The Uniqueness of Lacto-Berry Probiotics

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria residing in our gastrointestinal (GI) tract. They give immense benefits to us ranging from helping to subdue the allergic symptoms of some people, prevent constipation, improve our immune system to preventing colorectal cancer. This is because they improve the microbial balance in our intestines and promote the healthy growth of our GI flora.
Shuang Hor company just launched a new bio-tech product called Lacto-Berry. It is a formulation comprising specially selected strains of probiotics (mainly lactic acid bacteria) from Europe together with 3 types of berries. There are at least 2 billion probiotics per sachet of Lacto-Berry.
Special feature - it is formulated using the unique multi-coated technology to protect the probiotics. As such, the probiotics are able to survive the strongly acidic gastric and bile juice in our stomach and our body heat. This makes Lacto-Berry high in quality and stands out from many probiotics products in the market.  

Lacto-Berry's probiotics have a long shelf life, as the coatings are actually food for them. This guarantees the intactness and viability of these probiotics, so that they can be carried all the way to our GI tract alive and able to perform their jobs.

Main Ingredients and Efficacies of Lacto-Berry
Bifidobacterium Lactis (L-form)
- improves the acidity in the GI tract, thereby curbing the proliferation of harmful bacteria.
- encourages digestion and absorption of dairy products.
- breaks down fibre and the difficult-to-digest oligosaccharides.
Bifidobacterium Longum (L-form)
- prevents constipation and diarrhea.
- produces the B-group vitamins and other enzymes that aid in digestion (dissolves, digests and absorbs nutrients).
- prevents diarrhea caused by antibiotics.
- resists infections and adjusts irregularities in our GI system.
- reduces the risk of cancer.
- maintains the flora balance of friendly colonies in our GI tract because they multiply very fast.
- a sugar substitute safe for consumption even by diabetics.
- prevents constipation as it excites the GI activities to further soften our stools.
- encourages the faster and greater growth of Bifidobacterium to improve the well-being of our GI tract.
Cranberry Powder
- the anthocyanidin found in cranberry can prevent E.Coli from adhering onto our urinary tract, hence warding off urinary tract infections caused by E.Coli. 80% to 90% of urinary tract infections are attributed to E.Coli.
Raspberry Powder
- prevents constipation as it increases the content of fibre, thereby adding bulk to our stools.
Blueberry Powder
- removes free radicals, hence is a natural anti-aging food supplement. It is able to maintain the youthfulness of our GI tract cells.
- promotes the elimination of our metabolic wastes.
Who Needs Lacto-Berry?
In a word - everybody!
  • Pregnant ladies - it gives a stronger immune system to babies, hence reducing the chance of them getting allergic reactions when they grow up.
  • Babies who are not breastfed, to help them digest food better and  boost up their immune system.
  • People with or without illness.
  • People who encounter daily stress.
  • Patients after medical treatment, as it helps reduce the side effects of medication.

Recommended Consumption

Advisable to consume daily as these friendly bacteria do not stay for long in our GI tract, hence they need to be replenished every day to ensure our GI tract environment is always good.
Consume after each meal.
Do not mix with hot water or carbonated drinks as they will kill off the probiotics.

I take it everyday. It has helped me tremendously. Please email me at if you want to purchase Lacto-Berry.
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