Bits & Bites #72 - Business: Pursue Health as Relentlessly as Financial and Time Freedom

Sunday, 21 December 2014

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This post is part of a weekly series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching.
And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

Shuang Hor is a Business that can make you happy while you're doing it. There're a lot of positivity, motivation, emphasis on how to be a better person. The education system teaches you values that help you to be happy.


The reason I am sharing with you Shuang Hor Business is because I see it as a life-changing business. At least I must do my part to let you know - what if you are looking for such an opportunity? What if you can also see that Shuang Hor is the one for you? I would have short-changed you if I don't tell you about it.
All you have to do is to come and examine if Shuang Hor Business is really genuine?
What if it is that genuine?


I was attracted by the products first when I decided to come take a look at Shuang Hor Business. I tried the Lingzhi and was very happy when it improved my Health condition. That was why I opened my eyes to explore if doing this as a business can also give me Money + Time.


I was told a Truly Successful Person should have Money + Time + Health simultaneously.
We may understand this equation conceptually. But it's only when we're at the stage of losing our Health, being unfit to work and have to make regular trips to hospitals i.e. when our Money and Time "freeze up", then only we realise the deep meaning of this equation, where Health is truly important, and is something we must pursue as relentlessly as searching for Financial and Time Freedom.


What type of network do I need to create in order to have Money + Time + Health simultaneously?
Strong and Stable Network, created following the Shuang Hor education system.

Nagi Golden Gai
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Have an awesome day!

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The Truth On MLM - A Genuine Business Opportunity

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What's your reaction when you hear the word "Direct Selling", "Multi Level Marketing (MLM)" or "Network Marketing"?
Some people swear they'll never be associated with any MLM product. They may have some bad experiences with one or two MLM companies in the past. Because of that, they tell others that all MLM companies are bad.
Do you know that Multi Level Marketing is actually an unconventional (as opposed to a traditional) business opportunity and marketing method? As Robert Kiyosaki says, it's The Business of the 21st Century.

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Let's take a look at some of the Characteristics of a Genuine MLM.

1. Zero Advertisement

Conventional marketing uses mass advertising such as television, radio and huge billboards. This type of advertising is very expensive. It costs a lot to:
  • Hire celebrities to endorse the products.
  • Hire professional advertising firms to design the advertisements.
  • Hire workers to put up the advertisements on mass media.
Do you wonder who pays for all these advertising costs? You - the consumer! Even with so much money being spent, advertising is getting less effective as the medias get more and more cluttered with increasing ads.
A genuine MLM company spends nothing on advertising. Instead, the money saved on advertising is paid to You, the distributor, if you choose to get involved in the business. Further, the products are distributed directly to consumers, unlike conventional marketing routes, which go through many levels of intermediaries such as importers, sole agents, district agents, wholesalers and retailers. before arriving at your doorstep. More money is saved, which will flow to You.
2. Benefits for Distributors 
MLM offers equal success opportunities for everyone, regardless of their educational background, race, age and whether they were previously successful in other businesses. It is fair as it rewards those who are hardworking and willing to learn. Hence with MLM, people can achieve success beyond their wildest dreams, regardless of when they embark on the MLM business.

As MLM offers opportunity for anyone to grow their business through a network of downline distributors, this means you can leverage on other people's efforts to build your wealth. This is called the Power of Duplication. You only have 24 hours a day. But using the MLM business model, you can duplicate to as many hours as you want.

This is even more easily achievable if the MLM company provides high quality educational system. You can learn all the skills needed to do the business and the right attitude and mindset to conduct the business successfully. It is easily duplicable in all countries.
In MLM, you're not alone in your quest for success. Your upline leaders are always there to guide you and mentor you to build a sustainable network and business. Their strong encouragement and guide are invaluable for your long term success. It's very important for you to follow your upline and learn from their proven methods.

3. Benefits for Consumers

Consumers can get direct service, product information and usage guide from the distributors. They have someone who services them personally and cares for them. In health care, consumers may receive encouragement and support in each stage of their health improvement. This often results in lifelong friendships.


