Exclusive: Inflammation of the Heart and Blood Vessels

Sunday 25 November 2018

This article talks about how Lingzhi can protect the heart tissues and reduce the burden on myocardial cells, thereby preventing heart failure.

Typical causes of blood circulatory problems include formation of thrombi, fats and LDL cholesterol against artery walls.

Typical ways that conventional medical doctors use to overcome blood circulation blockages are:
(a) Prescribing blood thinners e.g. heparin or warfarin.
(b) Performing an angioplasty procedure and placing a stent inside the coronary artery.
(c) Undergoing an artery bypass surgery.

They all carry varying degrees of side effects and levels of risks. They are not safe solutions and not for long-term.


Symptoms which indicate that oxygen flow to the Heart is low (according to TCM):
- Lips turn darker colour.
- Forehead complexion darkens.

What you can quickly do:
Open up 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma, mix with warm water, and drink immediately. Continue for a few days. The dark colour will slowly lighten back as your health improve.

What can you do (TCM tips):


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