doctor found that her body was able to produce hormone, meaning she does not need to remove her ovary.


Testimony: Menstrual Pain and Fibroids

Ms PW has a friend who suffers from bad period pain due to fibroids. The doctor suggested that she either remove the fibroids or continue to take painkillers. She decided on the second option. Every time when she has period, she would swallow up to 5 painkillers. She started taking 2 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 5 capsules Yung Kien Pollen. After 1 month, the menstrual pain felt even worse, but she continued to take.

By the next month, she only needed to take 3 painkillers during her menses. On the following month, the painkiller reduced further to only 1 during her menses.


Testimony: Ovarian cysts, Miscarriage and Pregnancy

Ms E, 37 years old, has been taking Shuang Hor products since 2006. She always suffer from minor hormonal issues.
In Feb 2016, she did a pap smear in her preparation to get pregnant. The results were good and she could proceed. In June 2016, she traveled back to her home town. She started having abnormal blood discharge. The doctor confirmed she was pregnant but it wasn't stable. She was prescribed pills to stabilise the pregnancy. Despite taking the pills, the blood discharge continued and increased, including a sac-like discharge. Another visit to the doctor a few days later, the doctor confirmed she had a miscarriage. At the same time, she found a 5-cm cyst near her ovary. The doctor didn't recommend anything for the cyst except monitoring.

Meanwhile, during those few days waiting period, she took 12-20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 20 capsules Yung Kien Pollen + 4-6 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein + 1 sachet Vitaking everyday. She continued the same dosage for 1 more month after the miscarriage.

In Aug 2016, she went to her gynae in Sunway for a checkup and scan. The doctor found a 2+ cm cyst but didn't find the 5 cm cyst. He recommended her to wait 6 months before getting pregnant because of the miscarriage and cyst.

During this 6 months, she took 5 Yung Kien Ganoderma + Pollen + Protein + Vitaking. She also took care of her diet. In Jan 2017, she took the detox program, comprising 12 Yung Kien Ganoderma + 20 Yung Kien Pollen + 4 Jia Hor Soya Protein + 1 Vitaking everyday. When she did her checkup in Feb 2017, everything was clear.

She got pregnant in early May 2017. She discovered brownish discharge and spotting. The doctor found quite a big polyp near the cervical area. He said it was dangerous to have it removed at that point as it may cause miscarriage or non-stop bleeding. He gave her pills to stabilise pregnancy. This time, she decided not to take the medicine. Instead, she took 20-30 Yung Kien Ganoderma + 20 Yung Kien Pollen + 4 Jia Hor Soya Protein + 2 Vitaking everyday.

She sought a second opinion 1 week later (meaning she has been consuming that high dosage for 1 week). When the doctor wanted to inspect that polyp, it just came off easily without pain (size 5cm x 1.5cm).
She continued that dosage for another few days before she dropped the dosage of Yung Kien Ganoderma down to 12 a day for another 1 month, just to be sure. The spotting and discharge stopped a few days after the polyp was removed. She did not take any other vitamins and pills recommended by both doctors.

Her maintenance dosage is 8 (12-20) Yung Kien Ganoderma + 20 Yung Kien Pollen + 4-6 Jia Hor Soya Protein + 1 Vitaking everyday.

During the entire pregnancy period (she was 31 weeks pregnant at the point of recording), she did not experience any morning sickness, no itchy stomach, no water retention, good energy level, better skin condition (no pimples around her chin area), skin pores were smaller, fairer complexion. She only gained about 8 kg, despite the baby being big (1.8 kg).

Jago Rasa
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20 Amazing Efficacies of Bee Pollen and 8 Testimonies

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Some people say pollen is a superfood for human, especially the insect-pollinated pollen, which is heavier and used by bees to feed their young and does not cause allergy problems.

A grain of pollen contains more than 200 types of nutrients, categorised into 6 main categories:

1) More than 21 types of Amino Acids which are needed but cannot be produced by the human body. It comes in "free" form so it is easily used by our body.

2) More than 16 types of Vitamins, with high bioavailability.

3) More than 16 types of Minerals. Both vitamins and minerals are the micro-nutrients that are very important in our diet which help our body to synthesise the macro-nutrients that we take in and make the processes in our body more efficient.

4) More than 96 types of Enzymes and Coenzymes, including carbohydrate and protein enzymes which are very useful for breaking the carbs and proteins in the food we eat.

5) More than 28 types of Nucleic Acids which include nucleotide and purine, which are good skin rejuvenator.