Even though MLM sounds like an ideal business model, there are downsides
Now let's have a look at why some people have a bad impression of MLM business.
1. Pyramid Scheme or MLM?

Watch out for this. Pyramid companies are illegal and will never last. Have you heard of this? Become a member for RM2,000. You just need to recruit 2 new members and you'll get RM2,500. You get your investment back plus a RM500 profit. Sounds good?

So, your 2 new members must go on to recruit other new members to profit. Theoretically, when everyone in this world becomes a member, no new membership is possible. The cycle must end eventually. People at the top of pyramid schemes profit the most. Their money is from people at the bottom of the pyramid.
Greedy and lazy people always get caught in this scheme. Nowadays, many people are more educated to avoid this trap. However, a different breed of pyramid scheme now lurks.

2. Pyramids Pretending to be Genuine MLM 

Because people are wiser now, the pyramid companies mask themselves as genuine MLM companies. They offer products to sell. However, there are 3 giveaway points that help you spot the scammers: 
  • The products are too expensive with little value. You don't need it and you won't buy it if not for the money-making opportunity.
  • You must keep on recruiting new members to profit since there won't be any repeat purchase from existing members.
  • The membership fee is quite high comparatively and is justified only with the opportunity to make money.
These companies will eventually disappear together with all Your effort and money. 
3. Why Genuine MLM Companies Die

The heart of any MLM company is the founders. What they do affect its direction and growth.
Some founders care more about their own pockets. As they know the MLM model is so profitable, they simply create a system, get some products and recruit distributors to market it. They may be selling the products at high prices or the products may be inferior in quality.
Eventually, when the false promises are never realized, problems begin. Finally, the company closes. The founders get rich, leaving behind frustrated distributors and customers.
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Decision - Should You Choose MLM?

A Genuine MLM business with the right vision offers an excellent opportunity for you to:
  • Enjoy the benefits of quality products at lower prices.
  • Build your own business and career using a proven system.
  • Eventually enjoy Financial Freedom + Time Freedom + Good Health.
If you intend to build your MLM business, start small. Keep your full time job and slowly build your network. Usually, you may not see any profit during the first few months.
But with the right attitude, effort and commitment, your skills will improve. And your network will slowly grow. When your profit is significant and stable, you can consider embarking full time on your MLM business.
When evaluating which MLM company to partner with, consider these 4 Criteria:
  • Are the products effective and give you all the benefits that are claimed?
  • Is the company a reliable business partner with credible leaders?
  • How is the education system and is it easily learnt and duplicable?
  • Is the marketing plan fair and sustainable?
Remember, there are good and bad MLM companies out there.
Choose the right one. 
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Shuang Hor - A Genuine MLM Opportunity
Looking for a good MLM opportunity? 
Come and explore Shuang Hor Business with me. It satisfies all the 4 criteria listed above. It has been around since 1987 and is expanding even faster now. As you stay longer in this business, the effort required of you reduces whilst your income keeps on growing. I have never regretted my decision to come take a look at Shuang Hor. It may be the vehicle you're looking for too, to achieve your dreams and success.

Email me at to find out more.

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Bits & Bites #71 - Business: Empathy and Patience Bring You a Long Way

Saturday, 13 December 2014

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This post is part of a weekly series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching.
And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.


What are the 4 Key Pillars of Shuang Hor Business?
1. Uniqueness of products.
2. Solid company background.
3. Attractive marketing plan.
4. Simple and duplicable education system.


Why do we always encourage friends to come to our seminars and talks?
  • Generate loyal consumers - people who understand and are convinced of the benefits of Shuang Hor products are more likely to continue taking and using them for life.
  • Activate keen leaders - people who have a chance to know about the values and opportunities this business gives are in a better position to choose this business as a vehicle to achieve their dreams.

In Shuang Hor Business, having EMPATHY helps you build strong relationships with your consumers. It helps you understand how they feel and think. This will make them more open to share their issues with you. Empathy is the bridge that creates trust and links 2 hearts.


