3 Effective Tips To Protect Your Bones

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Our bones are living tissues, comprising mainly calcium and protein. If more bone calcium is being absorbed into the body than is replaced, the density (bone mass) is gradually reduced, the bone becomes weaker, increasing the risk that it may break. Osteoporosis develops when bone is no longer replaced as quickly as it is removed.

50% of women and 25% of men over age 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture. While gradual loss of bone mass is a fact of life for everyone, it's never too late to take steps that will protect our bones.

The amount of bone mass you obtain while you are young determines your skeletal health for the rest of your life. Meaning the more bone mass you have when you are young, the more protection you have against losing bone mass later.

Here are some tips to help children develop maximum bone mass, and help adults slowdown its loss.

1. Get adequate calcium and vitamin D

99% of the body's calcium is stored in the bones and teeth - a "bone bank". Calcium is "withdrawn" from the bone bank daily to support some vital body functions. If sufficient calcium is not "deposited" back via diet, the bones become deficient in calcium and eventually weaken.

The US Institute of Medicine recommends the following amounts of daily calcium from food and supplements:
  • 1 to 3 years old - 500mg
  • 4 to 8 years old - 800mg
  • 9 to 18 years old - 1,300mg
  • 19 to 50 years old 1,000mg
  • more than 51 years old - 1,200mg
Sources of calcium
Dairy products, almonds, broccoli, spinach, cooked kale, sardines, soy products eg. tofu.

Excessive consumption of calcium doesn't provide additional benefits and may even be harmful.

Vitamin D helps the body use calcium. The US National Institutes of Health recommends 400-600 IU (international units) of vitamin D for children and 600-800 IU for adults.

Sources of vitamin D
Sunlight, fortified milk, tuna, sardines, egg yolks.

2. Exercise

Both strength training and weight bearing exercises are important.
Strength training exercise strengthens muscles and bones in the arms and upper spine.
Weight bearing exercises (walking, jogging, running, stair-climbing) strengthens bones in the legs, hips and lower spine.
Cardiovascular workout (swimming, cycling) are less helpful for improving bone health than weight-bearing exercises.

3. Avoid smoking and regular alcohol consumption

The precise medical causes have not been identified, but researchers find that these 2 activities also contribute to weak bones.

Additional risk factors include family history, some medical conditions and certain medications.

To assess the health of your bones, you can take the bone density test known as DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry). It takes 5 to 10 minutes and uses very little radiation. The T-score falls into 3 categories:
  • normal density
  • osteopenia (low density)
  • osteoporosis
(Source: Five tips to protect your bones, Dr Jean Park, HealthNewsDigest.com)

Recommended Solution

Jia Hor Soya Protein Powder is highly recommended as it helps promote the growth of healthy cells for your skin, bones, muscles, hair, eyes and all your other body organs. Check out this link on How to Choose a Good Quality Protein and this link for the 10 vital reasons why you should choose Jia Hor Soya Protein.

Yung Kien Pollen contains a balanced and complete combination of nutrients including vitamin D and calcium, which are essential in the formation of a strong skeletal system. Take a look at this link for What is in a High Quality Bee Pollen and this link for the Benefits of Pollen including healthy body weight.

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Risk Factors and a Safe Effective Remedy for Hepatitis C

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. There are 5 different forms of viral hepatitis: A, B, C, D and E (the first 3 are the most common).

Hepatitis A is the least serious. You can be infected from eating cockles or shellfish. Most people get well after an extended period of rest, and the body is able to totally get rid of the virus.

Hepatitis B (HBV) and Hepatitis C (HCV) are more serious and are chronic in nature. Most people have no symptoms, and by the time they go to the hospital, it may be too late to treat. People infected with HCV may not look or feel sick. If symptoms do develop, they often are not specific (like nausea, fatigue, vague abdominal discomfort). It can take many years after being exposed to the virus for visible damage to the liver to be detected.

Faster rates of progression (some as early as 5 years after diagnosis) are seen in people who are infected at an older age, or who consume a lot of alcohol, have HIV or other liver diseases.

HCV consists of at least 6 genotypes. HCV genotype 1 (G1) is the most common, but also the hardest to treat. For example, the response rate for those with G1 is 40%-50% at best, while those with G3 can be as high as 80%.

People with the highest risk of contracting HCV are:
  • intravenous drug abusers
  • healthcare workers who are exposed to syringes and blood
  • people who obtain tattoos and body piercings
  • people undergoing hemodialysis
  • people with multiple sexual partners
  • children born to mothers with the disease.