6) Carbohydrates in simple form (monosaccharides and disaccharides) which can be easily used as energy for our activities.

Because of the combination of such a wide variety of nutrients, it can work in a synergistic effect in our body.

Benefits of Pollen

Bee Pollen for Overal Health

1. Healthy developmental growth
Because of the nutrients in the pollen, it is very good for children who are intellectually slow and have difficulty focusing. Pollen helps to strengthen their mental sharpness. Pollen is also good for pregnant ladies to help in the development of the foetuses.

2. Energy enhancer
Great natural energiser. It is very useful for people who lead a busy lifestyle. The nutrients in pollen is easily used by our body and hence gives us instant energy. It is also good for sportsman to help them to recover faster in terms of bringing the heartbeat and breathing to the normal rate and therefore prepare them for the next event.

3. Radiant skin
Helps to protect skin and aid regeneration and wound healing.
The nucleic acid and iron helps to give radiant skin. It also helps to protect and regenerate the skin cells as well as wound healing, so it is especially beneficial for post-surgery.

4. Rejuvenate the aged, sick or weak
Pollen helps increase mental and physical abilities and improve metabolic systems therefore it helps strengthen our physique.

5. Infertility problems
Enhance sperm count. Stimulate and restore ovarian function. Great hormonal booster.

A lady has been trying to conceive for 2 years. She went for some procedures which were not successful. She was not receptive to Lingzhi but decided to try pollen. She conceived after taking just 3 boxes Yung Kien Pollen. Her child is coming to 1 years old soon. So she actually saved on the cost of another procedure which can easily cost more than RM15,000.

Bee Pollen for Disease Management

1. Constipation
Regulate bowel movement.

A young boy goes to toilet only 3-4 times a week. His mother fed him 1 capsule Lingzhi + 5 capsules Yung Kien Pollen. With that, he could go to toilet almost everyday.

2. Gastrointestinal diseases
Bee pollen contains enzymes that can help to enhance digestion. The enzymes in pollen help promote digestion in our GI tract and because it has an antibiotic compound, it helps to subdue E.Coli bacteria in our large intestines and salmonella in our stomach.

3. Prostate health
Helps to reduce inflammation and frequent urge to urinate.
Daily dose of pollen helps to reduce the chance of getting prostate problem at later age.

4. Hormonal health
Menstruation problems, menopause, pregnancy woes.
Pregnancy related ailments can be due to deficiency in certain nutrients, which the nutrients in pollen help supply.

5. Heart health
Antioxidant bioflavonoid helps to strengthen capillaries and enhance circulation.
Effective in reinforcing contraction of cardiac muscles. With that, it reduces hardening of artery walls and hence reduce the risk of getting hypertension.

6. Insomnia, nervous diseases, depression
Richness in the B group vitamins and amino acids is necessary to the nervous system to give it anti-stress qualities. Pollen helps to regulate mood.

7. Dermatitis
Therapeutic for skin inflammations.

A young boy with eczema problem was fed with Shuang Hor products since March 2015. He completely recovered in 2 months. After that, there was a very red 10 sen size patch on his right cheek. It did not itch. The mother fed him with the same dosage of 12 Yung Kien Ganoderma but only 1 sachet of Yung Kien Pollen and 1-2 sachets Lactoberry. After 2 weeks, the patch did not get better. So she reduced Lingzhi to a few capsules and increased Yung Kien Pollen to 6 sachets a day. The 10 sen wound on his cheek completely recovered in 1 week. His skin was so radiant that his friends commented on it.

8. Allergies
High quality antioxidants has anti-inflammatory effect on lung tissues.

A young boy used to rub his nose regularly at night because it felt itchy. He sneezed easily from just a bit of dust or the fan blowing at him. With regular dosage of Lingzhi and Pollen, his problem has disappeared without the mother realising it and he now has much higher tolerance towards dust.

9. Cancer
Effective in subduing proliferation of cancerous cells. Besides having anti-tumour properties, it is also very helpful for cancer patients undergoing treatment because the nutrients help cancer patients recover faster and respond better to treatment.

10. Diabetes
Revitalise organ and therefore helps in managing diabetes.

11. Obesity
Holistic way of healing addictions and inhibit cravings.
When we crave for something, it is the way our body tells us to eat a certain nutrient, but we don't know what it is. So often times, we put in empty calories and we don't fulfil what our body wants. Again, our body asks us to eat. So we put on weight and this vicious cycle can lead to obesity. Pollen helps to address that issue.

