5 Reasons Why Lingzhi is Special

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Lingzhi is a natural healthfood. It is not a drug. Hence it can be consumed every day, without any side effects. It is a functional healthfood, which is different from nutritional supplements. We cannot substantially improve our health by merely taking supplements.

Natural food like rice, fish, veggie etc give us nutrients. But overconsumption of rice can give us diabetes and some veggies are laced with pesticides. This is what makes Lingzhi special.

Functional healthfood such as Lingzhi works for our body like a mechanic for a car. When you bring your car to the workshop, he repairs your car before it breaks down. Likewise, Lingzhi repairs our body before it breaks down.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi gives us so many health benefits that it would take a long time to detail them all. Here, let me share 5 key benefits.

1. Safe

What I mean by a Safe product is that we can eat it every day, eat for long term, eat for a lifetime. There is no side effects to our body. It can be taken by any one, including pregnant ladies and newly born babies, all the way till they reach old age.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi is cultivated in greenhouses and extracted using the Dual-Phase Extraction technology. Safety is guaranteed, unlike Lingzhi grown in the wild.

The dosage can range from 2 capsules up to 4, 12, 20 etc, depending on the needs of each person. A high dose is crucial to properly handle diseases like cancer or to prevent limb amputation due to diabetes. Consumption may be up to 1 or 2 bottles / day, but it is still very safe.

Lingzhi can be consumed by everyone, not only sick people. We are familiar with the saying Prevention is Better than Cure. Healthy people should take as maintenance. Sick people need it even more.

2. Blood Circulation System

Our body is packed full of blood vessels. We can see this because whichever part of the skin that is pricked, blood will ooze out. When the vessels are well connected, blood flow smoothly. A blockage in any part will impact on the circulation of our whole body. We will feel pain/numbness when there is blockage. When blood circulates smoothly, there will be no pain.

We tend to eat too much fats, oil, salt and sugar. This habit easily causes blockages to our blood vessels, and depending on which area is blocked, it can cause stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, haemorrhoids or even paralysis. Lingzhi has a component called Triterpenoid which can clear the blockages.

3. Immune System

Our immune system is very important to protect us against foreign invaders and it must be balanced. It is considered to be the best doctor in the world. But it cannot be too high or too low. If the immune system is too low, we can easily get a bacteria or virus infection, hepatitis or cancer. Lingzhi has the ability to strengthen it.

But the immune system should not be too high either because it can cause allergy which are triggered by food, medicine, temperature change or dust. An over-active immune system can cause auto-immune diseases such as SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis etc. It starts to attack your own body's tissues and cells. Doctors usually only administer steroids. But Lingzhi can perform the function of steroids without causing any side effects. Lingzhi helps to regulate it back to a normal level.

4. Body Cells

Our body is made up of more than 200 types of cells. The cells for hair, eyes, heart, liver, skin are all different. For example, our hair needs to be cut regularly, but our eyebrows don't need to, despite both being hair and are located only several inches apart. When the cells are healthy, our tissues and organs will be healthy, and we will have healthy body system.

Our cells can be divided into 4 categories:

(a) Healthy - the fact that we can perform our daily activities means that the majority of our body cells are healthy.

(b) Injured - smoking, drinking, unhealthy diet and sickness cause injury to our cells.

(c) Mutated cells - can be caused by the environment, food, lifestyle etc.

(d) Dead cells.
Lingzhi can help to:

(i) Get rid of free radicals and toxins from the body. During this process, you will find that your sweat or stools smell very bad.

(ii) Protect healthy cells and prolong their lifespan.

(iii) Repair injured cells and help them recover.

(iv) Get rid of mutated cells and shrink cancerous cells. Control these cells so they don't spread and disturb the healthy cells.

(v) Intensify the growth of new cells to replace the dead cells and delay ageing. The longer we consume Lingzhi, the better the results.

5. Liver Protection

Liver is the biggest and one of the most important internal organs. It performs many functions including detoxification, bile drainage, blood glucose regulation, blood circulation and filtration and also synthesis and storage of amino acids, vitamins, protein and fats. Our liver is easily damaged from prolonged practices of unhealthy lifestyle e.g. sleeping very late and bad dietary habits. These habits will harm and burden our liver over long term.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi has been scientifically proven to be very effective for liver diseases. A healthy liver gives us a "colourful" life. An unhealthy liver makes our life appear black and white. Lingzhi protects liver cells and reduces the damage to liver.

