Bits & Bites #236 - Business: Perceptions of MLM Business and Products

Saturday 28 October 2023


I am a university graduate. I am doing MLM business.

Yea yeahh.. Like many of you, I used to have the same perception - that only uneducated people or "aunties" do MLM business. However, after checking out the industry for myself, I realise my perception was wrong.

I personally know many highly qualified professionals and corporate people who are in Shuang Hor business. And achieving great success and satisfaction. For example, 30 years ago, parents would scold their children for spending too many hours on video games. But nowadays, even kids can make a lot of money as video-gamers. It has become a recognised profession.

So, perception changes and reality changes. Graduates and business people are consciously choosing a different path, because of what the industry offers.

If you want to find out why I make the change and why Shuang Hor is different from other MLM companies, please email me at


Many of you have the perception that MLM products are very expensive. Including me.

A friend once told me that she used to work in a well-known multi-national cosmetics company. It was then that she found out the company marked up the selling price of a lipstick by 10 times, from its import cost. She was horrified. 10 times.

Shuang Hor has been around for over 35 years. The cost of its star product, Yung Kien Ganoderma, has remained the same since it was launched 20+ years ago. True, it is not cheap. But if the price doesn't match the value, do you think this product will still be in the market today, marketed under the same name, after so many years?


If you always say you're very busy and have no time, you should see Results, right?

Can whatever you are doing now achieve what you want? If not, why are you wasting your time, so busily running around for? It's like taking painkillers which gives you a temporary relieve. You think you're healed. But it is an illusion as the pain will recur, until you find a permanent solution.

If what your boss is doing cannot lead to achieving your personal objectives, why would you do what he is doing? Why climb the same ladder when it is not going to get you to where you want to go? Find a different direction before it's too late. Email me at for a free consultation.

Aoki Tei

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