Bits & Bites #151 - Business: Why Do I Choose to Stay in Shuang Hor Business

Sunday 4 September 2016

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Q. Why is Shuang Hor Business a good choice? Why do I say Shuang Hor is your perfect business partner?
A. Because this is a business that can help you generate long-term passive income, and help you achieve time freedom and give you and your loved ones great health to enjoy your time and money.
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Shuang Hor products give me peace of mind for my parents' health. When they are sick, I know how to use Shuang Hor products to help them recover. I don't have to always rely on doctors and medicines. I know I have the support of my mentors and the company's professionals and medical experts behind me. That feeling of being in control at any time is very empowering.


Shuang Hor Business offers me the flexibility to organise my time. In the event I have a family emergency, I can put this business aside for a few months to focus on handling my emergency. As an employee, I was never allowed to do that. Even if I am running a conventional business, I cannot just leave it aside. However, because of the skills and experience I have acquired through Shuang Hor's education system, I can simply restart this business anytime after I sort out my emergency.


People say when you are in an MLM business, you will hardly have any friends.
I beg to differ. I find that if you do this MLM business right, you will have many, many friends. You're able to touch people's lives in a sincere, meaningful way and because of that, you will make many genuine friends and they will be your lifelong friends.


Shuang Hor Business has contributed tremendously to my personal development, in many, many ways..
I have acquired a lot of knowledge on health and business, equipping me with a tool to help many people.
I learn how to communicate more effectively with people and be more thoughtful of their needs.
I learn how to think from other people's perspectives; unlike my mindset as an employee, where I had to always think selfishly only for myself because I had to protect my own position in the company.
I continue to go through many rounds of changes and breakthroughs. I find out my own limitations and strengths from this opportunity to learn from so many experienced leaders.
I learn from a group of mentors who teach and guide unconditionally - they help me grow and teach me step by step ways on how to succeed.

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