In summary..

Lingzhi can be taken for a multitude of different problems, including infertility, cancer, constipation etc. Some of you may wonder how can one product be taken for so many different conditions. It's because Lingzhi addresses at the root level (v. symptoms level) and gives these 5 key benefits:

a) Safe - everybody can eat as it is a functional health food.
b) Clears blockages in our entire blood circulation system, and is able to resolve a lot of pains and aches.
c) Regulate our immune system. Lingzhi complements western medication treatments.
d) Help body cells at all their different stages of life.
e) Protect liver.

Yung Kien Pollen

Lingzhi's role to our body is like a mechanic to a car - check and repair the organs and parts before they break down.
It must be complemented with nutrients so our body has the energy to function, like pumping petrol for a car. Bee Pollen is the best nutritional supplement for our body as it possesses more than 200 types of nutrients. Both should be taken together as they work synergistically and achieve the ideal result.

Click on this link to find out what are the benefits of Yung Kien Pollen..


Why not give it a try?
Please email me at askfuiping@gmail.com. I am an Authorised Distributor.

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Guest Blog: Gum Recession - Available Treatments to Fix It

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Receding gums is not a topic people usually like speaking about, but it’s one that more people should probably discuss with their dentists. While very few people are talking about gum recession, there’s a good chance a lot more are experiencing it.

1. Introduction to Receding Gums

Gum recession, also known as gingival recession, is a condition where the sensitive gum tissue around the tooth line begins to erode, moving further away from the teeth, creating pockets or gaps between the teeth and gum line, which can harbour damaging bacteria. Over time, this leads to a sensitive, uneven smile.

Gum recession starts gradually and is often unnoticeable until significant damage has already occurred. What starts out as a mildly sensitive gum line can quickly evolve into an infection. If you suspect your gums are receding, visit your dentist as soon as possible.

2. Symptoms of Receding Gums

There are plenty of ways to spot gum recession, simply through your normal oral care routine - many of them obvious.

For example, if you’ve noticed any bleeding or excess sensitivity after brushing or flossing, or even experienced swollen and inflamed gums, there’s a good chance you’re experiencing signs of gum recession due to increased exposure of your teeth roots.

There are also some less-obvious signs of gum recession you should consider, like loose teeth and even noticeably bad breath. Although there are countless causes for these symptoms, either could be the result of gum tissue erosion.

3. Causes of Gum Recession

Gum recession can arise as the result of poor oral hygiene habits (which are easily prevented) or a symptom of larger periodontal problems, like bacterial infections, excessive grinding of the teeth, or even shifts in hormone production.

Though these situations aren’t as common, they are serious and need to be addressed with your dentist as soon as possible.

It’s more likely that gum recession is the result of your own oral hygiene and personal habits. Things like poor diet, tobacco use, or excessive time between dental cleanings can all contribute to gum recession, even if your at-home dental hygiene is impeccable.

4. Treatment for Gum Recession

The best course of action is to visit a dental professional to ensure your gum recession isn’t the result of something more serious. When you visit a private dentist, you’ll get a thorough cleaning and assessment of your oral health, along with a detailed list of things to do to prevent further damage.

(a) Deep Scaling

Should your dentist notice an infection, he may decide to perform a deep cleaning procedure (also known as teeth scaling), which thoroughly removes any plaque and bacteria from the affected area. This also reduces the amount of surface area for bacteria to infect, lowering the chances of further damage.

(b) Root Planning

If the recession is allowed to progress too long, more advanced gum surgery might be the only remaining option. Once this determination is made, your dentist will opt for one of several procedures. Less-severe cases might be repaired by root planning, the surgical cleaning, and repositioning of affected gum tissue to remove exposed areas.

(c) Soft tissue grafting

More severe cases might need full tissue grafts, usually taken from the roof of the mouth and transplanted to the affected gum area. Once in place, the tissue begins to heal as normal gum tissue.

5. Tips on How to Prevent Gum Damage

Always watch for changes that happen in your mouth. Any pain, discomfort, or other differences can indicate potential gum concerns. Immediate changes to your current oral hygiene habits will go a long way toward preventing any further gum recession damage.