After feeding pollen to her children, a lady finds that her children seldom crave for junk food now. When going to the supermarket, they seldom go to the junk food section now. They will still eat junk food when being offered, but they won't ask for it.

12. Poor appetite / malnutrition
Good supplement for those who are not eating well.

A sickly young boy used to take a lot of medication from Chinese sinseh and homeopathy doctors. After 2 months of medication from a Chinese sinseh, his appetite reduced tremendously. He would feel full after just 2-3 spoonfuls of rice. The mother gave him just 1 sachet Yung Kien Pollen a day, after acquiring the knowledge of what pollen can do. Within 1 week, she saw noticeable improvement in his appetite.

13. Anemia
Pollen increases the ratio of white and red cells in the blood in case of insufficiency.
Lysine favours the renewing of red cells and histidine facilitates haemoglobin formation.

A slightly anaemic lady used to feel dizzy easily. With regular dosage of Yung Kien Pollen, she hardly has that problem nowadays.

14. Problems relating to smoking, drinking and bad breath
Various nutrients in pollen are effective in detoxifying the body, removing bad breath and relieving intoxication.

15. Gray hair
Sulphur in pollen is essential for promoting healthy hair growth.

A lady used to have a lot of gray hair. But since she has been taking Yung Kien Pollen, her gray hair has reduced a lot. Friends who have seen her in 2014, before she started on pollen, can readily attest to that.

As Yung Kien Pollen has a bit of everything that our body needs, it can help promote good health and longevity. If you were to compare weight for weight, the protein in pollen is higher than what you can find in meat. Further, the nutrients in pollen is easily absorbed by our body.

Why Choose Yung Kien Pollen?

  • Safe to consume in very high dose, even by terminally ill patients. It is raw food and collected from Mediterranean countries which are relatively low in pollution.
  • Stringent and hygienic processing methods to remove impurities while preserving its nutrients, as can be seen from the ISO certification and accreditation from GMP and JHFA on the Yung Kien factory.
  • Conveniently packed in capsules and granular form.
  • Freshness guaranteed due to short shelf life of 1-1.5 years.
When Shall I Take Yung Kien Pollen?

1) For those who don't have much time to enjoy a good and wholesome breakfast, start your day with Pollen to give yourself an instant boost of energy.

2) For those who are busy from sunrise until sunset, and need continuous energy throughout the day, power pack your day with some pollen to give you the continuous stamina.

3) After a long day, and the mind still cannot shut down, end your day with a dose of pollen, because the nutrients in pollen can help you to relax and give you a good sleep.

Pollen does not heal the diseases directly but supplies our tissues and body cells with the raw ingredients necessary for growth and repair. Over time, some of our symptoms, aches and pains will gradually lessen or even disappear. So that is how pollen works.

(Source: Shuang Hor Seminar, 4 July 2017)

Please email me at to buy Yung Kien Pollen. Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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Guest Blog Post: 8 Reasons Why Sleeping Less Makes You Productive At Work

Sunday, 22 April 2018

We have all heard about the scientific stipulation of eight-hour sleep for an average adult to ensure optimal productivity. However, the truth is the world is sleeping less and less for many reasons, and most of them are economically related. Some people sleep for four hours which is enough to put your mind to rest and recovery; some people sleep even less than that. And apparently less sleep seems to work out just fine. In fact, most people are capitalizing on it to build productivity.

In this article, I’ve compiled eight reasons why people who sleep less are more productive than those who sleep more.

1. They don’t chase clocks

It’s simple arithmetic that sleeping less at night affords one more time on their hands. During the day we are all busy working, and in most cases, we tend to postpone and carry forward our activities and assignments to the next day when there isn’t enough time. If you are a night owl, then you can still get things done during the precious hours that most people are spending dreaming.
You must have noticed that people who sleep less have no problems carrying their work home. This gives them an edge compared to those who sleep more, and they stand a better chance of achieving more with their lives only because they have much more time on their hands.

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2. They adapt easily to circumstances

One interesting thing about those who sleep less is that they have higher rates of adaptability than their sleepy counterparts. The adaptability has a lot to do with their bodies’ ability to alter natural body clocks all the time at will to suit their needs. These people can easily adapt to any changes in their work settings, take on more hours or workload and still feel less overwhelmed.
Our natural body clock understands our needs and works with hormones to attend to those needs. This means it’s difficult to alter our sleep routine, but if we can, then this improves our ability to adapt easily.