Having the virtue of PATIENCE helps you not give up easily whenever you invite friends to join you for seminars and they say No. Find out the reasons why - are they too busy? Or they don't want to go? Or they just need more time to accept your invitations?


Why must you consistently attend seminars, talks and meetings when you're doing Shuang Hor Business?
  • Build confidence in your own self, the products, and the business.
  • Get motivated and charged up by the successful leaders.
  • Learn from other people's experiences, and follow what they do.
  • Improve your health knowledge.
  • Learn about the MLM industry and why Shuang Hor is the right choice.
  • Contribute by volunteering to speak, so you can grow yourself and become a leader.
  • Stay positive and focused.
Vinnie Deli
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Have an awesome day!

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Bits & Bites #70 - Testimonies by Dr Chen on Colon Cancer, Hepatitis, Kidney Dialysis, Stroke and Heart Attack

Sunday, 7 December 2014

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This post is part of a weekly series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching.
And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

Le Petit Commerce
Testimony: Colon Cancer

Male, 72, Thai
In 2009 when this man was 68 years old, he was diagnosed with Last Stage Colon Cancer when he had difficulty passing motion. It has spread to his liver. Doctor says he has only 3 months life left.
His son sought the advise of Dr Chen and started feeding him 6 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma (YK1) daily for 2 months.
He underwent surgery and chemo. But the low dosage was not enough. Hence he experienced side effects like losing hair, no appetite, inflammation in the mouth and difficulty swallowing.
His CEA value was 9,810 (normal is <2.5 ng/ml).
Due to financial problem, he could only increase the consumption to 15 capsules YK1 per day.
From Aug 2009 to Jan 2010, he accepted 11 times chemo. But due to the higher dose, he has little side effects and felt more energetic.
His CEA value dropped back to normal. His son was very happy and his confidence in Lingzhi went up.
In 2011, when Yung Kien Ganoderma 2 was launched, he changed his consumption to 6 YK1 + 6 YK2 per day.
In July 2013, after 3 years of consuming Lingzhi, the CT Scan and PET Scan results showed that his tumor has vanished.


Testimony: Fulminate Hepatitis (acute liver failure, mostly people who are B or C type hepatitis carrier)

Male, 30, Taiwanese
This sales representative is a heavy drinker with abnormal living habit and regularly sleeps late.
In April 2013, his colleagues said he did not look well. His eyes and skin had turned yellowish. He was unable to sleep for more than 3 days. He went to the hospital for a checkup. His GPT serum reading was > 3,000 (normal generally < 40 units/liter of serum). This indicates he has serious liver damage. He was immediately hospitalised.
His uncle sought the advise of Dr Chen and then started feeding him with 5 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma every hour.
After finishing about 1 bottle, he was able to sleep that night. It is very good news. Hepatitis patients have a lot of toxins in their body. The liver works very hard to remove the toxins and because of this non-stop activity, the patients are unable to sleep. Their liver will become so exhausted that it will eventually die. Sleep is the best thing these patients need. But they just can't sleep. Lingzhi can help them get this very important sleep.
10 days later, this man's GPT dropped to 450 and he was discharged from hospital. People with these cases usually have to stay in the hospital for about 1 month.
This man continues to take Lingzhi and has changed to a healthier lifestyle.


