Bits & Bites #159 - Success: Dizigui Teachings

Sunday 11 December 2016

Noble Mansion
When bad things happen to you, you need to accept it.
Then you won't feel so miserable or emotional.
Find out the reasons why. 


You cannot make other people change. But you can change yourself. And when you change, others may eventually also change.


If you want to earn money, use your merits.
If you want to spend money, use your wisdom.
Spend money on things you need. Don't buy things you don't need, even though you may want them.


We tend to spend most of our effort on things we can't take away with us when we die - we spend too much time accumulating material things. 
Instead, we should put in more effort on things we can take away with us when we die - doing good deeds and accumulating merits / good karma.


To have good morality, start with yourself. Educate yourself first. Lead by example rather than nagging others to do what you cannot do. Discipline yourself.
To teach others, change yourself first.


Don't argue just for the sake of winning. You will end up losing. Bring out your point in a gentle way, so people can accept. Understand first why is the person behaving in such a manner. For example, the person may be behaving badly because he lacks love. So do not judge the person as you don't walk his journey. Empathise with him.


Whatever you have done, it is in the past. 
The next day is a new day and a new you - start afresh.
When you have reached a higher level and achieved your goals, don't stop there. Continue to improve and learn everyday.


Being rich is only 1 aspect of our lives. We need to take care holistically, including our health, family, work etc. Nothing permanent exists individually.

Noble Mansion
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