Assess how you brush and floss. If your teeth and the gum line are sensitive after your daily routine, you’re probably brushing and flossing too aggressively. Instead of “scrubbing” your teeth, allow the brush to do its job without adding any muscle or speed.

Also, consider your personal habits. If you currently smoke, quitting can go a long way toward preventing further gum damage. And moving to a well-balanced diet is always a good idea to improve overall health.

Finally, take note of the brush you’re using. If you’re experiencing gum recession, strongly consider moving to softer bristles or replacing your toothbrush more often.

Disclaimer: This article is contributed by a Guest Blogger. Ping of Health does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this article. Ping of Health disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.
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Dispelling Myths on Lingzhi, Pollen and Soya Protein

Sunday, 23 February 2020

There are 3 products you can take to help your body keep a healthy biochemistry balance in order for it to function well - Lingzhi, Pollen and Protein. They are the most important fundamentals to keep your body regulated.

Lingzhi is excellent to balance the 3 major systems in our body - Nervous system, Endocrine system and Immune system. These 3 systems affect all the organs in our body. When Lingzhi regulates these 3 systems well, it improves the health of all the body organs.

More details here..

Here are some common misconceptions:


Myth 1 - Lingzhi is not for everyone
My children are too young. I am too sick and frail. Lingzhi is too heaty.

People who take Lingzhi and feel heaty basically means there's chronic inflammation all over their body and their body is too acidicLingzhi can effectively counter many types of inflammatory situation and thus provides an excellent single solution for many diseases.

Some people may have a heaty constitution on the upper half of the body and cool constitution in the lower half resulting in water retention. That can be due to blood circulation problem, which Lingzhi can effectively improve. 

Dosage is according to body mass. So even if a child is young, but he is heavy, he should be given a higher dose.

Myth 2 - Body will develop resistance against Lingzhi 
After taking Lingzhi for awhile, I don't feel the impact anymore and that's why I think it's time to change brand.

This usually applies to drugs, where it's called drug resistance. But Lingzhi, being a food, won't cause this type of resistance / impact.

After some time of taking Lingzhi, the body's health has been elevated and can do the job better. So if you don't do anything to bring the body's health to another level, it remains the same and hence you feel as if there is no difference. Reaction only happens when the systems cannot cope. For example, if you are not used to running, you will feel out of breath. But after you have trained up, your muscular and circulation systems can cope, there is no more reaction.

There is no need to change brand. Try increasing the dosage. When you push your body to another level of health and you will feel reactions again.

Further, health is relative. For instance, if you don't sleep for 1 week, your level of health drops. If you have the ability to regulate your system, you find that you recover very fast. The level of health keeps changing. If you know that you have been taxing your body using your organ reserves for too long, you need to do the right things (e.g. the right nutrients, rest, sunlight, water) and body will return back to health.

Myth 3 - Lingzhi is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), don't take it with drugs
People who are undergoing specific treatments like chemo are advised by doctors not to take TCM to prevent any interference.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi is food, and doesn't fall under the category of TCM. However, Lingzhi can enhance and help the body's ability to regulate and works as an adaptogen.

Myth 4 - Don't take Lingzhi when sick, take drugs instead

When the body's ability to clear up internally-created toxins is not efficient, it becomes a favourable ground for external pathogens to flourish. At times like this, your immune system needs even more help. Take more Lingzhi to enhance the body's ability to get rid of the disease.

Myth 5 - Why people still develop cancer after taking Lingzhi for many years

People don't suddenly get cancer. It forms over a long period of time and is affected by many reasons - food, hormones, mental stress, negative emotions, genetics. All theses factors that we cannot see affect the chemicals in the body.

Due to these weaknesses, cancer cells can express themselves more easily in some people despite just a small trigger. In such cases, Lingzhi can delay the onset of disease.

Myth 6 - Why people still die after taking Lingzhi

Dosage is very important. Further, Lingzhi cannot control how well the body works. It can just help to improve the body constitution. It is also important to have family support, love, religion and complement with exercise and alternative treatments etc.


1. Is Pollen allergenic? Why is there a warning on the label of pollen products?

From the mouth, there are 2 passages - the oesophagus and the trachea. When we eat, a muscle will cover the trachea so that the food won't accidentally go into the wrong passage. Likewise, if pollen goes into the wrong passage, it can agitate the immune system and trigger allergic reaction. It is more common for wind-pollinated pollens because when we breath, the muscle won't cover the trachea and hence the pollen gets into the lungs.