Testimony: Kidney Dialysis

Male, 71, Indonesian
In May 2005, this man had difficulty urinating. The doctor recommended dialysis as his creatinine level was more than 4 (normal for adult male is 0.6-1.2 mg/dL) and there was inflammation.
In June 2005, he started dialysis 3 times/week.
In Sept 2005, he started taking 4 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 4 capsules Yung Kien Pollen per day. He started on a lower dose as he has never taken Lingzhi in the past.
1 week later, he increased his dosage to 16 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 16 capsules Yung Kien Pollen + Luchun Lingzhi Tea + Jia Hor Soya Protein per day.
1 month later, as his creatinine value had dropped, his dialysis was reduced to 2 times/week. The man was very happy. He didn't tell the doctor what he was doing but his confidence in Lingzhi rose.
2 months later in Nov 2005, his creatinine level dropped further. His dialysis was further reduced to 5 times/month.
3 months later, his kidney function returned to normal and no more dialysis was needed.
Key points to note:
Usually, people who start dialysis will be on dialysis for the rest of their lives. There is no case that such patients will be cured. Why is this man's kidney function able to be returned to normal? The duration. He was only on dialysis for 3 months. For people who have only undergone dialysis for a short duration, it is possible to save their kidney. Even though the creatinine is very high, but the kidney still has some function left, i.e. not totally failed yet. It may be under inflammation or seriously injured, but it's still possible to save some of the kidney cells. So if people start taking high dose Lingzhi before the kidney's total function is disrupted, it's possible to save the kidney.


Testimony: Stroke and Heart Attack

Male, 56, Taiwanese
In April 2012, this man suddenly lost consciousness and was hospitalised.
A CT Scan showed he suffered from myocardial infarction (heart attack) and the doctor immediately proceeded with an open-heart surgery. The doctors found he has congenital cardiovascular disease, where he only has 2 (instead of 3) arteries surrounding his heart.
Before he regained consciousness, it was found that his brain displayed symptoms of bleeding/thrombosis. On the same day, the doctors proceeded with a 2nd operation on his brain.
After surgery, his blood pressure shot up very high and further check revealed that his left brain was bleeding.
The doctors waited a week before performing the 3rd surgery. During the operation, the doctors found a 5cm abnormal blood vessel in his brain which was twisted. They said this was the cause of the bleeding. It was a high risk operation. When his wife wanted to feed him Lingzhi, the doctors made her sign a contract to absolve the hospital of any responsibility should anything happen. The couple has been consuming Lingzhi for many years and have great confidence in the product so the wife readily signed the contract.
He was fed 4 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 2 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma 2 every hour through his feeding tube. She fed him about 10 times/day. By doing this, the man was only in ICU for 20 days.
When he was moved back to normal ward, he still continued to take 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 10 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma 2 per day.
After 2 months, he was awake but still unable to move and talk.
After 7 months, he could move his tongue but still unable to speak. He continued to consume at least 30 Yung Kien Ganoderma per day.
By June 2013, he was able to talk and could recognise Dr Chen and spoke to him on the phone.
This is a very rare case. Due to this couple's never-give-up spirits, a miracle came true for them.

Le Scopitone
Email if you want to buy Shuang Hor products for cancer, hepatitis, kidney dialysis and heart attack. 
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

Have an awesome day!

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Q&A Session with Dr Chen Deng Hai

Monday, 1 December 2014

I had the privilege to visit Shuang Hor's Lingzhi Biotechnology Park and Yung Kien Factory recently. Dr Chen Deng-Hai very kindly showed us around, and further obliged us with a 2-hour Q&A session, where many questions were asked. We acquired a lot of new knowledge on how to use Lingzhi to handle many diseases such as hepatitis, thalassemia, stroke, psoriasis, TB, cancer, blood clot, epilepsy and so on.

Dr Chen is a highly qualified doctor in the area of Lingzhi / Ganoderma research as he holds a Master degree and PhD degree in Organic Chemistry. He also holds many positions, including Vice President of the Department of Bio-tech and Medical Development, General Manager of Biotechnology Park and Director of Microbiological Research Foundation. He has also published many research reports.

I share below some of the newfound knowledge I learnt and do my best to convey the information as accurately as I can (taken from my recordings and notes).

Hepatitis B Carrier

The HBV (hepatitis B virus) and HCV virus reside inside the liver cells. If the host (patient) has low immune system and therefore can't protect the liver cells, the virus will eat the liver cells and develop and generate more virus. A clean liver cell has a lifespan of about 1 year. If a virus infects that clean liver cell, this infected liver cell will still live up to 1 year. If in this 1 year, this infected cell can't be eliminated by our immune cells, then it will generate more virus.

What can Lingzhi do? 