There are no vaccines to prevent HCV infection, but the risk can be reduced by avoiding unnecessary injections, body piercing with contaminated equipment, sharing of personal items and unprotected sexual contact with multiple partners.

(Source: Know your ABCs, StarFit4Life, 29 July 2012)

What Solution Do You Suggest?

Over 30 scientific studies have been published on the usage of Lingzhi / Ganoderma in liver protection. Lingzhi is found to alleviate injuries related to the liver and enhance liver cell regeneration. Hence, it is a safe and effective way to improve hepatitis condition or not let the condition deteriorate further. Refer to this link for more details,

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How to Prevent Constipation and Diarrhea

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Your digestive system plays a very important role. It turns the food and drinks you consume into energy by transforming them into nutrients that your body can use. Your gastrointestinal tract breaks down the foods, digest them, absorb the nutrients and utilise them as needed by your body. Parts of foods that cannot be broken down will be excreted.

When you eat something that does not agree with you, your digestive system reacts by producing symptoms of stomach discomfort, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting etc.


Common causes include:
  • inadequate water or fibre in the diet
  • disruption of regular diet or routine
  • inadequate activity or exercise
  • eating large amounts of dairy products
  • stress
  • resisting the urge to have a bowel movement
  • overuse of laxatives (stool softeners) that weaken the bowel muscles
  • medications
  • medical conditions like hypothyroidism, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, eating disorder or depression.
Symptoms include:
  • infrequent or difficulty having bowel movements
  • swollen abdomen
  • abdominal pain


Common causes include:
  • virus or bacteria that infect the gut
  • eating foods that upset the digestive system
  • allergies to certain foods
  • medications
  • diseases like Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis or cancer.
Symptoms include:
  • abdominal bloating or cramps 
  • thin or loose stools 
  • watery stools
  • sense of urgency to have a bowel movement
  • nausea or vomiting.

The above is classified as uncomplicated (non-serious) diarrhea. 
A complicated diarrhea will have additional symptoms like:
  • blood/mucous/undigested food in the stool
  • weight loss
  • fever.

How to keep your digestive system healthy

1. Eat right
Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
Eat regular meals, eat slowly and take moderate serving sizes.
Limit fried and sugary foods to avoid indigestion, heartburn and flatulence.
Drink plenty of water.

2. Be active
Getting enough physical activity is an excellent way to promote regular bowel movements, improve appetite and maintain a healthy body weight.

3. Practise good hygiene
Wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet and before touching food. It prevents bad bacteria from entering your gut.

4. Practise regular bowel movement
Establish a regular bowel routine to prevent constipation.

5. Top up on good bacteria
When the bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria, you become more prone to infections. Avoid this by taking probiotics. A very effective source is called Lacto-berry probiotics. It gives many other benefits to your digestive system including preventing colonrectal cancer, reducing cholesterol level, improving your immune system and addressing lactose intolerance problem.

(Source: The Inside Story by Datin Dr Liew Yin Mei, StarFit4Lie, 8 July 2012)

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Drinking Coffee Can Make You Live Longer

Friday, 21 September 2012

A study was conducted on the links between drinking coffee and mortality. It was published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Research institutions involved
The NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study was a long-term experiment jointly carried out by US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

Study period
Began in 1995 and ended in 2008.

402,000 individuals aged between 50 and 70 years old (excluding people with heart disease, cancer or who had a stroke in the past).

Subjects' characteristics
42,000 did not drink coffee on a regular basis.
150,000 drank at least 6 cups of coffee a day.
The balance drank 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day.

Study finding
The regular coffee drinkers demonstrate the following:
For men, the chances of succumbing to these diseases are lower by these percentages:
  • 14% for heart diseases
  • 17% for respiratory diseases
  • 16% for stroke
  • 25% for diabetes.

For women, the chances of succumbing to these diseases are lower by these percentages:
  • 15% for heart diseases
  • 21% for respiratory diseases
  • 7% for stroke
  • 23% for diabetes.

Study conclusion
With daily consumption of 2 to 3 cups of coffee, irrespective of whether the beverage is with or without caffeine, the chances of enjoying a longer life expectancy are 10% (for men) and 13% (for women).

(Source: Shuang Hor Magazine Sept-Oct 2012)

Click on this link to discover what coffee should you choose if you're health conscious,

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Trivia on Soya Bean Protein

Monday, 17 September 2012

Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) is a method of evaluating the protein quality based on
  • the amino acid requirements of humans; and 
  • our ability to digest it. 

The closer the amino acid profile of a food protein in resembling the structural profile of the human protein, the higher will be the nutritional value.

