Uniqueness of Lactoberry Probiotics

Sunday 7 June 2020

There are many probiotics products in the market today. What are the differences between Lactoberry and all these other products?

One of the unique features of Lactoberry probiotics is that the strains of bacteria used are the same as those which are already existing in our body. If you take new strains of probiotics which are not in our body, our body may reject them. In other words, as Lactoberry helps to strengthen and increase the quantity of bacteria that are already present inside our body, you can be rest assured it won't create any resistance or side effects. In fact, the strains in Lactoberry are from Denmark, but they have been "trained" to be localised hence our body won't resist it.

Two Major Hurdles

For a probiotic to work effectively in our body, it has to be able to travel successfully all the way to our intestines. If they die prematurely, whatever is consumed is wasted. There are 2 major hurdles these probiotics have to go through:

(a) Body temperature. When we consume the probiotics, they are exposed to the temperature in our mouth of 37'C. A lot of bacteria cannot survive at this level of temperature.

(b) Stomach acid which is hydrochloric acid with pH 1. It is highly acidic and at this strength, it will destroy a lot of friendly bacteria. People with high amount of stomach acid has strong digestive ability. On the other hand, people with weak stomach acid will find food that pass through their intestines are not digested properly. However, too much or too little is not good.

Products in the market that claim they have multiple billions bacteria don't mean much, because what we want to know is how many successfully reach the intestines to perform their job.

Why is Lactoberry Effective?

How do you create good probiotics that are able to go through these 2 barriers successfully?
What Shuang Hor does is to "dress" them up e.g. firemen who wear protective clothing before going into the fire. The "clothing" used for Lactoberry is called "multi-coating".  The bacteria are still alive but go into hibernation mode upon the coating.

The strains are cultivated and trained to be able to withstand heat of up to 45'C. Most bacteria are killed at the temperature of about 40'C.
The strains are also cultivated to be able to withstand acid in the stomach.

Now you understand why most probiotics are not so effective because not many are able to reach the intestines, putting aside the original quantity.

Why is Probiotics so Important?

There are about 500 types bacteria in our intestines. When the number of good bacteria decreases, the amount of bad bacteria increases.

Many people have decreasing number of friendly bacteria because they consume a lot of medicines including antibiotics, HBP and diabetics drugs etc. Long-term consumers of drugs will destroy their villi.

Diabetic patients also lack good bacteria because their blood is very toxic. They easily get itchiness on their skin and their wounds take a long time to heal. Lactoberry is very effective for diabetics patients. Glucose are located in 2 places in our body - one is in the blood and the other is in the intestines. Probiotics has the ability to breakdown the excess sugar from the intestines. Do not be concerned about the sweet taste of Lactoberry because it has little effect on blood sugar level.

Some symptoms of people who lack friendly bacteria in the body include:

- Food that was enjoyed in the past e.g. spicy food would now trigger diarrhoea.
- More bloatedness and indigestion.
- Difficulty sleeping.
- Easily feel heatiness.
- Risk of cancer is higher.
- Allergy such as itchiness.
- Flatulence and stools are very smelly.
- Dull complexion.
- Bad breath.

How to Consume Lactoberry

The right way of consuming Lactoberry is to pour directly into your mouth followed by drinking room-temperature water. The reason is when the probiotics is poured into your mouth, your body heat warms it up thereby helping to undress a layer of the coating, when it enters the stomach the acid dissolves another layer of coating, so when it reaches the colon it is ready to do the work.

Why is it important to drink water when consuming probiotics?
The water acts as a carrier to bring the probiotics to the intestines. Because of the water, it has the ability to grow from 2 billion to 40 billion in 3 hours. Bacteria multiplies quickly in the presence of water.

It is recommended to consume daily as the good bacteria die and are pushed out of the body everyday. It doesn't matter whether you consume before or after meal.

Recommendations on Effective Ways to Consume Lactoberry

When one has food poisoning,  consume 3 sachets immediately.
Do not dissolve Lactoberry in water before consuming. It is not so effective because some layers of coating are already dissolved before one even swallows them, thereby exposing them to heat and stomach acids.

If you have sore throat, consume 3 sachets of Lactoberry without water at night and go to sleep. Let the probiotics stay and coat around the throat area. You will feel improvement the next day.

Babies delivered under cesarean section have less friendly bacteria because the mother is not able to successfully transfer the good bacteria to them. These babies are more prone to have lactose intolerance and watery stools. Feed them with Lactoberry. Each sachet can be divided into a few times of feeding. If the babies are unable to take the powder directly, dissolve with water and feed them the water. After some time, when they have sufficient friendly bacteria, the symptoms of lactose intolerance will subside.

80% of white blood cells reside in the GI tract. Total length of both large and small intestines is about 30 feet. Unlike a drain in our house of this length which we can clean often, we never really do the same for our intestines. In fact, these friendly bacteria are the cleaners when they help improve our bowel movements.

People with a lot of bad bacteria tend to accumulate a lot of stools in their intestines. Some symptoms include dull complexion, bad breath and bloatedness. The colon works using the peristalsis movement. If there is not sufficient energy supply into the intestines, the muscle movement does not function well and you will have difficulty passing motion.  The stools become more and more compact. If waste accumulates in the colon for over 24 hours, the stools that are passed out are denser and tend to sink. Replenish with probiotics. It is one of the cheapest ways amongst Shuang Hor products to help you increase your immunity. Try taking 3 sachets a day for 1 month - it's a way of spring-cleaning the intestines.

Another benefit is probiotics helps improve the absorption of nutrients by the villi in the small intestines. If you want to eat any nutritious food, you have to first take care of your intestines. Otherwise, your body cannot utilise these nourishing food.

Note: Some people have the healing reaction of acute pain in the intestines area after consuming Lingzhi. This indicates they have some kind of problem in their intestines. This is common amongst very skinny people as their body is unable to absorb the food they eat.

TCM Point of View

Some points you can massage to improve the health of your intestines:

(a) Side of tip of index finger - stimulates colon meridian point. People who suffer from constipation will feel sharp pain when this point is massaged.
Side of tip of thumb - stimulates lung meridian point.

The meridian points of colon and lung are connected. They "join" at the meeting point on the back of hand up between thumb and index finger. People who have constipation will find that the health of their lungs are not good e.g. a lot of phlegm or difficulty breathing. When they consume probiotics to address their colon problems, their lung-related problems will also improve. They will not suffer so frequently from runny nose. Their sense of smell also improve.

(b) Outer side of tip of small finger - stimulate small intestines. People who are very skinny and have difficulty absorbing nutrients will feel sharp pain when this point is massaged.
Inner side of tip of small finger - stimulate heart meridian.

The meridian points of the small intestines and heart are connected up towards the shoulder.  If you have a weak small intestines, you will also have weak heart muscles and have shoulder pain. In other words, people who look gaunt and skinny and have poor absorption ability, it follows that they also tend to have shoulder pain problem.
In fact, the meridian points of the liver and gallbladder also converge at the shoulder. It is common that people with gallbladder stones will also experience pain at the shoulder.

In order to address this problem, take Lactoberry to clean up the intestines.

(d) Side of palm (hou shee shiek) - stimulate small intestines. Massaging this area also helps improve any pain in the shoulder.
People who feel numbness when this point is massaged means their small intestines are weak.

(e) Another way to improve digestive system is to lie on the bed and use warm palm to rub the tummy in a circular motion, clockwise, for 30 times. It stimulates the colon and can improve constipation problem.

(Source: Shuang Hor seminar 8 January 2019)

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