Guest Blog: Fundamental Ways of Keeping Your Heart Pink & Pumping

Saturday 15 September 2012

The rise in the number of patients with heart diseases has been on the rise and this is all set to increase with every passing day. There are numerous reasons for this, bad food habits, adverse living style, pollution and other such things. It has been seen that even children below the age of 5 are greatly affected by it. A heart disease can give rise to various other conditions that might turn lethal in the future. A good living style is an important thing to make sure that you stay away from any sort of heart diseases.

Things that trigger heart diseases

There are various things that trigger heart diseases. Some of the most common causes are mentioned below:

Tobacco is one of the prime reasons of an unhealthy heart. Every year millions of individuals all over the world are reported to have died due to smoking. The prime component that is present in cigarettes is nicotine that is extremely harmful for heart and lungs. One needs to make sure that they abstain from smoking in order to maintain a healthy heart.

Lack of exercise and obesity
Lack of exercise is another prime reason why so many people all over the world are getting affected form diseases of the heart. Lack of exercise coupled with fatty foods is a deadly combination. It is a slow killer. It has been researched by scientists and doctors from noted universities that people who exercise daily run a lower risk of being affected by heart diseases.

Hypertension is another important cause that has been proven to be a great reason for heart diseases. People who tend to think much or work under immense pressure are at a higher risk of being affected by a heart disease.

Things that should be done

One should ensure that they do a regular exercise and also encourage their family members to do the same. A family that does things together has a lesser risk of getting affected by heart diseases.

Avoid caffeine and tobacco
One should also try to cut the intake of coffee, cigarettes or other such things that have a high amount of caffeine or nicotine in it. That way the chances of getting affected by a heart disease will reduce.

Avoid excessive drinking
Excessive drinking is never a good thing to do. There are several who are reported to get ill only because of the high amount of liquor they consume. Those who already have heart diseases should avoid taking alcohol. That will help them to reduce the chances of heart diseases.

Avoid binge eating
Binge eating is something that should be avoided especially by those who are suffering from a heart condition. Excessive eating, especially foods that have high fat content can put pressure on the functioning of the heart. It is definitely something that should be avoided.

Bearing these things in mind will definitely help one to avert any heart related issues. Besides these one should also maintain a stable contact with their doctor and let them know if there’s any sort of difficulty.

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