5 Reasons for Stomach Bloating

Sunday 28 June 2020

Bloating is very common. Your stomach feels tight and full of air. The local term of "angin" is used to describe that feeling of trapped air. It's one of the symptoms of indigestion.

Here are 5 reasons why stomach bloating and indigestion happen:

1) Constipation
Stools stored in your rectum and colon is old food that's being broken down and release gas, which build up and go back into your upper gut, causing the bloated feeling. The longer stools stay in the colon, the more water is reabsorbed and the more difficult it is to evacuate.

2) Gastroparesis
Diabetes, hypothyroidism and Parkinson's disease can cause the gut to move slower than normal. Food is difficult to be broken down and absorbed properly.

3) Aerophagia
Excessive swallowing of air by people who have disorders such as anxiety or depression can cause bloating.

4) Food intolerance
Inability to digest foods like lactose and gluten can cause abdominal discomfort. Fermentation of undigested carbo (from foods like bread, honey, soft cheese, beer and apples) release gas and causes bloating.

5) IBS
Even though it's a benign disorder, the symptoms can be severe enough to interfere with normal daily activities and affect quality of life. Bloating associated with IBS may result from bacterial fermentation of undigested or increased sensitivity of gut to normal gas volumes.

It's normal to feel bloated occasionally. But you should consult your doctor if it's associated with these symptoms:
- Unexplained weight loss
- Loss of appetite
- Blood in stools 
- Disturbed sleep from the discomfort
- Chest discomfort masquerading as heart attack (pain radiating to the neck, profuse sweating or dizziness)
- Gallstones and gall bladder diseases
- Pancreatic disorders 
- Ovarian diseases
- Fluid accumulation outside organs (ascites), leading to heart failure, liver cirrhosis, kidney disorders and thyroid diseases.

Can probiotics help?

Yes. It helps to take probiotics for various conditions including inflammation of intestinal walls, IBS as well as after taking antibiotics. It is important to choose good quality probiotics products with sufficient quantity which remain alive to do the job. Lactoberry probiotics is one such products.

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Advice for a healthy digestive system

Our skin and gut are "linked" so some gut diseases manifest as skin problems e.g. eczema, psoriasis and allergies. Maintaining a healthy gut can address skin problems.

Some lifestyle tips to keep your gut healthy:
- Reduce stress 
- Maintain regular and sufficient sleeping hours
- Chew your food properly
- Don't rush through your meals
- Drink water
- Avoid highly processed food, animal fats and refined sugar.

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(Source: Misconceptions about bloating, Datin Dr Sharmila Sachithanandan, Starhealth 21/6/2020)

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