(a) It helps newborn liver cells to generate faster i.e. can grow more new liver cells at a faster rate to replace those killed by the virus.
(b) As the immune system becomes stronger, they can protect the clean liver cells from virus damage.
(c) Immune cells can recognise infected cells and kill them to prevent further spreading of the virus.

So during this period of taking Lingzhi and Lingzhi is doing its job of helping the immune cells kill the infected liver cells, the GPT and GOT level will go higher, as the infected cells are our liver cells and when the liver cells are being killed by immune cells, it generates more GPT and GOT. So for some patients who take Lingzhi to protect their liver, sometimes the GOT and GPT go higher during this transition period. Don't worry, it's a good sign, It means the immune cells are doing their job to kill the infected ones. If this patient takes Lingzhi for 1 year, in theory, there will be no more infected cells. But in reality, our immune system is like a wave/cycle, sometimes stronger, sometimes lower, due to our lifestyle or negative emotions like feeling depressed.

If the patient wants to take Lingzhi to kill the HBV or HCV, he needs to take for at least 1 year.
Take 16 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma (YK1), up to 20 YK1 a day. The higher the dosage, the shorter the cure period.

In reality, there's no drugs that can kill HBV and HCV. But based on Dr Chen's experience, there's data to show there are more 20 persons who have been cured from HBV and HCV after taking Lingzhi. The good news is they will not be infected again for the rest of their lives.

Dr Chen says there is no hope with western medication - the person will still be a hepatitis virus carrier. But if he takes high dosage of Lingzhi for long-term, there is hope he will become "clean".


Thalassemia Patients

These people have abnormally shaped red blood cells (like a sickle), resulting in them unable to carry oxygen. People with this condition will easily feel dizzy and need blood transfusion in serious cases.

What can Lingzhi do?

(a) Protect the normal red blood cells. If they can live longer (their lifespan is about 3-4 months), they can help to carry more oxygen i.e. improve their function to be able to carry more oxygen. It will help the patients to not feel dizzy.
(b) Help our bone marrow to generate more normal red blood cells i.e. help increase the number of red blood cells in our system. Over time, when more and more normal red blood cells are generated, the abnormal red blood cells become lesser and lesser, and finally they will be cured.

Dr Chen has witnessed many such success stories. He noted that the condition is more prevalent for the Hakka Chinese people. One should take a high dose of 24 capsules YK1 a day for at least 3 months.


Stroke Patients - How to Prevent a 2nd Stroke
(35 years old, suffered first stroke 5 years ago and half body is paralyzed)

For people who have suffered a first stroke, it's easy to develop a 2nd stroke, and even easier to develop a 3rd stroke. The best suggestion is to prevent the occurrence of the 2nd stroke. Doctors will usually treat the patients with cholesterol lowering drugs, blood thinning medications etc. This way is usually not very effective.

What can Lingzhi do to prevent the 2nd stroke?

(a) Increase blood vessel elasticity, so our vessels are not so rigid and prone to rupture.
(b) Lower blood fats, so it's easier for our heart to pump the blood, it's not so sticky and be easily stuck.
(c) Reduce complexity. When the brain is damaged during stroke, the cells are not dead but inflammed. Lingzhi can help these brain cells to recover to become normal cells again.

To prevent a 2nd stroke, Dr Chen recommends at leasat 15 capsules YK1 a day, divided into 3 times. Take for least 2 years. It's important to exercise and control the emotions, don't get angry as it would worsen the condition. Dr Chen strongly emphasized that dosage must be sufficient, and duration needs to be maintained for a long time. He also recommends to take YK1 combined with CEO Cafe Coffee - mix the Lingzhi into the coffee and drink it everyday.

For a healthy person, taking at least 8 capsules YK1 a day can prevent the occurrence of stroke.


