Bits & Bites #182 - Testimonies: Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Osteoporosis and Neck Pain

Sunday 13 August 2017

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Testimony: Hip Pain and Vitaking

Ms A attends yoga classes and heard a lady complain about having pain in her hip area. She has tried Western  and acupuncture treatment for a few months, but it doesn't seem to be getting better. Ms A asked if the lady has given her body enough raw material to do the repair work and recommended Vitaking.
The lady consumed 1 sachet Vitaking every alternate day. After 1 week, she said she felt better.
After 2 weeks, she said the pain was still there but was sufficiently bearable for her to continue with the yoga classes.
After 3 boxes of Vitaking (almost 2 months), the lady said she can go to toilet everyday. She has been having constipation for the past 15 years. That's why her pain could not be relieved - when she couldn't go to toilet, the inflammation was still in her body. With her bowel movement regulated, the pain somehow also went away.


Testimony: Knee Surgery and Vitaking and Lingzhi

Ms LB underwent a major surgery in 2009 when she had a torn ligament, meniscus tear and dis-located kneecap. After the surgery, she didn't take care of the wound, resulting in her knee becoming swollen everyday when she walked.
In 2013, when she knew about Shuang Hor products, she started to consume 12 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 3 sachets Vitaking everyday, for 2 months. She saw very good results and her swelling subsided. Now, on and off, when the swelling comes back, she would consume the same dosage for 1 week. She also has a much better complexion as a result of consuming so much Vitaking.


Testimony: Vitaking and Osteoporosis

Ms S has a friend whose mother, 70s, suffers from severe osteoporosis. She went for calcium injection, costing RM1,500 each time. After the 4th time, the doctor rejected her because her body couldn't assimilate anymore of the calcium.

Her backbone which was already very porous, collapsed (looking like it was stacked/overlapping like ladder), and there was a big hole inside. She went through an operation costing RM50,000 to "fill up the hole". During the recovery period, she had a structure / brace around her shoulder area to prevent her back from collapsing again. She was in a wheelchair and in pain.

When Ms S recommended her to take Vitaking, she took 3 sachets in the morning and another 3 sachets at night on the first day. She felt such great pain relief that she didn't need to take any painkiller that day. Encouraged by that, she purchased another 10 boxes Vitaking. She was supposed to do a mild exercise in the form of 5-10 minutes cycling on the stationery bike a day. After 2 weeks, when she felt better, she reduced her dosage to just 2 sachets Vitaking a day and over-exerted herself on the exercise by cycling 4-5 sessions within a day. She felt a lot of pain the next day. But because of her past experience, she knew how to immediately increase her dose up to 6 sachets Vitaking again.

In other words, do not over-exert during the recovery process and do not drastically reduce the dosage immediately when you start to feel better.


Testimony: Neck Pain and Vitaking

On 19 December 2016, Mr G, 60, made a 1-week pilgrimage to India. On the second day, in a haste while walking, he slipped and fell against the curb by the road. It was a hard fall so much so that his spectacles was scratched, his eyes were swollen and he needed 6 stitches near his eyebrows. But because he has been consuming up to 12 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma a day for the past 3-4 months, he healed very fast. He didn't feel much pain. He felt perfectly normal.

Then about 1-2 weeks later, he attended a charity dinner. The hall was very cold. After the dinner, his neck felt very stiff. He felt extreme pain around the neck area while driving home. He had difficulty turning his head. He couldn't sleep the whole night. He wanted to go to the chiropractor. However, his friend confidently recommended that instead of spending similar amount of money at the chiropractor, she advised him to take 3 sachets Vitaking each time, 3 times a day. He also took some calcium.

By day 2, he felt better and could sleep and move. The pain was less.
By day 4, he could turn his head like normal already. Hence he reduced the daily dosage of Vitaking from 9/day to 2/day.

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