Bits & Bites #183 - Success: Embrace Change and Things Will Fall in Place

Sunday 20 August 2017

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Be with the Stage of Flow. Don't resist. Only then you will feel immersed and joyful in your activities. In order for you to be in that state:

1) Be Happy in the Now.
2) Have the Vision on where you want to be next.

Everybody live their lives in one of these 4 Stages:

1) Negative Spiral
These people are not happy where they are but are not doing anything to change. Hence they also see that the future is bleak.

2) Current Reality Trap
These people are happy where they are and thus become complacent or too contented. However, they may not be truly fulfilled in the long-run.

3) State of Stress
These people have a vision of a better future but they don't see the possibility that they can achieve it. They have a lot of self-doubt and self-limiting beliefs stopping them from striving towards their goals.

4) State of Flow
These people are happy where they are and at the same time, working towards the vision of where they want to be in future.
The key thing is knowing what you want and knowing where you are now, and happily doing the right things that bring you towards your goals.


Paradox of Intention
You must have goals but your happiness cannot be tied to those goals.
You must be happy before you can attain them.


Sometimes we have to destroy our lives to allow the next great thing to happen.


We are not happy because we want too much or can't let go of the material things or people we have become so attached to. Certain events (be it health or relationships) happen and that will drive us to do something else. Bad things happen for good reasons. Embrace the change and things will fall in place.


All bad things are blessings in disguise. Things that appear bad may not be bad. The divine power is always in favour of us and want to help us. But we have to go through certain things because there are lessons to learn. All things, good or bad, will eventually pass. That's what surrender truly means.


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