H. Pylori Patients

For stomach problems, the key thing for these patients is to try to keep their emotions in check - be calm, don't be nervous and upset. If you're nervous, your stomach will generate more acidic juice and will damage the membrane of your stomach and make the condition more serious. Decrease the inflammation of your stomach and if possible, take Lingzhi before meals. These patients will feel some pain in the stomach. They will encounter a stinging feeling, but it is a good thing. Take in smaller dose e.g. 2 capsules YK1 every hour, up to 16 capsules a day. The most important thing is to maintain a calm emotion, don't feel too much pressure, or get depressed.

Will Lingzhi kill the H.Pylori bacteria or simply make it inactive? This is still under debate - some doctors say it's better to totally kill and remove bacteria. But other doctors don't suggest that.

There's a research that if a patient feels depressed or upset, then the bacteria will grow faster. Keep calm, so you won't create an environment that will make the bacteria grow faster.

Gastric condition

A lady who suffers from gastric and stomach issue followed Dr Chen's advice by opening up the capsules of Lingzhi to swallow only the powder. She tried that for 4 days but could not take the pain. She now lower down her dosage to Jia Hor Nutrihealth Tablets. Her gastric doctor specialist is very concerned on her high GGT level. Is there any relation between GGT and gastric?

The high GGT mostly comes from medicine and alcohol. Maybe in the past, she has consumed some drugs which will trigger her GGT to be higher in the long term. Dr Chen recommended her to stop the drugs in order to reduce her GGT.


A lady suffering from reflux has been taking 4 capsules YK1, 3 times a day. She also can't take the pain. Dr Chen suggests to combine with other nutrients, like Yung Kien Pollen, Jia Hor Fiber and Jia Hor Soya Protein. Mix the concoction together in water. The reason the pain is so severe because of the higher Triterpenoid content. It will taste bitter and feel painful in the body. Again, Dr Chen emphasized that our stomach is very related to our emotions. If one cannot control his emotion, it will take a longer time to heal. He suggest that instead of switching to Jia Hor Lingzhi, it's better to mix with other nutrients, because the amount of triterpenoid will be reduced.


Scalp Psoriasis Patients
(60 year old man)

Psoriasis is an auto-immune disease. Our immune cells are supposed to fight against viruses, but in this case, they attack our own body cells. This happens because some recognition process has gone wrong. Our Th2 cells are supposed to identify which are the good and bad cells. But if the number of Th2 cells are too high, it will induce the recognition process to go wrong and tell our immune cells to attack our own organs. This causes auto-immune diseases. They usually cannot be cured. Doctors commonly prescribe steroids.

What can Lingzhi do?

It can reduce Th2 activity but not suppress our immune system. For steroids, it will suppress the whole immune system. and cause side effects such as swollen face, kidney problems etc. By taking Lingzhi, you can decrease the side effects of steroids and protect your kidney and help to remove the toxins arising from steroids.

For auto-immune disease, it's better to take Yung Kien Ganoderma 2 (YK2), because the real effective component to suppress the Th2 cells is Triterpenoids. Take higher dosage as the triterpenoid component is 6 times higher than YK1. Dr Chen suggests to take sufficient amount in 1 time. Take it all at once, so for instance, if you're taking 10 capsules YK2 a day, take it all at once or within the hour. Do not separate into 5 times, because you need a lot more triterpenoids to suppress the Th2 cells. This is also recommended for patients of SLE, arthritis or asthma. Consume for at least 3 months. If there is improvement, can gradually decrease to two-thirds or half of the original dose.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A patient has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years. Dr Chen says taking steroid is a must. He should also combine it with 20 capsules YK2, separate into 2 times, over 3 months. He will gradually improve. Monitor his index readings.


People with Water Retention Problem
(60 year old woman)

A woman suffers from water retention on her lower leg if she rests or walks for too long. But the doctor she consulted merely says her health is ok. Can Lingzhi help with water retention problem?
Dr Chen recommends that the best way is to try to increase her urine. If she could drink a lot more hot water, it's possible to secrete more urine, the water retention problem should be gradually improved. Dr Chen opines that for people with such symptoms, they usually have poor kidney function.

Take 5 capsules YK2 per day, divided to 2 times. Gradually increase dosage to 10 capsules per day to protect the kidney + 8 capsules YK1 to maintain the immune system.


