Lingzhi & Kidney Protection

Saturday 26 August 2023

The human kidneys are 2 bean-shaped organs (size about 10 - 13 cm each) located at the back of the abdomen, just below the rib cage. Each has about 1 million nephrons and each nephron includes a filter called glomerulus and a tubule. The kidneys basically produce urine which is stored in the bladder before being passed out.

Functions of Kidney

a) Filters and removes wastes from our blood, like urea and creatinine.

b) Regulates and maintains fluid and electrolytes balance in the body, like water, sodium and potassium.

c) Secretes hormones, namely:

  • Erythropoietin - for red blood cells production.
  • Renin - to control blood pressure.
  • Calcitriol - a form of vitamin D3 that helps the body absorb calcium from the stomach.
Symptoms of Kidney Failure

a) Reduced amount of urine. 
b) Swelling of legs, ankles and feet from retention of fluids.
c) Unexplained shortness of breath.
d) Excessive drowsiness or fatigue.
e) Persistent nausea, confusion, pain or pressure in your chest.

Complications of Kidney Failure

a) Fluid retention - swelling.
b) Cerebral and cardiovascular disease.
c) Anaemia.

Causes of Kidney Failure

a) High blood pressure.
b) Diabetes.
c) Infection or inflammation.
d) Auto-immune disease eg. SLE.
e) Obstruction of urinary tract due to enlarged prostate or kidney stones.
f) Drugs or toxins.

Tests and Diagnosis

1. Urinalysis - abnormal protein, sugar, red or white blood cells and high levels of bacteria.

2. Blood samples (normal levels)
  • Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) : 7 to 20 mg/dL (2.5 to 7.1 mmol/L).
  • Creatinine (Cr) : 0.7 to 1.3 mg/dL for men and 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL for women.
  • Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (eGFR) : >60 mL/min/1.73m2.
3. Ultrasounds, MRI and CT scans for kidney.


1. Medicines to control the causes / symptoms, reduce complications and slow the progression:
  • High blood pressure.
  • High cholesterol level.
  • Anaemia.
  • Relieve swelling.
  • Protect the bones.
2. Dialysis for end-stage kidney failure:
  • When eGFR is <15.
  • There are 2 types of dialysis : (i) Hemodialysis (artificial kidney machine) and (ii) Peritoneal dialysis (belly lining acts as a natural filter).
3. Kidney transplant for end-stage kidney failure.

There is a relatively high failure of transplanted kidney : 4% of cases within 1 year after transplant and 21% of cases within 5 years after transplant.

How to Prevent Kidney Failure?

1. Choose a healthy diet - less salt, sugar and potassium in food.

2. Maintain normal body weight (BMI < 25).

3. Be physically active.

4. Maintain healthy lifestyle - reduce smoking and alcohol, manage stress, have sufficient rest.

5. Take medications under doctor supervision.

6. TCM : eat more "black food" to protect the kidney.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

1. According to TCM knowledge, kidney stores essence and governs qi, and is involved in:
  • growth & development.
  • reproduction (infertility / impotence).
  • water metabolism (fluid balance in the body).
  • bone and marrow.
  • brain development.
  • hair growth.
  • nourishes and moistens skin.
2. Weaknesses in the kidney show up in:
  • weak bones, muscles and tendons.
  • loose teeth.
  • impotency and infertility (sperm lack vitality, weak uterus and irregular menstruation).
  • water retention and urination problems.
  • pain in the waist and knees.
  • loss or thinning of hair and baldness.
  • weak hearing (ringing).
  • forgetfulness.
  • insomnia.
  • dry and dark complexion.
  • difficulty in breathing
  • cold limbs.
  • abnormal growth and development in children.
3. These are some ways to protect the kidney:
  • Avoid drinking cold water.
  • Avoid excessive activities during kidney's detox period (5 - 7 pm).
  • Avoid excessive sex.
  • Emotions - great fright can impair kidney energy (to overcome it, try to do activities which involve thinking).
  • Eat natural black food like black fungus, mushrooms, seaweed, black sesame, dried longan and purple grapes. 
Why Choose Ganoderma / Lingzhi to Protect your Kidney

Lingzhi is a type of mushroom / fungus that has healing properties. It has more than 2,000 years of history and 50 years of modern scientific research. Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing states that consistent and long-term consumption of Lingzhi helps to regulate and rejuvenate your bodily functions, slow down the speed of ageing, prolong one's life and improve the quality of life.

There are more than 1,000 search results for keywords "lingzhi", "ganoderma" or "reishi" in Pubmed publications, U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health.

