Liver and Lingzhi - Accreditation Explained

Saturday 9 April 2022

Yung Kien Ganoderma (YK1) has successfully obtained an accreditation from Taiwan government that confirms it is effective in treating liver diseases. The testing is done on the final product of YK1 (not just the raw material) before the certification is given.

As you can see from the certification above, the Health Ministry of Taiwan affirms that based on the results of animal tests, YK1 has the functions below:

(a) Helps reduce the indices of GOT and GPT.
(b) Helps increase the protein content in the liver.

The liver enzyme GOT (glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase) is also known as AST (aspartate aminotransferase). 
The liver enzyme GST (glutamic pyruvic transaminase) is also known as ALT (alanine aminotransferase).

In other words, YK1 has the ability to prevent or reduce inflammation, treat hepatitis (thereby reducing the readings of GOT and GPT) and helps reduce liver cells death.

Liver protein include albumin and globulin. Only when you have the right ratio of albumin and globulin then the liver cells can regenerate healthily. If liver cells die faster than their rate of growth, liver function will eventually drop. As YK1 has the ability to increase protein content, YK1 helps to regenerate healthy liver cells. Liver cells take about 180-300 days to regenerate. For people with severe liver problem, be prepared to take the appropriate dose of Lingzhi for at least 1 year to really see improvement of liver function.

In Western medicine, when you have liver problem, interferon is one of the drugs used to reduce GOT and GPT. Interferon only prevents the virus and bacteria in the liver from spreading but doesn't help to regenerate liver cells. It is also not cheap. Another drawback is drugs cannot be taken as a preventive measure, only as treatment. 

To regenerate liver cells, some people take a supplement called milk thistle. However, it also has side effects. It may interfere with certain medications and there may be negative effects from long-term consumption.

To recap, YK1 has 2 important functions - generate healthy liver cells and help reduce or prevent inflammation of the liver. It is scientifically proven that YK1 is effective for liver diseases. It is safe to be consumed over long-term and does not cause any side effects.
Our liver performs many important functions - so if you take good care of your liver and supplement with YK1, diseases associated with liver failure (kidney failure, bleeding disorders, infections etc) will not happen. As such, YK1 is multi-functional.

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