2016 Visit to Shuang Hor Greenhouse Farm and Factory

Wednesday 14 September 2016

I just returned from my 4th visit to Shuang Hor company's Farm and Factory. As always, the company without fail provides kind hospitality to first time visitors and warmly welcomes back the familiar faces.

Despite already being regarded as the world leader in terms of Lingzhi, Shuang Hor continues to look for ways to improve the quality of its Lingzhi, research new uses for Lingzhi and upgrade the cultivation and factory production processes.

There are 2 key things that strike me in this visit:

(a) The greenhouses have expanded

In 2014, we were shown a big vacant piece of land next to the existing 7 greenhouses. Dr Chen said more greenhouses will be built here in future. During this visit, the land has transformed into a huge group of fully-functioning greenhouses called Area 3. It occupies 7,400 sqm and has 5 greenhouses. Each of them has a capacity of 200,000-255,000 sawdust packaging bags and can be controlled independently.

(b) The Lingzhi harvests have expanded

In the past, the harvested and dried Lingzhi were stored in bags and mostly stacked neatly on the racks inside the warehouse. This time, I saw so many Lingzhi bags that they are stacked all the way up to the roof of the warehouse and many bags overflowed onto the floor and more spilled out into an adjoining room housing the Lingzhi Dryers.

This means the demand for Lingzhi is higher than ever now. Perhaps people are more conscious of their health and taking Lingzhi as prevention. Perhaps more people are falling sick. Perhaps people are looking for alternative ways to treat their diseases as they become more educated on the danger of taking the wrong drugs and side effects of medicines. Whatever it is, they choose Shuang Hor as their solution.

Shuang Hor Business is thriving. Which means if You choose this business, You will also be able to gain back your Health and earn your Financial and Time Freedom.

Want to see more photos and understand more on the technical aspects of Lingzhi cultivation and processing? Click over to this link...


The esteemed Head of R&D, Dr Chen Deng-Hai
Taichung Distribution Centre
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