Pollen is packed full of nutrients. It's certainly true that some people are allergic to pollen, like some people can be allergic to water or sunlight. However, if the pollen were to enter into the right passage and goes into the stomach, pollen is a hypoallergenic substance. The body can recognise it as nutrients.

The label is a requirement by the government. For instance, some people suffer from hay fever and get acute reaction. Companies are required to have the label, as a normal practice, but they know their products are safe. 

2. How much pollen is optimum dosage

Take it according to your body weight. A box of Yung Kien Pollen contains about 75g of pollen. According to studies, 25g of pollen can keep a normal person healthy (10 sachets). However, for pregnant ladies or people whose body is under the bombardment of diseases that cause massive cell deaths, the person would need double the dose.

Soya Protein

Soya worsens oestrogen dominant condition
Doctors forbid patients who have this condition to take soya beans in case it affects their hormone balance.

Soya beans is a rich source of isoflavones, a class of phytoestrogens, and is similar to the oestrogen hormone.

An oestrogen dominant condition simply means the level of oestrogen is relatively higher than the level of progesterone. But in absolute terms, the person could actually be deficient in both these hormones. Hence if they don't take protein, it worsens their condition. In fact, Jia Hor Soya Protein contains flavonoids that help to supply the body with oestrogen when the body cannot produce. It will make the body condition less dry, and reduce the menopausal conditions.

Phytoestrogens are 100 times weaker than what the body produce. The dangerous one is the one found in petrochemical products (e.g. detergent, shampoo, fragrance, fertilisers) called xenoestrogens. They are 1,000 times stronger than what the body makes. 

Oestrogen is supposed to help stimulate the body to grow. Hence breast cancer patients avoid oestrogen as they think it promotes the growth of tissues. What we need is a weaker oestrogen to protect us from the strong oestrogens. There's a receptor in the cells where the oestrogen "sits on". When the seat is occupied by the weak oestrogen, the strong ones cannot park themselves there and trigger the tissues to grow. The excessive oestrogens go to the liver to be broken down. The process of breaking down the oestrogen needs a lot of protein amino acid to make the detox enzyme. 

Soya protein helps protect people with this issue. You should not take too much raw soya beans as they contain purines and fats. That is why we recommend Jia Hor Soya Protein.

(Source: Shuang Hor seminar 15 June 2019)

Please email me at askfuiping@gmail.com if you need further clarification or wish to order Lingzhi, Pollen and Soya Protein.

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Bits & Bites #227 - Testimonies: Dermatomyositis, Alopecia Areata, Seafood Allergy and Eczema

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Email askfuiping@gmail.com if you are looking for a safe solution to solve your allergy and auto-immune disease problems.

Meng Kee
Testimony: Dermatomyositis (Auto-immune Disorder)

Mr Z, 50, was diagnosed with dermatomyositis 2 years ago. The skin around his face, neck and upper part of his chest became reddish. His muscles became very weak, which he described as a feeling of "melting" and he was only left with soft tissue and skin. He had no strength to climb stairs. He could not get up unaided from a squatting position. Doctor said that his immune system is over active, wherein the immune cells not only attack the enemy, but also attack his body organs. He was prescribed with 10 steroid pills, around 50 mg.

About 3 months ago, he was introduced to Lingzhi. He was concerned how his body would react to Lingzhi. He was recommended to take 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma, but due to his lack of confidence, he decided to consume only 10 capsules - 5 capsules in the morning and 5 capsules at night. After 2-3 days, he felt very comfortable, his energy level had increased. Normally he would just lie on the bed because his whole body felt painful, from the muscle weakness etc. His confidence in Lingzhi increased.

After 2 months, he reduced his dosage to 5 YK in the morning + 1 YK at night.
Last 2 weeks, he further reduced to 3 YK in the morning + 1 YK at night. He also took Jia Hor Soya Protein and felt very comfortable perhaps because his muscles was weak. He tried Vitaking but did not feel that comfortable.

His ESR rate was generally high even though it yo-yo up and down over those 2 years. ESR gives an indication if one's body has infection or sickness (chronic inflammation). However, after taking Lingzhi the last 3 months, the ESR level has reduced, but not back to the normal range yet. He felt more strength in his muscles and he can walk more normally.


