Drinking Delicious Healthy Coffee

Sunday 30 September 2018

Have you heard of CEO Coffee?

Brew it in a small mug (150 ml) of very hot water.
Smell it - it smells very fragrant and natural.
Sip it - there is a dry, bittersweet taste in the throat, which is more obvious when you drink the 3 in 1.
Swallow it - the texture is velvety smooth, gliding easily down your throat leaving a pleasant after taste.

Not only does it taste delicious, but it does wonders for your health.

Here are 5 benefits on what drinking healthy coffee can do for you:

1) There is a growing body of evidence proving that coconut fat/oil is actually good for our health. Not only does it not block our blood vessels, on the contrary, it clears the blood vessels as it boosts the HDL (good cholesterol). You can get this coconut oil in our CEO Coffee; we use it as the creamer of the coffee. It is the special formulation of this creamer that makes our coffee taste so smooth.

2) As I take more Lingzhi and my body starts to get healthier, I find that my tastebuds change. I start to reject overly oily food. I have less liking for sweet stuff. I tend not to add more soya sauce in my steam fish or fried egg. All of which contributes to a healthier me.

3) Some caffeine and Lingzhi can help activate our brain cells, and thus help prevent dementia. Our brain cells and nerves easily die if there are too much free radicals in our body. Lingzhi has anti-oxidation capability and help removes free radicals from our body.

4) When Lingzhi and caffeine activate our nerves, it also helps speed up the peristalsis process. The stools which are in the intestines will be triggered to be pushed out. Hence some people with constipation problem will feel that they have to go to toilet more often after drinking CEO Coffee. This is good news because the waste products which are stuck to the wall of the colon will be slowly pushed out. This prevents growth of polyps and colon cancer.

5) Real caffeine and Lingzhi can soften stones in our kidney/pancreas and help them to be pushed out in our urine. When the stones are sufficiently softened, you won't feel pain when they are being passed out. At the same time, be mindful not to sleep late or take too much alcohol. When our liver is healthy and able to properly detox excessive calcium and uric acid, we would hardly get gout or stone problems.

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