TB (Tuberculosis) Patients

A lady has been suffering from 2-3 weeks of persistent cough. Then in the past 6 months, TB virus inside her lungs has infected the spinal cord and is pressing on the nerves. She develops a severe back and neck pain. She initially thought it was caused by her workout in the gym.

Dr Chen says TB is usually caused by bacteria, not virus. It's very hard to cure and as these bacteria spread, the lung will eventually have a hole caused by the bacteria. It is most important to take antibiotics. In acute condition, the bacteria becomes a lot more. Under X-ray, if you see a lot of white patches, it means the bacteria has severely infected the lungs. Hence antibiotics is a must. It should be consumed for 3-6 months, everyday, to control the spread of the bacteria.

At the same time, take Lingzhi to increase the immune cells, because more immune cells will attack the bacteria and protect the lung.
Take up to 2  bottles of YK1 per day. For this case, you need more Polysaccharides to induce more immune cells. Separate the capsules and consume every 1-2 hours.

For acute bacteria infections, antibiotics is a must because Lingzhi can't directly kill the bacteria. It will use the immune cells to do the killing, but it needs time for this to happen, maybe 7-14 days. During this period, the bacteria will proliferate quickly, so you need antibiotics to kill them.

Note: H.Pylori bacteria is different from TB bacteria. H.Pylori is considered something "common", whereas TB is actually a disease. H.Pylori won't trigger any acute condition, unlike TB.


Atrial Fibrillation

People with this condition have their hearts beating irregularly and rapidly, as fast as 140 beats/minute. The symptoms include palpitations, shortness of breath and they also sweat easily.

How can Lingzhi help to protect the heart?

Dr Chen shared about an experiment that he has collaborated on, which was done on mice whereby the mice have been fed with a heart-damaging chemical for 7 days. The chemical triggers their heart to beat faster. This will induce the heart to have a lot of pressure and some of the heart's cells will die. This situation is similar to people who suffer from atrial fibrillation where their heart beat faster and over long term, their heart will be damaged.

But when these mice were fed with Lingzhi (YK2), there's no damage to be seen (or very minimal damage) and their hearts started to beat slower.

Take 10 capsules YK2, divided into 3 times a day. The Triterpenoid component is very helpful to protect our heart from chemical damage. This result has been published. Take for at least 3 months. After that, depending on the situation including the sweating condition, stress and others, the patient can decide whether to reduce the dosage. Follow the instructions of doctor and take Lingzhi at the same time.

Heart Blockage

A person suffers from blockage in his heart - 3 out of the 4 arteries in his heart are blocked. He has not undergone any surgery yet. Take 20 capsules YK1 + 10 capsules YK2 + Yung Kien Pollen per day.


Colon Cancer

A man is suffering from Stage 2 colon cancer. He's undergoing radiotherapy and oral chemo. He's currently taking 20 capsules YK2, split into 4-5 times a day. Dr Chen recommends to complement with 16 capsules YK1, for another 1 year.

For cancer patients, Dr Chen recommends that for the 1st year, they should take at a very high dosage.
For 2nd year, also maintain at very high dosage.
For 3rd year, moderate dosage.
For 4th year, back to normal dosage.


Brain and Lung Cancer

A 61 year old man was diagnosed with 4 tumors in the brain. 1 month later, it spread to his lung. After the gamma knife and chemotherapy treatment, doctor gave him 6 months life. He consumed high dose of 30 capsules YK2 (divided into 6 times per day) + 1 box Yung Kien Pollen daily, for 3 months.
He has been taking the same dose for 1 year.
As his situation has improved, 
in Year 2, he can reduce to 15 capsules YK2 + 16 YK1.
In Year 3, he can reduce further. These 3 years are very critical.


Blood Clot in Brain

A man was involved in a car accident 18 years ago, when he was 20 years old. After the operation, there were still blood clots accumulating in his brain that press against the nerves, on the left side. This person is not completely paralyzed, but he walks with a limp, the flexibility of his hand is not good and his eye is not fully recovered. Despite the blood clot still being inside the brain, doctor advised against another operation, as he might die from complications. In other words, it's not possible to remove the blood clots.