Testimony: Alopecia Areata

Mr K, 23 years old, suffered from alopecia areata, a form of auto-immune disorder.
He has been taking Shuang Hor products since Nov 2015, a combination of Nutrihealth TabletsLactoberry and Jia Hor Soya Protein.
One day, he noticed a small bald patch on his scalp. By end Dec 2015, he counted a total of 7 bald patches. His friends started to notice and would ask him about it. He was also very worried because his hair kept dropping.

He consulted a doctor who recommended that he injects steroids into his hair follicles and take hormone pills. He was very concerned because he knows he is allergic to medicines. He tend to break out in rashes. As such, he decided against the treatment.

Since Jan 2016, he started taking 6 capsules Jia Hor Lingzhi + 4 sachets Yung Kien Pollen + 4 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein + 2 sachets Lactoberry everyday.
In the first 4 months, there was no difference. But he continued with the same dosage.
In July 2016, he noticed baby hair started growing.
In Sept 2016, about 70% of his hair has grown back.
In Feb 2017, there was only1 bald patch left.
By early 2017, all the hair had grown back.
Healing reaction: Passing out black, smelly stools and sometimes diarrhoea, but he did not feel tired.


Testimony: Seafood Allergy

Ms BT's elder brother, 34, suffers from seafood allergy since young. Whenever he accidentally eats seafood, his lips would swell and his throat would itch. He would drink hot water immediately to alleviate the discomfort. No medication was taken for his allergy.
In late 2013, he started to consume 2 capsules Jia Hor Lingzhi + 5 capsules Yung Kien Pollen daily for health maintenance. On Month 3, he had a healing reaction of excreting dark and smelly stools. Since then, his tolerance of seafood improved.
Not long after that, he found he could tolerate seafood during a seafood dinner. He is happy that 5 years later, he can still take seafood without problem.


Testimony: Eczema

Ms CV used to suffer from eczema, an auto-immune disorder of the skin. She first had it once or twice during her teenage years and then again in her 20s. The doctor usually prescribed her with cream for external application.

She had a very severe eczema flare-up in Oct 2005. It started on her face and neck and further developed to her hands and legs. She experimented with the Lingzhi dosage due to her confidence in Lingzhi. She took 5-6 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma each time, 3-6 times a day, depending on how bad her condition was. The eczema on her face and neck subsided very fast, within 10 days.

The condition on her hands and feet worsened - the skin was very itchy, flaky, dry and cracked. It was especially itchy at night around 11 pm. She would scratch until it bled before she could sleep. She consulted an immune specialist in Gleneagles. While waiting for the blood test result from Australia, he said she is 90% confirmed to be suffering from SLE. She was prescribed with steroids, which she didn't take. She also consulted an allergist in Jalan Ipoh. However, he would only conduct allergy tests on her if she takes his medication, which she didn't want to.

She continued to take Shuang Hor products - 30 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 20 capsules Yung Kien Pollen + 4 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein everyday. She was on a very strict diet - no animal protein, no dairy products, no white flour, no white sugar, no white rice, no vinegar etc. She was very skinny as she was mainly on fruit and vege juices. Her weight was only 44 kg.

She made a paste comprising Jia Hor Lingzhi + VCare Lotion which she applied all over the affected area. She bandaged it to keep it moist. This went on for 3-4 months. The most severe and obvious reaction was on Christmas eve, where she suddenly had very high fever. She felt very, very uncomfortable for 7-8 days, when the fever came and went. Much to her surprise, on 2 Jan 2006 when the fever suddenly went away, all the rashes disappeared as suddenly as the fever. Her skin was left in good condition - there was no scar even on the areas where she used to scratch until the skin bled.

She was very amazed and realised that if she gives her body the time and take the right thing for her body to heal, it will work its wonders and heal.

One year later, when she travelled to cold countries, it came back, for 2 more times. But by then, she  was wiser as she had learnt from Dr Chen how to use Lingzhi for auto-immune disease conditions. His advise was to take 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma within 1 hour. Taking it all in one dose helps to calm down the attacks faster. So that was what she did. The second attack (only on her face) recovered within 1 month. The third attack recovered within 1 week. Until now, she does not have anymore eczema flare-up.


