Exclusive: Uniqueness of Shuang Hor Lingzhi (Part 1 - Modulate Immune System)

Sunday 6 October 2019

There are 3 main types of health food available in the market:

a) Supplements like vitamins and minerals.
b) Weight loss products such as diet pills which work as appetite suppressant or diet program as meal replacement.
c) Functional food, which can be divided into products which are:
Anti-oxidants (which reduce free radicals)
- Used for cellular growth (such as stem cells).

Which is good and which should you choose?
In this article, I focus on a very unique functional food called Lingzhi / Ganoderma. The word "functional" means a food with additional functions that are related to health promotion and disease prevention.

Are all cars the same because they serve the same function?
For example, both a Mercedes and a Kancil can get you to Ipoh. But why are people still willing to pay for the more expensive car? Because obviously they are not the same. By the same token, not all functional food are the same and not all Lingzhi available in the market are the same.

Let me now share with you what are the uniqueness of Shuang Hor's Lingzhi.

1. Modulate / Regulate Immune System

Most products can only boost up immune system. They do not have the ability to modulate or regulate.

Our immune system is actually the white blood cells, which are sub-divided into many types. The main ones are:

(a) 1st line of defence comprising of phagocytes and natural killer cells (NKCs)

Think of them as the gate and dog in your house. The gate prevents strangers from coming in and the dog barks to warn of the presence of strangers. But if your house is invaded by too many enemies, your gate would be destroyed and your dog would be poisoned. That is when the 2nd line of defence is activated.

Everyday, there are cells in our body which mutate and turn cancerous. Usually, tumours below 1 cm cannot be detected by current technology, unless one undergoes a more extensive and expensive level of checkup. Fortunately, they are found and destroyed by the NKCs before they can form into tumours. This is provided the NKCs are working properly. Thus it's important to ensure the NKCs are in tip-top condition.

There are 2 common symptoms to indicate the NKCs are low in quantity or inactive:

(i) Ulcers in the mouth. This means the body constitution is very acidic and NKCs cannot function well.
(ii) No high fever in the last 5 years. One way the immune cells kill pathogens is by raising body temperature. This is the way they kill cancer cells.

(b) 2nd line of defence comprising T cells and B cells (antibodies)

T cells are divided into:
(i) Th1 cells = detector / informer. As they circulate inside the body, they will identify and define the pathogens and inform Th2.
(ii) Th2 cells = attacker. When they receive the information from Th1 they provide the weapons to shoot / attack.
The optimal ratio is Th1 > Th2. People with more Th2 will suffer from various kinds of allergy reactions when the excessive Th2 wrongfully attack own body organs.

If a person has low immune system, most of the immune cells are dormant. Thus viruses can easily enter the body and cancer cells can easily grow. Such a person easily falls sick; the most dangerous of which is cancer.

On the other end, the immune system can be over-active. In this case, the immune cells simply attack the own body system, resulting in auto-immune system disorders (AISD), the most severe of which is lupus. Usual causes of AISD are Stress and Low body temperature.

Hyperthyroidism is caused by antibodies produced by immune system that stimulate thyroid glands to produce too much T4. Symptoms include bulging eyes, irregular heartbeat, tremors, sweating etc. Western medication mainly treat the symptoms, which is not a long-term cure. Many people resort to steroids, which has a lot of harmful side effects.

In other words, if the immune system is not properly regulated, it can cause a lot of diseases, both externally or internally. When it functions properly, we will generally be healthy.

How do Western drugs work on cancer and lupus, 2 opposite conditions?
They are treated separately. People with low immune system will be prescribed with a lot of vitamins and minerals to boost up the immune system.
The general prescription for people with over-active immune system is steroids to suppress the Th2 cells. Unfortunately, steroids also lower their phagocytes and NKCs, and they easily fall sick and take longer to recover.

When cancer patients undergo chemo, a lot of WBCs and probiotics are also killed in the process. When the presence of bad bacteria is more, it is easy to get skin allergy etc. Doctors will then prescribe steroids to treat that. Lactoberry plays an important role to replenish the probiotics.

How do you regulate using Lingzhi?


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