How I Reduce My Cravings For Junk Food

Sunday 18 September 2011

My teeth used to get "itchy" regularly. Most of the time, before I went for my shower and called it a night, I would poke around the kitchen, looking for something to nibble on. Unfortunately, my cravings were never for natural healthy stuff. Nope. Give me chocolates, cookies, crisps, anything sweet, crunchy and carb-filled. Mmhhmmmm... they taste soooo gooooddd... 

It didn't matter whether I had a big dinner or not. I still itched for something to munch on. The guilt conscience only kicked in later, maybe before I sleep or the next day. I would feel so bad and berated myself and promised myself not to succumb to temptations again. But the pattern would repeat itself. Always.

What's happening? 

You see, our body needs a complex combination of many micro-nutrients including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co-enzymes etc. When something is lacking or insufficient, our mind gives a signal. Unfortunately, the signal only says "Hungry!". As we don't know what's missing, we don't know what deficiency to top up. So we simply get the urge to eat, then get fat, then hate ourself. And yet the deficiency is still there. The vicious cycle repeats itself.

What's the Solution?

Pollen is known to reduce our appetite and promote weight loss, among its many, many benefits. Take a look at this article.

How amazingly true. About 9 to 12 months after I supplemented my diet with Pollen, one day I noticed my cravings had actually reduced. I no longer had such constant urges for junk food anymore. I guess pollen has made up for the nutrients deficiency in my body.

I am really so pleased. I love the fact that I don't have to forcefully discipline myself not to snack, hence I don't feel deprived. I simply don't snack because I don't feel the craving to. What an easy way to maintain my waistline! And the "side effect"? My complexion is more glowing.

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