Bits & Bites #152: Business - Do Shuang Hor Products Really Work?

Sunday 11 September 2016

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Q. Can you guarantee that Shuang Hor products really work?
A. I can guarantee that you will certainly see improvement, provided you follow my instructions. Take at the right dosage. Give it 4-6 months. I don't guarantee a total cure. For instance, end stage cancer patients who have undergone surgery and chemo can still have their cancer relapse. But Shuang Hor products can extend their lifespan, decrease the side effects of drugs and improve their quality of life by giving them more energy, strengthen their immune system, have better appetite and reduce pain and discomfort.


When we go service our friends after they start consuming Shuang Hor products, we must adopt the right attitude. Servicing is never about taking orders. It's about continuing to share knowledge with our friends on the benefits of the products they are taking. It's about walking together with them through any healing crisis they experience. It's about offering true friendship and being the person others can rely on. What we do won't be rewarded immediately. Be patient. Because the rewards will come.


How do we help our friends to eat much cheaper?
Advise them properly. For example, a friend consumes about 800 PV worth of products every month and gets 8% discount. If that is the case, recommend to this friend - "Instead of buying 800 PV every month, you might as well buy 1600 PV every 2 months, because you will get 12% discount instead."
Your friend will be very grateful for your kindness to help them save money.


What do you want from your career?
Would you be happy if you have more time flexibility, less stress and earn about RM20,000 a month?
From Employment, you may be able to earn more, but that comes with a lot of stress and no time freedom.

What if you start your own Business?
You would need capital and business skills. You will face higher risks and more stress.
If you're not ready to go through all that, then forget about doing business.

Will you consider an opportunity that can give you time flexibility, less stress and a consistent flow of income every month? If yes, then come let me show you how.


When I start something, I want to finish it. I don't see another business opportunity that suits my character. That is why I choose to stay in Shuang Hor business. I can create a future I want. I know I can achieve my dreams and do things I want to do with people that matter most to me. No other business can give me such a complete all-rounded flexibility.
That is why even though I am facing so many challenges, I still don't want to give up Shuang Hor Business, because Shuang Hor is so good.

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