Exclusive: Target Lingzhi - YKK (Kidney)

Sunday 10 May 2020

This article is from a talk by Taiwan nutritionist Ms Yu-Chi Cheng, in conjunction with the launch of YKK ("Shen Ji" Lingzhi) in Malaysia on 6 April 2020.

In our body, there are 3 main elimination channels - the wastes are expelled out through our sweat, urine and stools. In this detox process, our kidney plays a very important role as it's one of the main detox pipeline. It may seem like it's not a big deal as going to toilet is something we do everyday. But if the kidneys don't function properly, we will feel a lot of discomfort. Toxins which are stuck in the body will start to poison it.

YKK's main function is to take care of our kidney. If the kidney is healthy and it can flush out all the toxins, the rest of our body organs will also benefit and be healthy.

YKK is the first product derived from antelope Lingzhi. The main ingredient in YKK is lucidenic acid (one of the 200 types of ganoderic acid). The molecule size of lucidenic acid is extremely small and therefore, is able to easily penetrate into every body cell.

This lucidenic acid composition in YKK has received many patents and endorsements, including from China, Taiwan, EU, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Functions and Benefits of YKK

1. Enhance kidney function

Our kidney is like a water purifier. On average, we drink about 2 litres of water a day. But our kidney has to filter about 200 litres of blood daily. After the age of 40, kidney function deteriorates by about 1% every year. Hence early kidney protection is very important, even when they are still healthy.

Experiment: 2 groups of healthy mice (simulating healthy humans) are (i) injected with stevia (sweetener) and (ii) injected with stevia and fed with YKK. The objective is to determine if YKK can increase the kidney's filtration capability (GFR) to excrete out the stevia.

Experiment result:
Top row: Even for mice with healthy kidney, the stevia still stays in the kidney after 60 mins (blue fluorescent colour is still bright).
Bottom row: For mice fed with YKK, the blue fluorescent colour has dimmed tremendously by 60 mins, indicating a faster renal metabolism rate, or better kidney function.
Bar graph: This experiment demonstrates that YKK effectively improves kidney's GFR function by 5 times.


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