Since 1993, this method has been recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as being the best way to evaluate the quality of a food protein. The ratings for PDCAAS range from "1" = highest score to "0" = lowest score. The table below shows the ratings of selected food:

0.91 Soya Bean
0.73 Vegetables
0.54 Wheat
0.52 Peanuts

Soya bean is the richest in nutrients among all plant proteins. Its nutritional value can be as high as that of animal protein. In fact, the genetic structure of soya bean is the closest to that of human amino acids. In other words, it provides a full spectrum of the "essential amino acids" needed by the human body, making it an ideal source of "premium grade protein".

(Source: Shuang Hor Magazine, Sept-Oct 2012)

If you don't consume enough proteins daily, Jia Hor Instant Soya Protein Powder is an excellent supplement. Click on this link to discover How To Choose A Good Quality Protein.

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Guest Blog: Fundamental Ways of Keeping Your Heart Pink & Pumping

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The rise in the number of patients with heart diseases has been on the rise and this is all set to increase with every passing day. There are numerous reasons for this, bad food habits, adverse living style, pollution and other such things. It has been seen that even children below the age of 5 are greatly affected by it. A heart disease can give rise to various other conditions that might turn lethal in the future. A good living style is an important thing to make sure that you stay away from any sort of heart diseases.

Things that trigger heart diseases

There are various things that trigger heart diseases. Some of the most common causes are mentioned below:

Tobacco is one of the prime reasons of an unhealthy heart. Every year millions of individuals all over the world are reported to have died due to smoking. The prime component that is present in cigarettes is nicotine that is extremely harmful for heart and lungs. One needs to make sure that they abstain from smoking in order to maintain a healthy heart.

Lack of exercise and obesity
Lack of exercise is another prime reason why so many people all over the world are getting affected form diseases of the heart. Lack of exercise coupled with fatty foods is a deadly combination. It is a slow killer. It has been researched by scientists and doctors from noted universities that people who exercise daily run a lower risk of being affected by heart diseases.

Hypertension is another important cause that has been proven to be a great reason for heart diseases. People who tend to think much or work under immense pressure are at a higher risk of being affected by a heart disease.

Things that should be done

One should ensure that they do a regular exercise and also encourage their family members to do the same. A family that does things together has a lesser risk of getting affected by heart diseases.

Avoid caffeine and tobacco
One should also try to cut the intake of coffee, cigarettes or other such things that have a high amount of caffeine or nicotine in it. That way the chances of getting affected by a heart disease will reduce.

Avoid excessive drinking
Excessive drinking is never a good thing to do. There are several who are reported to get ill only because of the high amount of liquor they consume. Those who already have heart diseases should avoid taking alcohol. That will help them to reduce the chances of heart diseases.

Avoid binge eating
Binge eating is something that should be avoided especially by those who are suffering from a heart condition. Excessive eating, especially foods that have high fat content can put pressure on the functioning of the heart. It is definitely something that should be avoided.

Bearing these things in mind will definitely help one to avert any heart related issues. Besides these one should also maintain a stable contact with their doctor and let them know if there’s any sort of difficulty.

Author’s bioAndrew Greens is a well known author who writes on medical issues. He is a regular contributor to http://www.blueskydrugs.com/Product/Plavix

Disclaimer: This article is contributed by a Guest Blogger. Ping of Health does not give any warranty on accuracy, completeness, functionality, usefulness or other assurances as to the content appearing in this article. Ping of Health disclaims all responsibility for any losses, damage or personal injury suffered directly or indirectly from reliance on such information.

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How to Choose a Good Quality Protein

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Protein is the main building block for our body. If you have insufficient protein intake, it will eventually cause:
  • Dull skin complexion
  • Hair loss problem, resulting in dry, rough and brittle hair
  • Stunted growth, especially for children
  • Slow recovery from illness and operation
  • Impaired immunity
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Low muscle mass
  • Hormone disorder, resulting in period cramps or insomnia
Sources of Protein

A healthy adult needs approximately 1g of quality protein for every 1kg bodyweight. Protein is available from many sources. A very common source is from animals - chicken, meat, seafood etc. However, this is lower in bioavailability i.e. the ability of our body to absorb and utilise the protein. This is because animal protein has a lower percentage usability and can contain high levels of saturated fats, hormones, antibiotics, mercury etc.

Protein is also sourced from plants such as from nuts and beans. These are higher in bioavailability and has higher energy level and easier to digest, as they are at the beginning of the food chain.

Why Jia Hor Soya Protein?

