Exclusive: Guide to Selecting Ganoderma Products

Sunday 28 April 2024


Shuang Hor has made great technological advancements, particularly in developing and improving the Ganoderma range of products, especially Target Lingzhi, which is able to give us better results in a shorter period of time. In April 2024, Shuang Hor has organised a much needed seminar to help us understand better how to select Ganoderma products. 

The invited speaker was Ms Pei-Chin Chung, a Dietitian with Double Crane Group in Taiwan. Below are her credentials: 

  • Bachelor of Science, Taipei Medical University, School of Nutrition and Health Sciences.
  • Master of Science, Taipei Medical University, School of Nutrition and Health Sciences.
  • Specialist Dietitian of Renal Nutrition, Obesity and Sports Nutrition.
  • Professional Health Food Engineer.
  • Senior Professional and Technical Certified Dietitian.
  • Zumba instructor.
I have divided Ms Chung's presentation into 2 posts (due to the length). The complete posts are published in my Private Blog. 

Note: The info in my Private Blog is reserved exclusively for my Consumers and Business Partners only.

Part 1 focuses on:

> The differences in the manufacturing process between Basic and Target Lingzhi - the proprietary technology of Target Lingzhi which is the mycelium fermentation.
> How to choose between Basic and Target Lingzhi.
> Evidence proving the safety of Shuang Hor Lingzhi.
> Evidence proving the effectiveness of Shuang Hor Liingzhi.

This is the link:

Part 2 presents in detail:

> The benefits of YKCYKBYKK/S and YKi.
> How to select which Target Lingzhi to take for which disease and why.
> 2 testimonies.

This is the link:

Ms Chung's clear presentation has imparted invaluable knowledge to us, giving us more clarity on how to optimise the usage of Target Lingzhi, which gives higher efficacies, swifter results and is able to help more people.

If you are already authorised, just click on the relevant links above.. and happy reading.

However, if you are not already a consumer of Shuang Hor products, but are interested to find out more, drop me an email at askfuiping@gmail.com for an appointment. I am happy to answer your questions so you can decide whether you want to give Target Lingzhi a chance to help protect your health.