Testimony: Eczema

Mr J's friend's 6 year old son suffers from a bad case of eczema. His legs were wrapped to prevent him from scratching. It's swollen, filled with spots, very itchy and oozing with pus. He had a fever and that's when the eczema condition started. But after finding out more, it turns out it could be genetic, because the father, uncle and grandfather of Mr J's friend have similar condition. They run a car spraying shop and have been exposed to chemicals for a very long time.
Mr J said it may take some time, around 1 month, to get the condition handled.
He recommended 1 capsule Lingzhi  + 1 sachet Yung Kien Pollen + 2 Lactoberry, 3 times a day.
The boy uses VCare Showergel to shower and then soak the legs in epsom salt for awhile before putting VCare Body Lotion.
Just 6 days later, amazingly, the skin has generally dried up. There's still some dark patches and some watery boils but it has improved substantially.
12 days later, the condition was almost fully recovered. He is still very careful with his food consumption, e.g. dairy products.

Email askfuiping@gmail.com if you are looking for an effective solution to solve your auto-immune and allergy problems. I am an Authorised Distributor.

Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and PriceHave an awesome day!

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Bits & Bites #226 - Business: I Cannot Find A Better Alternative To Lingzhi

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Please email askfuiping@gmail.com if you're looking for a Partner to do Shuang Hor Business.

Because of my corporate background, when I first came to know of Shuang Hor Lingzhi, I didn't just accept at face value what it claims to offer. I did my own research. I found that it is indeed an excellent product (and thus is not cheap). I tried to find a cheaper alternative to Lingzhi. But in these 10 years, I have not found a cheaper or better alternative.

Q. What is the cost of consulting a doctor? 
Time. A friend said she consulted a Chinese sinseh for her and her daughter's health problem. Every 3 days she had to go get medicine from the sinseh. She did it for 1.5 years. The amount of time lost is uncountable.
Q. What is the cost of cancer? 
It is becoming more and more expensive.
Q. What is the cost of seeing your loved ones in pain? 
It is uncountable.

After analysing, I find there isn't anything that's better than Shuang Hor - the product, safety and effectiveness, company, people, culture etc.
Do your own research and I believe you will come to my conclusion too.


There are 2 aspects when it comes to Retailing:

(a) Convince a person about the goodness of your products until they want to buy from you. But you don't just stop there. In fact, if you are able to achieve this part, you are only 50% there as it doesn't guarantee that your customers will continue to buy from you for the rest of their lives.

(b) The second aspect is something you need to put an effort to do, which is after listening to your explanation, your customers dare not take any other products anymore. In order to do this, you need to know your competitors' and your own products well.

If you are able to achieve both aspects, only then is your retailing considered to be a success.


Do you like to have a money printing machine which you can print whatever amount of money you want? It is not going to be given to you free though. You will be thought how to build it, screw by screw. Some take 2 years, some take 5 years to build. Be assured, you will be equipped with the skills to build it. You will continue to fine-tune the machine until when you put in the last screw, the money will start spilling out even before you can press the start button.
There is more. You are in a position now to give a similar machine to anyone you want to give to. Show them the possibility this machine can give them and when they say Yes, they want it, guide them how to build it.
If you teach someone how to fish, they will never be hungry for life.


It is all in the Mindset. When I offer you a cup of coffee, you may think I am just selling you coffee. However, look further, starting with this cup of coffee, I can change your life and how you live your life everyday, I can influence how you see things, I can transform how you think - do you still think it is merely a cup of coffee that I offer?
I feel great pride in being equipped with this power to make such a difference. That is why I offer you this cup of coffee.


Charity is not just about giving money. It is about the ability to Transform people's lives for the better. It is very powerful to know that you can positively change people's lives. It is about the ability to make a Significant difference.

This post is part of a series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching. And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

Drop me a mail at askfuiping@gmail.com if you want more tips on how to successfully achieve your goals. 

Have an awesome day!

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Testimonies on Pancreatic and Nose Cancer

Sunday, 2 February 2020

The 3 cases below show the miraculous results of 3 cancer patients who take lingzhi as their complementary treatment while doing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Coincidentally, all 3 patients did their scan and obtained their results on the same day, 25 Feb 2019.

Case 1 - Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer

A 64 year old lady, Singaporean, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer in Nov 2018. She went through an operation to remove her pancreas, gallbladder and part of her intestine. She was feeling weak and also had acites (build-up of fluid) in the liver.

