9 Ways to Boost your Immunity

Sunday 29 May 2022

Keeping your immune system strong is crucial to fight off all types of infections, including Covid-19.

Here are 9 quick tips:

1) Get enough sleep
A study showed that adults who had less than 6 hours of sleep per night were more susceptible to colds.

2) Eat lots of whole plant foods
These include papaya, broccoli, spinach, garlic, ginger and kiwi fruit. They are rich in antioxidants (decrease inflammation), vitamin C (reduce symptoms of common cold) and fibre (serve as food for probiotics in your gut).

3) Consume healthy fats
These include olive oil, salmon, chia seeds, sunflower seeds and almonds. The anti-inflammatory properties in healthy fats boost up your immune system to fight harmful disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

4) Have more fermented foods
These include yoghurt, kimchi, kefir and natto. They help increase the amount of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract which lead to stronger immune system.

5) Reduce sugar intake
Sugar and refined carbo contribute to obesity and heart disease which disrupt your immune system. A study of around 1,000 people showed that obese people who were administered the flu vaccine were twice as likely to still get flu, compared to non-obese people who received the vaccine.

6) Exercise
Moderate exercises like brisk walking, indoor cycling, jogging, swimming and hiking help your immune cells to regenerate often and reduce inflammation.

7) Drink enough fluids
Dehydration makes you more prone to falling sick. You get headache and your focus, mood and digestion are negatively affected. Plain water is best as it is free of calories, additives and sugar.

8) Reduce stress
Long term stress messes with your hormonal balance and immune cell function. Manage stress by doing exercise, meditation, drawing and outdoor walks.

9) Include supplements
Choose your supplements wisely as only the quality ones can effectively strengthen your immune system. Having said that, they are not a replacement for a healthy dietary habit and good lifestyle.

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(Source: Boosting Immunity, Datuk Dr Nor Ashikin Mokhtar, Starhealth 14/6/2020)

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