Bits & Bites #160 - Health: How to Care for your Body, Hair and Face

Sunday 18 December 2016

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Is Meat the Only Source of Protein?

Since 1991, a good number of research institutions around the world have disclosed the finding that proteins found in green plants and whole grains are of better quality than those from an animal source (meats, fish and eggs). Among them, soya protein shares almost similar groups of amino acids as those of cow milk. It contains "essential amino acids" that cannot be manufactured by the human body itself but have to be assimilated from food intake.

Try Jia Hor Soya Protein - it contains all these essential amino acids, including Lecithin which can reduce the level of bad cholesterols, prevent fatty liver, improve memory and prevent dementia among senior citizens.


5 Mistakes that Harm Your Hair and Scalp

1) Applying shampoo before thoroughly wetting your hair
Wetting your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water first allows the dirt to soften or loosen up before applying shampoo, so it can do a more effective cleansing job.

2) Using a shampoo that contains Dimethicone
Even though Dimethicone is capable of making the hair soft and easy to manage, it adheres onto the hair shafts and becomes difficult to get rid of. Over time, the hair will become thick and heavy and eventually lose their elasticity, causing irritation to the scalp and hair loss.

3) Scratching your scalp with excessive force when shampooing
Your finger nails are home to huge colonies of bacteria and the wounds in the scalp caused by excessive scratching become easy targets for bacterial infection.

4) Residual traces left after shampooing
Thorough rinsing of the hair is essential to ensure no residual traces of shampoo is left on the scalp which can cause blockage in the hair follicles.

5) Improper way of applying hair conditioner
Hair conditioner should only be applied onto the hair and not the scalp, as this will suffocate the hair follicles resulting in hair thinning and hair loss.

What should you use?
Choose VCare Shampoo and VCare Hair Repairing Serum as they contain many effective, natural botanical extracts and are gentle and safe to use.


3 Exfoliation Myths Debunked

1) Skincare products are always effective
The outermost layer of our skin is home to both good and bad cutin. Our skin's condition deteriorates as a result of long-term exposure to harsh environmental factors, imbalanced diet, lack of proper rest etc. This triggers a reduced metabolic rate and makes the keratinised cells difficult to shed or peel off in a natural manner, forming aged cutins. The cutin buildup make your skin rougher and less efficient in absorbing and benefiting from skincare products applied.

2) AHA formulation is effective in removing aged cutins
AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) is known for its capability to unleash exfoliation benefits within the shortest possible time. However, an excessive level of acidity could translate into corrosion, causing the outer layer of your skin to thin down along with draining away good cutins. This will make your skin sensitive and affect its self-healing and protective functions.

3) Granular facial scrubs is good for you
The rough granules in a scrub formulation poses the risk of wounding your facial skin. When scrubbed forcefully, the granules will inflict even more harmful cuts to the skin, making it become more sensitive to frictional damage.

What should you do?
Choose an exfoliating cream made of an enzyme composition which can achieve the objective of removing the age cutins effectively without causing damage to the skin - Aquasense Exfoliating Cream.

(Source: Shuang Hor Magazine, Sep-Oct 2016)

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