Exclusive: Uniqueness of Shuang Hor Lingzhi (Part 2 - Improve Blood Circulation)

Sunday 13 October 2019

This is a continuation of the articles posted last week on what makes Shuang Hor Lingzhi so unique, as compared to the other lingzhi and healthfood in the market.

The first point is that Shuang Hor Lingzhi has the ability to Modulate Immune System. In this article, we move on to the 2nd unique feature:

2. Improve Blood Circulation
Blood circulation
There are 3 major causes of blood circulation problem.

(a) LDL cholesterol, thrombi and fat are the culprits that slow down your blood circulation. They stick onto the wall of your blood vessels causing them to narrow and make the blood more viscous and dirty. This results in lesser oxygen and nutrients being transported to all body organs. Such people are less healthy.

There are 2 common symptoms of poor blood circulation:

(i) Bruises that take a long time to heal.
(ii) Bulging dark green veins on the back of your hand.

(b) Oxidative stress in blood vessels

As we age and with the presence of cholesterol, thrombi and fat, blood vessels harden and become narrower. There is more oxidative stress on the blood vessels. The vessel wall thickens, resulting in a condition called neointimal hyperplasia. Blood circulation becomes even poorer, and is one of the causes of strokes.

Click on this link for more information on the research conducted by Hsu et al.:

Strokes don't only strike obese people. Even thin people and vegetarians can get stroke. A dysfunctional immune system would cause the blood vessel walls to thicken, narrow and eventually blocked. The apoptosis process does not function properly and the protease enzyme called caspace-3 is over-active or deficient.

To understand more on the importance of why apoptosis and caspace-3 must be regulated and the consequences if they are not, click here:

Common symptoms can be seen from the condition of the eyes:
Blue rim around the black of the eye indicates hardening of arteries.
Yellowish layer on top of black of eye indicates high cholesterol level. The top of scalp feels unusually hot when under the sun and one dozes of easily.

(c) Atherosclerosis caused by malfunctioning macrophage and endothelial cells

Macrophage eats the excess lipids in the blood vessels to eliminate it. In cases of AISD, the macrophage goes out of control, could not stop eating the lipids and eventually burst. The inflammation factor which they have released create inflammation in the endothelial cells, which react by creating more layers of cells as a protective mechanism. The end result is the blood vessels become thicker, narrower, blocked and finally burst. The root cause is the macrophage and endothelial cells behaving irrationally, due to AISD.

Click here for more detailed explanation:

It must be emphasised again that Stress is a key culprit. If your vessels are already narrow, and coupled with oxidative stress, your risk of getting stroke and heart attack is higher.

How Western medication work

For blood circulation problem, you have to take at least 3 different medications to counter them.
To reduce cholesterol, take Lipitor.
To reduce thrombi and improve blood circulation, take blood thinner.
To prevent narrowing of blood vessels, take HBP medication.

However, these medication cannot control oxidative stress and atherosclerosis caused by malfunctioning macrophage and endothelial cells. In other words, people who take such medication for long-term can still die from stroke, heart attack and haemorrhage.

How does Lingzhi work


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