Bits & Bites #115 - Business: Short-Term Solution to Achieve Your Long-Term Solution

Sunday 29 November 2015

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Some questions to trigger friends to think about their Future:
- Do you believe in job security?
- Do you intend to work for people for the rest of your life?
- Can you afford to quit your job or not?
- Given a choice, if you have an option to have more time and money, but not to work for others, would you want that or not?
- If one day you don't have to wake up early to go to work everyday anymore, and still have Income flow in, do you like that or not?


Long-Term Solution:
(a) no need to work anymore
(b) have a steady stream of passive income flowing in every month.

Short-Term Solution to help you achieve your Long-Term Solution:
(a) Look for a new job that gives you a similar level of income.
How easy is it for you to look for another job? How quickly can you find it?

(b) At the same time, work to create another source of income which can replace your current income as soon as possible.
What do you think of this idea? Ideally, this source of income can help you achieve your Long-Term Solution so you don't need to look for another job anymore. How does this idea sound?


What do you think of MLM?
Do you believe there's such an idea called Passive Income?
Do you believe that real MLM can give you Passive Income?
Based on what I understand, and after 7 years of involvement, MLM is the way for ordinary people to earn stable income. I  believe it's real and it's possible.


If you're serious about Passive Income, and don't intend to work for people for the rest of your life, until now, have you found another way to get Passive Income?
If Yes, are you working on it already?
If No, I sincerely urge you to take a look at my business.
Don't give up on your Dreams.
Come see for yourself. See if it's possible to achieve your Dreams through this way.
Give yourself a chance. Read some books that I lend you. Attend at least 5 meetings with me. Hear from different people in order to do a better analysis.
If you haven't found a way to achieve what you want, let me show you a way.


What are the 2 criteria in order to be able to successfully lead?
1) You have to continuously grow.
2) You have to be a genuinely caring person.
Your friends can see your progress. They can see that you've grown to be better and will trigger their interest to follow you.

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