3. Taking part-time jobs and activities

With the present economic difficulties, it’s not new to find people taking on more jobs and part-time hassles. However, it can become thoroughly stressful and problematic to juggle more than one thing if you have problems with staying up late. Life will not be short of miserable, and you may end up causing more damage than good.

4. Problem-solving

According to a study by an Albion College associate psychology professor, a tired mind can be more equipped in tackling certain tasks because of more creativity and less meticulous focus. The professor invited about 400 students to take tests scheduled at either morning or evening with the intention of seeing how a mind solves problems during both tired and sharp states. The research found that difficulties which require insightful thinking benefit a lot from a tired, hyper-creative mind. The mind categorizes different problems and finds a way of dealing with them differently. While analytical problems call for a sharper wakeful mind, insightful problems apparently do not.

5. Less stress

The main reason why people who sleep less show fewer degrees of stress compared to those who sleep more has everything to do with the productive use of their time. These people can manage their time well and consequently the quality of their work.
It is true that stress affects sleep resulting in insomnia and science has technically found a connection between stress and sleeplessness. But here we are talking about people who have managed to condition their bodies to sleep little; such a person usually has low-stress levels due to well-spent time.

6. They are fast-paced

The metabolism and general moods of a person who sleep less are pretty different from that of an average person who sleeps more because his body has conditioned itself into staying alert and fast-paced. These individuals talk fast, think fast and lead fast-paced lives.

7. They are driven

It is clear that people who sleep little are self-driven. These high achievers not only figured out that they do not require too much of sleep, but they also believe in goals and are squeezing in enough time to achieve those goals. This point brings us to the first point that they know how to get things done.

8. Better performance

Did you know that you can get more done at night than during the day? It’s because of the tranquility that mantles the world at night. Most things are asleep at night including your boss’ annoying phone call. This sense of peace inspires better work performance.


The bottom line is, cutting down a little of your sleep provides you with an advantage to doing the kinds of things you probably won’t find the time to do in daylight, opening up your mind to a world of possibilities while everybody else is asleep.

Disclaimer: This article is contributed by a Guest Blogger. Ping of Health does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this article. Ping of Health disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.

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Guest Blog Post: 10 Interesting Ways to Lose Weight in Your Sleep

Sunday, 15 April 2018

When it comes to losing weight, most people’s first thoughts are working out, strenuous activities or sports, extensive yoga stretches and slimming down. While these are sure ways to burn out the pesky calories, they are certainly not the only ways. There is another exciting way to lose weight, and that is through sleep. You heard me right. So how do you do nothing but sleep and cut down your weight as a result? Stick around and find out.

1. Have your supper early

It is recommended to eat supper at least three hours before bedtime. Do not stretch your bedtime, just eat early and make sure your meal contains proteins since they help a lot in burning calories while you are asleep. If you can, eat less. I’m not saying deprive yourself but don’t eat more than you need— you can eat more during lunch if you want. When you are asleep, the body tends to function slower and going to bed with a loaded stomach can place too much strain on your digestive system. Eating an early supper helps your body to digest food before you go to bed. Therefore there isn’t much energy spent on digestion and no fats stored while you sleep.

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2. Switch off the lights

Some people still sleep with lights on, that not only affects quality sleep but it also denies you the advantages which come with darkness. The body secretes a particular hormone known as melatonin when you are immersed in darkness. This hormone acts as a sleeping agent, and also as an aid in the making of brown fat which burns calories.

3. Take herbal teas

The regular tea has caffeine in it. Avoid it especially before bed because it will dehydrate you plus ruin your sleep. Take herbal teas like Hibiscus, Ginger and Chamomile etc. These teas are incredible detox agents; they will clean your liver which one of its works is fat digestion. Detoxifying the liver allows fat metabolism which sets you up on a calorie burning sleep.

4. Sleep in a colder environment

I know most of us despise cold nights and we would hate the idea of heating systems not working correctly. However, sleeping in slightly colder temperatures is way more beneficial than you may think. The body usually works overtime to compensate for the lost temperature. Your body will be burning calories the whole night turning them into the required energy to provide you with heat.

5. Avoid TV and gadgets before bed

Researchers have found that these seemingly harmless smartphones and other gadgets emit shortwave lights which interferes with the body’s ability to secrete melatonin which consequently may lead to disruption of metabolism. Television is no different; it lowers the levels of adiponectin which is a protein that checks the breakdown of fatty acids and glucose levels.

