Bits & Bites #116 - Business: Why Choose MLM?

Sunday 6 December 2015

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To live well and to achieve happiness, we need Money + Time + Health.
If you have a lot of money, you can buy a watch and a clock. But not Time.
If you have a lot of money, you can buy medicines and doctors. But not Health.
Is there a business that can give you all these 3 elements at the same time?
Come take a look at Shuang Hor Business.


Being an Employer is more stressful than being an Employee.
Because the Employer's mind has to be constantly active day and night thinking and planning about his business. And when economy is bad, he also has to constantly worry about his business.


MLM is the type of business model where if you don't understand it, you will hate it.
But once you understand, you become a "hardcore".
So if today, you don't like MLM, you are normal.
Only a rare group of people join MLM because they are looking for a business opportunity.
Most people get to know Shuang Hor because of their health issues.


There are 2 Types of Income:
1) Active Income - your income Stops when your work stops.
2) Passive income - your income Continues when your work stops.
Which type of income do you choose?


There are 2 Sources of Passive Income:
1) Investment Income - your money is working for you.
E.g. shares, fixed deposits, property rental.
Catch: You need money before you can start investing.

2) Business Income - your business is working for you.
E.g. Franchise, software, royalty earners, internet marketing.
Catch: You need capital, skills and know-how.

Is there another source of Passive Income? Come take a look at Shuang Hor Business.

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