Functions of the Active Ingredients of Lingzhi

Saturday 18 November 2023

What makes Lingzhi / Ganoderma so special?

Because of these 4 main Ingredients. Read on to find out how they help improve your health..

1. Triterpenoids

a) Liver protection

- Repair damaged liver.

- Enhance liver detoxification function.

b) Anti-cancer

- Directly extinguish cancer cells (cause apoptosis of cancer cells).

- Inhibit protein hydrolase of cancer cells.

c) Cardiovascular protection

- Lower blood pressure.

- Inhibit cholesterol synthesis.

- Inhibit platelet agglutination (adhering to each other).

2. Polysaccharides

a) Inhibit tumour growth and enhance immunity.

b) Has antioxidant properties and delay ageing.

c) Regulate blood pressure, blood lipids and cholesterol.

3. Nucleosides

a) Cardiovascular protection - inhibits clotting of platelets and prevents blood vessel blockages.

b) Sedative - relaxes nerves and calms emotions.

c) Analgesic - reduces sensation of pain.

4. Small molecule protein LZ-8

a) Has a dual immune modulating effect.

b) Promotes proliferation of immune cells and boosts deteriorating immunity.

c) Suppresses development of type 1 diabetes which is caused by autoimmune disorder.

(Source: SH magazine, April 2022)

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