6. Quality mattress

Lack of enough sleep affects the body’s ability to function as required. A well-rested body is more capable of optimal functionality than a fatigued one. An average adult is required to sleep around seven to eight hours to rest the body well. Your body is capable of burning more calories at night when you have given yourself enough resting time. And to void toss and turn, you need to get a quality mattress to make sure you don’t wake up during the night.

7. Hot shower

Taking a hot shower before bed is certainly going to aid in weight loss. The pores on our skins are usually clogged during the day because of various activities resulting into sweat and dead skin. Taking a cold shower might feel refreshing to some people, but it is not very helpful in ridding the body of dead skin and opening up the pores. Aside from opening up the pores, hot water relaxes and rejuvenates the body helping it to improve functions while you sleep.

8. No alcoholic drinks

One of the most basic things which alcohol does to your body is that it camps for so long, thus exhausting your liver with digestion. As we all know, the body slows down its functions during sleep, meaning it will work the whole night metabolizing the alcohol and this has an impact on your rapid eye movement sleep level. The body burns calories proficiently during the rapid eye movement level, which you won’t be able to get to with alcohol in your system.

9. No late workouts

If you want to work out then make sure it’s at least three hours before bedtime. This gives your body the chance to cool down and return to its normal state. Working out energizes and wakes up the body, disrupting it from the scheduled shutdown, this will result in a restless night as your body is not ready to sleep yet and you will be missing out on the essential melatonin.

10. Get some peppermints

Now, this sounds out of place but according to one study, sniffing on peppermint at two-hour intervals cut down weight by five pounds in a month.


You see, our bodies are self-healing, self-rejuvenating wonders. However, for your body to be able to protect you and keep you in good shape even in your sleep, you need to help it along. The first place to start is to maintain a good diet and part ways with junk food. Also remember to get enough sleep. If you didn't already know, a good night sleep is super therapeutic and evidently good for your health.

Disclaimer: This article is contributed by a Guest Blogger. Ping of Health does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this article. Ping of Health disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.

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Bits & Bites #202 - Business: What Shuang Hor President Says

Sunday, 8 April 2018

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Shuang Hor's values and culture is what attract people to take a look at Shuang Hor business. Shuang Hor has a caring, family culture, which many other companies try to emulate but fail, because the bosses are too focused on profit. Shuang Hor has 5 main beliefs which constitute the core values of the business, wherein the business offers Health, Faith, Hope, Success and Happiness. We all must continue to uphold and cultivate caringness, sincerity and humanity while doing this business, or else the whole culture will collapse.


Educate your friends that there are alternative solutions to achieving good health - not only through doctors and medicines.  Prevention is the only sustainable way to lead a quality, long life.


The value of Shuang Hor business is not only on profits, but to grow each individual's body, mind and soul.  Shuang Hor creates a safe environment which helps people to overcome their crisis. This company has been in existence for 30 years. It is still holding strong to the family culture to unite strangers as a family. It helps us develop our own self-confidence. Our own 100% belief in the company and products can convince skeptics to follow us.


The President of Shuang Hor says when doing the business, use your sincere heart and focus outward to help as many people as possible. Help them sincerely, as how you are taught to do in your religion. Get rid of negative attitudes such as discrimination, judgment or comparison.


As Shuang Hor business is a duplicable business, there is no limit on your success. Go ahead and set your goals. Then use a pure heart to work the business. If you use kindness to do Shuang Hor, you will also attract many similar people. If you don't have a judging attitude, you will have lesser arguments. People like you and want to be with you. Your attitude determines your success.


Lead by example. Your network will start to grow. You continue duplicating. You will see a chain effect. Your positive attitude influences many, many people. The seeds you sow grow into big trees and the roots become stronger, bigger and deeper. That is when you really reap the rewards of your hard work.


In doing this business, look at the big picture when you are facing challenges. Don't be too caught up with one or two small obstacles and be defeated by them. Your network is already so big and you are helping so many people, so don't be discouraged by just 1 negative person in the network.


When you have a big heart, you cultivate many good deeds and you will have a lot of merits. Rich people with bad attitude and questionable value system still lose out in the long run.


Shuang Hor never hire professional speakers for all its seminars. So on some days we may encounter speakers who are not so polished. However, we should cultivate the right attitude i.e. to focus on the message rather than criticise the speakers. Even if you can learn just 1 or 2 points, it is already worth your time invested going for the meetings.

(Source: Shuang Hor seminar by Mr Hsieh, 27 October 2017)

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