Dr Chen recommends to take Yung Kien Ganoderma and CEO Cafe Coffee everyday because this will help to spread the micro cells in the brain. For some stroke patients, it's very helpful to take CEO Coffee combined with Lingzhi. Remove 1-3 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma and mix the powder inside the coffee. Take 3 cups a day.


High Cholesterol

How do you reduce high cholesterol condition?
(a) Exercise regularly.
(b) Reduce intake of oily food.
(c) Take Lingzhi.

Using this method, cholesterol level can be reduced considerably. If with this 3 steps, the cholesterol level still can't be reduced, the person may be suffering from other conditions. Manage stress level as too much stress is not good for the brain. Get a good sleep every night.
Dosage: Take 5 capsules YK2 per day.


Migraine and Allergy

A lady is allergic to soya beans. She has migraine when she takes soya protein, fiber and calcium. Her stomach feels bloated and uneasy. Dr Chen advises her to takes more Lingzhi to reduce her allergy condition. He suggests to divide the Jia Hor Soya Protein and Jia Hor Fiber and drink in smaller quantity. Take 5-6 times a day. If still can't handle it, dilute into 3-4 cups.


Difficulty Hearing

It's normal for old people to hear "noises" in the ears or have increased difficulty in hearing. This is because our cells degenerate. For a lady who's in her late 30s, it's a little early to suffer from this. Dr Chen recommends her trying 1-3 sachets Yung Kien Eye+ + 12-16 YK1 per day, as it's good to enlarge the vessels in the eyes.



Dr Chen recommends taking 20 YK2 a day for 3 months. It will reduce the seizure time and period of occurrence, from every 7 days to perhaps once a month. He has come across cases of epileptic patients who are cured after taking Lingzhi.

Autism and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

Parents of children with ADHD should try to find out what their children really like to do. Then help develop their interest. Taking Lingzhi will help to increase their learning ability and memory. Taking proper medication is also a must. Perhaps they can join some organisations that can help them care for these children better. Consume 30 YK2 before meals, divided into 3 times. It helps to control the disease as this condition is difficult to cure.


Kidney Problem and Diabetes

A lady's mother went for operation to address her kidney problem. 1 week later, she underwent an eye operation. Then she found out she has diabetes.
Dr Chen says diabetes itself is not "scary", it's the side effects and complications that are dangerous.
Lingzhi protects the kidney, reduces hypertension and helps to control blood sugar. She still has to take drugs to control and at the same time, take 16 capsules YK1 + 5 capsules YK2 per day, divided into several times, for the first 3 months.


YK1 v. YK2

Why does Dr Chen recommend the consumption of YK2 for more diseases now, whereas in the past, YK2 was mainly recommended for cancer and auto immune disease patients (due to its higher triterpenoids content and also the high dosage these patients have to consume)?
But during this Q&A session, it is noted that Dr Chen also recommends taking YK2 for patients with kidney and heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, autism etc.
In what situation do we recommend YK2? Is it for people who can't swallow too many capsules? Or is it because as less Polysaccharides is required hence we don't need too many YK1?

In the past, Dr Chen used to recommend that only people with cancer or very serious illness to consume YK2 because at that time, we didn't have enough raw material and purification capability. As YK2 is very rich in triterpenoid and we know it's very useful for many kinds of disease, that's why now we recommend YK2 e.g. triterpenoid is very helpful to protect our kidney, hence he recommends YK2. Triterpenoid is also good to prolong the lifespan of red blood cells, hence he recommends to combine with YK1.

So it depends on different kinds of disease and which component functions better, hence different kinds of dosage is recommended. Triterpenoid is the key player. Polysaccharide is needed more for low immunity system problem like for viral / bacteria infections. Polysaccharide's main function is to increase the immune cell activity. So the general rule is, if the patients have very low immune system, they will have to combine with YK1.

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