Perimenopause - How to Make your Journey to Menopause More Comfortable

Thursday 3 December 2015

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Menopause happens when your ovaries stop releasing eggs and you can no longer get pregnant. Perimenopause is the transition period towards menopause and can start to happen 10 to 15 years before menopause, as early as mid-30s.

As your estrogen level rises and falls unevenly during this stage, it would wreck havoc on your body, mind and emotions. This is to be expected as estrogen affects more than 400 different functions in your body.

Some of the "distressing" signals include:

1. Belly and body fat
Fat metabolism slows down, and a fat re-distribution takes place, causing fat to move towards the belly area. Breasts start to sag. Body weight also increases, and weight maintenance becomes difficult, unlike the younger years.

2. Mood disturbances and depression
Hormonal fluctuations can lead to moodiness, sadness, anxiety and irritability. This period may coincide with a time when relationships are strained, or even leading towards divorce.

3. Memory and concentration
Estrogen affects the cognitive functioning of the brain by helping to regulate functions such as memory, concentration and mental flexibility. Studies show that perimenopausal women are 40% more likely to report forgetfulness.

4. Beauty and intimacy
Skin dryness and loss of skin firmness are common during this stage. Women may also experience vaginal dryness and loss of sexual desire and confidence. Hair becomes dryer and thinner and starts to drop more.

(Source: Women's second puberty, Fit For Life, 8 June 2014)

How Can You Smoothen this Period of Perimenopause?

Is there a natural way to smoothen out this journey, before the turbulence of menopause sets in?
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