1. The protein is isolated, meaning all the purines, allergens and fat substances have been extracted out, leaving behind only pure amino acid protein. As such, Jia Hor Soya Protein is safe to be consumed by people with gout or kidney problem.

2. It contains papain and bromelin enzymes, which help breakdown the large protein molecules, making it easier to digest and assimilate into our body. Jia Hor Soya Protein has up to 95% absorption rate by our body.

3. Jia Hor Soya Protein contains lecithin, which is good for development of brain cells, minimize hypertension, speed up metabolism, expedite digestion etc.

4. It is very safe and does not cause allergic reaction to people with soy allergy. It does not contain additives and preservatives and hence does not burden our liver and kidney.

5. It is very convenient to consume as it comes in individual sachets - very easy to pack to office or for travels.

6. Each sachet contains 5g of protein. If you don't take enough protein, supplementing up to 6 sachets a day is excellent to give you all the benefits listed below.

Benefits of Jia Hor Soya Protein
  • Bright, smooth skin
  • Energy booster
  • Healthy hair and nails
  • Balanced hormones - no more menstrual cramps or headaches
  • Muscle building
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Speedy recovery and healing of wounds - no more ugly scars
  • Good memory
  • Strong bones
(Source: Vibrant Health Seminar, 25 August 2012)

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Benefits of Probiotics and How to Choose Quality Probiotics

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that reside in our digestive system. There are about 100 trillion bacteria living inside each human. Our body should have at least 85% good bacteria for optimal health. A balanced digestive tract is responsible for 80% of our immune system's health.

What Happens If You Don't Have Enough Good Bacteria?
  • Diarrhea / constipation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Indigestion or bloated tummy
  • Low immunity
  • Skin / mouth ulcers
  • Colon cancer
  • Allergies
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Inflammation

How To Choose Good Friendly Bacteria?
  • The bacteria must be in alive form, so that they can perform the functions they are meant to do.
  • The bacteria must be in sufficiently large quantity for them to be effective.
  • The strains are important to ensure they are effective and beneficial.

Why Choose Shuang Hor Lacto-berry?

1. The bacteria are in alive form. We use the unique Multi-Coated Technology where the probiotics are coated with prebiotics to protect them against our body heat and the highly acidic gastric juices in our stomach. Hence they can be safely carried to our gastrointestinal tract alive to perform their jobs.

2. There are 2 billion probiotics in each sachet of Lacto-berry, which will multiply quickly by 20 times into 40 billion probiotics when they reach our digestive system. The high quantity ensure their potency to deliver their tasks.

3. Lacto-berry's probiotics are from cultivated strains which are capable of performing many functions. They are strains already in existence in our GI tract and so are easier to be accepted by our body. Click on this link to discover what are the unique ingredients and their capabilities.

4. Lacto-berry is individually packaged and in powder form, making it very convenient to consume and bring to your office or during travels.

5. Lacto-berry is very effective to give us all the benefits listed below.

Benefits of Lacto-berry
  • Increase the efficiency of our immune system and prevent cholesterol in GI tract and colorectal cancer
  • Inhibit the growth of bad bacteria
  • Promote production of B-group vitamins and other enzymes to aid in proper digestion of food
  • Enhance absorption of nutrients
  • Eliminate toxins
  • Prevent allergies such as sinus and skin allergies
  • Help with diarrhoea caused by food poisoning or antibiotics / other medications 
  • Address lactose intolerance problems
(Source: Vibrant Health Seminar, 25 August 2012)

Please email me at laifuiping@gmail.com to buy Lacto-berry to maintain the health of your digestive system. Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company's website for Product Description and Price.

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Bee Pollen: Complete Food to Nourish Our Body

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

More than 60% of all degenerative diseases develop as a result of making the wrong choices in things we eat and drink. That is actually good news, because our diet is something we can control, if we choose to be vigilant.

Our body needs macro-nutrients to sustain life. Broadly, they comprise the following:
  • Carbohydrates 50-60%. Go for complex carbs rather than those that are refined or have high glycemic index.
  • Essential fats 20-30%. Omega 3 fatty acids can be found in deep sea fish like salmon and mackerel as well as almonds, sesame and flaxseed. Avoid trans fat, which can clog up our arteries.
  • Protein 15-20%. Go for plant-based protein which do not contain artificial hormones and excessive cholesterols.

Micro-nutrients serve as a catalyst to improve the bio-availability of the food we eat. They comprise a whole spectrum of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, coenzymes, phytochemicals, pre/probiotics and dietary fibre.