Why Choose Shuang Hor Ganoderma / Lingzhi

1) Shuang Hor has been in the business of farming, production and distribution of Lingzhi for more than 35 years.
2) Shuang Hor has dedicated many years in the R&D of Lingzhi.
3) Shuang Hor owns all the greenhouses and factories for its Lingzhi production.
4) Shuang Hor's ganoderma products are rich with Triterpenoid and Macromolecular Polysaccharides content.
5) Shuang Hor's Lingzhi are scientifically certified with many endorsements including TQF, ISO 9001:2015, Halal certification, Singapore HSA etc.

Functions and Benefits of Lingzhi

1. Regulate immune system
  • Stimulate immune cells to prevent infection and inflammation.
  • Regulate immune system to prevent auto-immune attack.
2. Improve blood circulation
  • Improve blood flow and reduce blood fat and glucose.
  • Improve blood vessel elasticity for better control of blood pressure.
3. Enhance liver function (detoxification)
  • Eliminate toxins from the liver and lessen the burden on kidney for detoxification.
4. Remove free radicals and anti-oxidation
  • Reduce attacks by free radicals to the kidney.

Evidence of Lingzhi and Kidney Protection

There are numerous scientific researches and evidence-based reports done in this field. Here are a few:

1. Dudhgaonkar, 2009, International Immunopharmacology
Ganoderma suppresses inflammation - the study shows the anti-inflammatory effects of triterpenes isolated from Ganoderma lucidum.

2. Zhong, et al., 2008, Clinical and Investigation Medicine Journal
Glomerulonephritis is the inflammation of glomeruli, resulting in poor filtration rate and eventually leading to chronic kidney failure. The study shows Ganoderma has a protective effect on renal damage in rats with chronic glomerulonephritis.

Lingzhi improves chronic glomerulonephritis and maintain the structure of healthy glomerulus.

3. Journal of Clinical Hemorheology & Microcirculation, 2004
Protenuria is a condition when too much protein is passed out in the urine, which is a sign of kidney damage. Protein is required in the blood to build muscle, repair tissue and fight infection. Ganoderma suppresses endothelial cell cytotoxicity and reduces proteinuria of patients with glomerulosclerosis nephrosis.

4. Journal of Asian Natural Products Resources, Dec 2006
Lingzhi lowers serum glucose, creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) - the study found positive effect of polysaccharides from Ganoderma on diabetic nephropathy (deterioration of kidney) in mice.

How to Consume

Dosage for Yung Kien Ganoderma
  • Prevention : 4-8 capsules / day.
  • Pre-illness : >12 capsules / day.
  • Disease : >30 capsules / day for kidney failure and kidney cancer.
Dosage for Yung Kien K Ganoderma Powder
  • Dialysis patients : 2 sachets / day. Avoid taking 1-2 hours before kidney dialysis.

1. Atrophic kidney (Ganoderma Magazine, Issue 44)

A lady used to consume a lot of painkillers to the stage where her kidney function was affected whereby the size of her kidney shrunk. After consuming Lingzhi, her kidney function improved. Due to the condition being detected at early stage, Lingzhi was able to help her condition improve back to normal.

2. Rhabdomyolysis and renal failure

Mr Lin Zhi Feng, a Taiwanese, aged 49, took a combination of Western and Chinese drugs to treat his diabetic condition, leading to rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure. Due to the high urea reading, he needed dialysis. The initial result of dialysis was not promising due to the side effects of edema etc.

He decided to take 2 tablets YKK each time, before breakfast, lunch, dinner and before sleep, totalling 8 tablets each day. He also took 2 sachets of YK I Ganoderma/day, morning and evening.

After taking for 1 week, he showed clinical improvement.

After taking for 1 month, his blood test results improved.

After taking for 2 months, the side effects of treatment eg. anaemia, tiredness and spasms reduced.

After taking YKK for 4 months, there are significant improvements in all his blood parameters.

Other Shuang Hor Products

1. Luchun Lingzhi Tea

  • Decrease blood fats and improve kidney function.
  • Suppress the development of renal fibrosis.
2. CEO Cafe Coffee
  • Promote smooth urination.

As the saying goes, "Health is Wealth". So take care of your health before it is too late. It is necessary to keep our body in a stable state (homeostasis). Ganoderma can help us to balance our body systems and improve the quality of our life. Ganoderma is scientifically proven that it can suppress inflammation and protect the kidney from further deterioration.

*A very important point to highlight - the effectiveness of Ganoderma depends on Dosage and Time.

(Source: SH Depository Video, 3/2/2022)

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