Cancer - Chemo vs. Lingzhi

Sunday 8 May 2022

What are the 4 stages of cancer? Here is a simple explanation..

Stage 1 - The growths are generally less than 1 cm.
Stage 2 - The growths are still localised. Doctors may not be able to detect them.
Stage 3 - The growths are more widespread.
Stage 4 - The cancer cells have already spread. Chemo may not be the best solution because the cancer cells have spread all over the body.

How Does Chemo Work

In our body, we have good cells and cancerous cells. Cancer cells live off the nutrients of good cells by growing an antenna to tap into and draw the nutrients from the good cells. Some patients have the misconception that when doctors tell them that they are lacking in nutrients, they consume more food to replace what cancer cells have taken. But in effect they end up feeding the cancer cells. Doing chemo is akin to putting poison into the body to kill the cancer cells. But since the poison cannot differentiate between good and bad cells, the end result is the good cells also get killed.

Many people die from chemo, or become weaker, or experience a lot of side effects simply because chemo kills the good cells in the body.

A responsible doctor will examine your body to see if you have the strength to endure the chemo. Patients who are weak, elderly, have severe liver problem or blood disorder are not encouraged to undergo chemo, as it would aggravate their condition.

Radiotherapy is slightly better as it's a localised treatment and not so harmful.
Cyberknife is a newer technology which is more targeted, therefore reduce the killing of good cells. However, it is extremely expensive.
Another treatment is in the form of injecting a substance into the body to boost up NKC and phagocytes but the cost is exorbitant at RM15k-RM30k per injection.

How Does Lingzhi Work

How Lingzhi kills cancer cells is very different from chemo treatment. Lingzhi has 2 key components called Triterpenoid and Macromolecular Polysaccharide.

1. Triterpenoid works in a direct way by cutting off the antenna (nutrient supply) from the cancer cells so they starve to death.

2. Polysaccharide works indirectly by increasing the vitality of NKC and phagocytes and increasing the quantity of WBC. Enhancing our immunity is a powerful way to fight the cancer cells.

How much Lingzhi to take? This depends on which stage is your cancer. If it is only at stage 1, you may consider taking a combination of YK1 and lower dose of YK2. At stage 2 cancer, you would need to increase your dose of YK2. At stages 3 or 4, it is advisable to take at least 1 box of YK2 for the first 4 months. Combine with YKI and YKB for better result.

This dosage is not to be consumed for life. The most critical period is the first 4 months. In stages 3 and 4, the cancer cells are very aggressive and the quantity is immense. So sending only a few soldiers would not be able to kill them. Based on testimonies from people we know, 2 boxes of YK2 / day give very good results. We need such high amount of YK2 because the high content of triterpenoids is very powerful in directly killing cancer cells.

Which Should You Choose?

In conventional Western treatment, 2 different treatments are needed i.e. (i) boost up immune system and (ii) kill the cancer cells . But by consuming Lingzhi, these 2 steps can be achieved at the same time. In fact, for someone who does not have sufficient insurance, the cost of taking Lingzhi may likely be cheaper than undergoing chemo treatment.

The major distinction between someone who takes Lingzhi and someone who undergoes conventional treatment is their quality of life. People who consume Lingzhi for 4 months will have good energy, to the extent that sometimes we can't even tell that the person has cancer, compared to someone who undergoes chemo; he will feel sickly due to all the side effects and negative implications.

Suggestion for Annual Health Maintenance to Lower the Risk of Getting Cancer

A good way to maintain your health is to do a "spring-clean" once a year. Take at least 12 or up to 20 Lingzhi a day for at least 1 month. If you feel well and there's no severe healing reaction, it means your body is quite healthy. If a lot of discomfort start to surface, it is very likely something is wrong with the body. Continue for another 1-2 months until the symptoms disappear. This means that Lingzhi not only highlights the problems but handle them at the same time. 

In other words, if you don't have much problem, when you take high dose Lingzhi, you only feel good and energetic. But when you have some problem, the higher you go, the more reactions you will have. At this stage, you should maintain or increase the dose until the problem is solved. A thorough medical checkup costs a few thousand ringgit, but does not treat your problem. So, why not invest in Lingzhi to overhaul your body system?

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