Shuang Hor's Yung Kien Pollen contains up to 200 types of nutrients which are all natural, wholesome and complete, to replenish all the nutrients our body needs. If you wonder what are the nutrients in a grain of bee pollen, click here,

All the 3 main nutrients namely Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes/coenzymes exist together, thereby having a synergistic effect and high bio-availability to nourish our body.

How Does Bee Pollen Nourish Our Body?

1. Healthy growth and brain development
The folic acid in pollen is especially important for children as deficiency can lead to growth problems.

2. Healthy bodyweight
The full spectrum of nutrients in bee pollen will lead to lesser cravings for junk food because our cells already have all the nutrients needed. I have a personal story to share on this. Read it here,

3. Enhance facial radiance
If you take more than 4 sachets of Yung Kien Pollen a day over a period of time, your complexion will look great from inside out, and there will be a natural inner glow reflected on your face.

4. Energy booster
The enzymes in Yung Kien Pollen are in live form, therefore ensuring availability of the nutrients for our body cells whenever needed.

5. Delay ageing and balance hormones
Bee pollen is a very good choice to keep our reproductive organs healthy. It is effective for women with menopausal disturbances as well as men with inflammation of their prostate gland.

6. Anti-radiation properties
Nowadays we are exposed to a lot of radiation, as we spend a lot of time in front of computers and the TV, use smart phones, or undergo therapy treatment. Bee pollen can help keep our cells in tip-top condition.

(Source: Vibrant Health Seminar, 25 August 2012)

Do you want to enjoy all these benefits that Bee Pollen can give? Please email me at askfuiping@gmail.com to buy Yung Kien Pollen for your health. Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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Why Do We Need Dietary Fibre?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Everybody knows it's good to eat more fibre. But do you know why? Dietary fibre serves many functions for our body. Amongst others, it helps:
  • Keep the pH level balanced inside our colon
  • Prevent toxin build-up in our body
  • Regulate our bowel activities
  • Enhance our nutrient absorption
  • Promote healthier bodyweight
  • Prevent chronic diseases

This diagram shows a comparison between a healthy and an unhealthy colon. As you can see, a healthy colon has a good shape, is evenly sized, with a nice healthy color, as compared to the colon of someone who has constipation, is overweight or is unwell.

An adult needs approximately 25g to 35g of dietary fibre a day. This translates to about 20 to 30 apples or 1 to 2 kg of greens. That is a lot of chewing. More than what many of us can manage. Which is why supplementing with a superior fibre product is an attractive option.

How to Choose a Quality Fibre Product?

Ideally, the dietary fibre should have 2 components:

1. Soluble Fibre
  • Slows down absorption of sugar so it doesn't cause a spike of sugar level in our blood stream, especially important for diabetic patients
  • Slows down digestion so it's very good as a weight management program
  • Lowers absorption of cholesterol and able to prevent heart diseases and high blood pressure
2. Insoluble Fibre
  • Promotes growth of friendly bacteria and prevent colon cancer
  • Adds bulk to our stool hence prevent constipation
  • Speeds up the passage of toxin and waste so that they are eliminated soonest instead of staying around in our system

Why is Jia Hor Fibre a Quality Fibre Product

1. Jia Hor Fibre contains both Soluble and Insoluble Fibre, which can perform all the functions as stated above.

2. A single sachet of Jia Hor Fibre contains 4g of dietary fibre. Hence, if you don't get sufficient fibre from your meals, you just need about 4 sachets a day to supplement.

3. Jia Hor Fibre comes from natural plant source (guan bean gum, corn and wheat fibre, psyllium husk etc); no prawn shells, insect wings or whatever inedibles.

4. Jia Hor Fibre is proven effective as it is approved as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) of USA and widely adopted as FOSHU (Food For Specific Health Uses) in Japan.

5. It is very convenient to consume as the packaging comes in individual sachets, so you can bring it to your office or during your travels.

6. It has a natural tasty lemon flavor, unlike a lot of dietary fibre in the market where after drinking it one time, you probably won't want to drink it a second time.

Benefits of Jia Hor Fibre
  • Gives you a blemish and pimple free face and good complexion.
  • Maintains ideal body weight as it enhances the feeling of satiety and decreases the intake of fats and calories.
  • Gives you more energy.
  • Boosts your immunity and prevents colon cancer as it eliminates excessive fats and body toxins.
  • Prevents heart attacks and strokes as it reduces your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Promotes regular and smooth bowel movement as it shortens the time taken for body toxins to pass through your gastrointestinal system.

(Source: Vibrant Health Seminar, 25 August 2012)

Please email me at laifuiping@gmail.com to buy Jia Hor Fibre. 
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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