Guest Blog Post: 10 Options to Eating Clean in Kuala Lumpur

Friday 23 December 2016

What could be the most essential criteria when you are searching for a condo for sale in KL? A convenient community with places to do your groceries and eating out are definitely the top choices for most. For health-conscious people, having places offering clean eating option is definitely a plus when you are moving to a new place. Here you will see 10 options that can cater for your healthy eating lifestyle.

Cafes and Restaurants

1. Organica Lifestyle, Bangsar

Nestled amongst housing area, Organica Lifestyle is the brainchild of two best friends from Melbourne after their trip to Bali. The upper floor is a boutique yoga studio teaching modern yoga. Lower floor is a café offering paleo breakfast, macrobiotic lunch bowl and gluten-free cakes. Their kitchen explores the ancient principles of ayurvedic and naturopathic recipes together with science of functional medicine.

They also carry some products that they come to love while living in Melbourne. Products include whole grains, aromatic teas and some super foods. This sanctuary is part shop, clinic and café. A new approach to inspire people to great living, breathing and being.

2. The Ganga Cafe, Bangsar

Bangsar seems to be the place to find hidden jewels of nice restaurants within housing area, The Ganga Café included. Obviously implied by its name, this cafe offers vegetarian Indian food, with no MSG and no egg.

The seats are limited at The Ganga Café, so is the parking lots around there. However, it does not deter patrons from visiting as their foods are awesome. Offering a wide range of rice and breads, like Thosai and Chapatti, there is something for everyone.

Try out their Special Masala Tea, either hot or cold, flavored with Indian spices and herbs. It gives a comforting feeling to your stomach.

3. Roost, Bangsar

Utilizing ingredients from local farms whenever possible, the founders of the restaurant even run their own vegetable farm in Cameron Highlands to ensure the standards of their supplies. Seafood are sourced from Pulau Ketam and other Malaysian waters and the ice-cream is house-made. Carefully chosen local ingredients are then turned into Western and European dishes.

Located on the first floor, Roost looks out to the trees by the roadside seemingly being separated from the frantic traffic around Bangsar. The décor of the restaurant is rather minimalist and able to unclog your mind.

4. La Scala

Looking for some fine dining options and still want to keep it clean? La Scala hears your cry. Just minutes of walk form Avenue K and KLCC, La Scala is a rather hidden gem that many has not heard of.

Serving authentic Italian cuisines, the owner is an Italian himself. According to the seasons, La Scala’s chefs use only the freshest ingredients from the garden, the farm and the sea. Even their pasta is made fresh, daily.

La Scala is known for the certified organic Fassona Piemontese beef “40 Day” dry aged and prime Australian Angus beef served with a choice of ribs and homemade sauces.

5. Urbean

Less than 10 minutes walk away from La Scala, Urbean offers vegetarian choices of gluten-free foods. Just across the street from KLCC, Urbean is located in Avenue K, which is easily accessible by LRT as well.

The foods on offer are healthy and tasty. Price-wise, it is quite reasonable with All-day-breakfast within RM20 before taxes.

Urbean started with the idea of offering good gourmet coffees. It serves unconventional blends of coffee by Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) from Singapore. For coffee enthusiasts, it is a good place to stimulate your taste buds.

6. Simple Life, various locations

Having 11 outlets around KL, Simple Life offers healthy and organic meals at your reach. Simple Life has no MSG, trans-fat, colouring and preservative in their menu and organic ingredients are used.

They offer a variety of menus including local delights like nasi lemak, Western food like burger, Japanese food like sushi, and many more. Their drinks choices are plenty as well ranging from fruit juices, soy milk, rice milk to flower tea. Try out their fruit teas. They are really refreshing.

Their set meal is a little bit too big of a portion for one person. However, they are all being charged at a reasonable pricing.

7. Lorem Ipsum, Bangsar

Back to Bangsar, a good pick for a place called home, there is this café called Lorem Ipsum, located in a row of shop that not many will notice. For those who know Bangsar, they know they can always find something interesting here.

If you are familiar with the speakeasy concept, this is the café version of it. If you are looking for a place to hide and catch some inspiration, this might be just the place for you. You might happen to walk into an art jamming session that is occasionally held there.

The ingredients of their food are sourced from local independent entrepreneurs and made healthily.


8. Eatclean KL

Forget about finding places that offer healthy and clean food; get it by calling or ordering online. EatClean KL offers wholesome yummy meals delivered to your doorstep. Using only fresh produce, organic products, olive oil, minimal of salt, no sugar, no saturated fat and no MSG, their food is halal as well.

Believing health is wealth their price-tag is quite affordable. They change their menu on a weekly basis so that you won’t get tired of the food, making your healthy meals fun and delicious at the same time.

You can pre-order your meal by contacting them through FaceBook.

9. Dah Makan 

Another meal delivery service around KL is Dah Makan, literally meaning “Have you eaten?” in Malay. Priced below RM30 per meal, they do have varieties to choose from. You can order your meal from their website before 11am for lunch and before 5:45pm for dinner.

They offer packages ranging from 5 meals to 100 meals, throwing in discount for the packages. Covering most of the areas in Klang Valley, you have another option for your eating clean regime.

Product and Workshop

10. My Kefir World

Looking for something that is additional to your meal or maybe some desserts after a soulful meal? How does Kefir sound like?

My Kefir World is run by a lady called CY who has been culturing kefir since 2008. Benefiting from consuming kefir, she is passionate in spreading the good news of kefir.

She offers kefir products like milk kefir drinks, kefir smoothies, kefir ice-cream and water kefir drinks. You can get the kefir products at the locations like Granny Doris Fruits Store and Juice Bar, M+ Natural Remedies, De’ Market and Opika Organic Market and Restaurant.


Who says living in a concrete jungle will limit your access to healthy food and eating clean? There you have it, places for you to enjoy a healthy meal, delivery of healthy food to your doorstep and getting a healthy homemade product from numerous markets and shops.

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