Bits & Bites #235 - Health: Triterpenoid, Auto-Immune Diseases and Healing Reactions

Sunday 6 March 2022

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Both YK1 and YK2 contain an essential component called Triterpenoid.
The difference is, in YK2, the ganoderic acids (GA) component in triterpenoid has undergone a purification process, and is 6 times higher than that of YK1. In other words, the potency of Triterpenoid (or rather the GA) in YK2 is stronger.


The most common way Western doctors use to suppress the activity of T-cells (which cause auto-immune diseases) is by using steroids; but the problem is steroids cause a lot of side effects.  Shuang Hor's research centre in Taiwan found that by taking a minimum of 3 capsules YK2 (4 would be better), it performs an equivalent function to what steroids do (i.e. suppress the over-active immune cells), but without the side effects.

This dose should be taken at one time. If the auto-immune problem is severe, a patient can take 2-3 rounds a day.


My friend who is a thyroid patient has been taking YK1 for many years. She experienced many improvements. But she found that when she switched to taking 4 YK2 each time, the difference is very big and the improvement is enormous. At the same time, she also controls her stress level, which is a common trigger. This can be accomplished by doing meditation for 20-30 minutes a day.

If you have budget constraint, take 8 JH Lingzhi. But because of such a low dosage, you need to do more lifestyle changes, eg. do longer duration of meditation, and more deep breathing exercise. This is especially so if the patient also suffers from high blood pressure or heart palpitation problems.


Growths form in our body when it's ability to detox reduces. The liver is an important detoxifier. If the liver function is good, the chances of growths forming in the body is slim, as toxins have no chance to pile up. If not, growths such as fibroids, tumours, endometriosis, etc will form over time. From TCM perspective, it focuses on enhancing liver function to prevent growths.


Healing reactions and reasons why:

- People who have poor blood circulation. After taking Lingzhi, when their blood circulation starts to improve, they may experience some temporary feelings of itchiness.

- People with acidic blood or high blood viscosity. After taking Lingzhi, they may feel some body ache as Lingzhi works to regulate this condition.

- People with bad liver function which means they have difficulty detoxing. After taking Lingzhi, their liver detox function is enhanced and they will feel a lot of healing reactions eg. fatigue and more bowel movements when the liver is able to perform this function.


Generally, if you introduce anything new to the body, e.g. start a new diet, try a new detox program or take new supplements, it is normal for the body to go through changes and to feel uncomfortable for awhile.

However, be careful and check that these new regimes bring positive changes and not side effects or negative reactions which cause your body more harm in the long run.

(Source: SH seminar 24/2/2020)

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