She took 10 capsules YK Ganoderma2 daily together with chemotherapy. She went through a stable chemo cycle as she could maintain stable white blood cell count when undergoing treatment. She encountered minimum nausea side effects.

As per CT Scan report on 25 Feb 2019 (about 3 months later), there was no more new cancer cells reported. There was no reoccurrence and spreading of cancer cells.

Her cancer marker CEA reading reduced from the initial 20.8 to 7.57 and CA19.8 from 1,935 to 124. This is a very good result as pancreatic cancer is not easy to treat, and 5 years remission rate is very low.

Case 2 - Stage 4 Nose Cancer 

A 30 year old lady, Indonesian, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Nose Cancer with cancer cells having spread to multiple locations in her lungs and also lumps were found in her breast.

She started taking 20+ to 30+ capsules of YK1 daily together with intensive chemo. She went through the cycles of chemo smoothly without encountering any symptoms of side effects.

As per CT scan result on 25 Feb 2019 (about 2.5 months later), all cancer cells previously found on her nose, breast and lungs have nearly disappeared. Her doctor was amazed with the miraculous result.

The diagram on the left compares the PET/CT Scan after and before treatment. The cancer cells are "almost gone" / "clean" for the After scenario (as seen by the black spots in the chest area has lightened).

Case 3 - Stage 2-3 Nose Cancer 

A 50+ year old man, Indonesian, was diagnosed with Stage 2-3 Nose Cancer on Oct 2018. He was undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and was feeling a lot of side effects from the treatments, e.g. no appetite and tiredness.

He started taking 40 capsules YK1 daily. After that he increased the dose to 50 capsules. His appetite improved and he gained back his energy. He futher increased the dose to 60 capsules, and reduced to 40 capsules daily after the treatment.

During the PET/CT scan and MRI on 25 Feb 2019, the results showed remission (no cancer cell detected). He is very happy with the amazing results and want his experience to be shared with other people.


The above patients are still taking lingzhi at megadose. The cases are still being monitored closely.

Email me at askfuiping@gmail.com to purchase Lingzhi as complementary treatment for cancer. I am an Authorised Distributor. My products can bring hope for people to gain back their health.

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Bits & Bites #225 - Health: Take Lingzhi as Annual or Daily Program

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Please email askfuiping@gmail.com to buy Shuang Hor Lingzhi for your health.

Grub by Ahong
There are 2 ways to consume Lingzhi. Think of the analogy of cleaning your house.

(i) You can do a spring-clean once a year. It's going to take a lot of time, effort and give you a lot of discomfort during the process because a house that has not been cleaned for a whole year is very dirty.

(ii) You can do a simple cleaning everyday. It takes discipline so the effort is smaller.

In other words, it's a choice between taking a high-dose of Lingzhi for 1 month every year or taking a maintenance dosage every day.
Which is better? For me, taking a little a day every day is better than scrambling at the end of every year. But both options are available for you.


If you have these 3 criteria, you can live a longer life:
(a) Have a high HDL level.
(b) Have a lower heartbeat.
(c) Have a lot of kidney essence.


Be careful when you're looking for a solution to cleanse your blood. I do not know of anything in the market that can cleanse the blood in a truly effective manner.
Aspirin and heparin are blood thinners, with dangerous side effects of internal bleeding.
Fruit juices do a good detox job, but the difference is its potency, when compared to Lingzhi / Ganoderma. This is because Lingzhi does a much deeper cleansing, right down to the cellular level and not merely detoxing the organs. Lingzhi is a super effective blood cleanser.


When you take a lot of medicines, you should take it together with Lingzhi. Your health improvement will be better because Lingzhi helps to:
(i) Reduce the burden on your liver and kidney.
(ii) Protect your liver and kidney cells so that they can be used longer.

If you cannot change your lifestyle or stop the allergens that cause you to take drugs, take it together with Lingzhi. Having said that, drugs cannot be taken long term. The best way is to still control your food and lifestyle.


Lingzhi / Ganoderma from Shuang Hor has been scientifically proven to be excellent for our overall health. The high potency ones are thus not cheap. How can friends with budget considerations afford it? This is what I tell them -
"If your pocket is deep, eat more. If not, eat less.
What is important is to consume some everyday."
As the saying goes - An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Grub by Ahong
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