Bits & Bites #233 - Health: Having Fever is Good News

Sunday 5 September 2021

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The average healthy body temperature is 37'C. At this ideal temperature, most of the virus / bacteria will be killed when they enter our body. Some pathogens which are more resistant will not be killed at this temperature. As our body is very intelligent, it will raise the temperature to kill the pathogens. It's the same analogy as boiling water - the pathogens can only be killed at higher temperature. In that sense, having a fever is a good sign because it kills the virus / bacteria.

Some people think that as they hardly have fever, they must be very healthy.
There are 2 possibilities:

(i) You are very healthy and your immune system is strong, OR
(ii) Your immune system isn't functioning well - hence no heat is generated and the pathogens are not killed. It is dangerous when your body cannot react to the pathogens as it can develop into something more serious.

A common healing reaction for many people when they first start consuming Lingzhi is the feeling of warm body and feverish symptoms. They will blame Lingzhi, saying it is too heaty and not suitable for them. But they don't realise that their actual body temperature is lower than the normal temperature. This is because most of us never measure our body temperature unless we have fever.

In relation to the 7 Stages of Disease theory, the more advanced we are along the stages, the more efforts the body will do to flush out the toxins. Thus when one gets fever, inflammation, itchiness, swelling, gangrene etc. as part of the healing reactions, do not take medication to suppress them because that is how the body pushes out the toxins. What you need to do is change your Lifestyle and Diet, and continue taking Lingzhi. If you stop them from being flushed out, the disease can progress further to tumour / cancer.


Consider these Questions..
- Do you spring-clean your house regularly?
- Do you agree that the pipes and electrical wires in your house need to be changed after using them for 40 years?
- Are you over 40 years old?
- Do you agree that similarly, if you have been using your blood vessels and intestines for 40 years, they will get blocked / clogged? Can you change them or can you prolong their lifespan?

If you want to continue using them for another 40 years, you need to maintain them.
How? Use Lingzhi + Pollen as your Annual Spring-Clean Program. This is an ideal solution for you if you are not disciplined to take supplements every day.

What's more.. It not only serves as a full-body detox, but it can also highlight hidden health problems. In other words, Lingzhi + Pollen work as a Scanner of potential health problems so you can get them handled before it is too late.


Does this scenario sound familiar?
I think I lack calcium - I go to the pharmacy and buy 1 bottle.
I think I need vitamin C - I go to the pharmacy and buy 1 bottle.
I think I should supplement with some zinc and magnesium - I go to the pharmacy and buy another 2 bottles.
You will end up with a cabinet full of synthetic supplements.  You don't know how safe they are if taken for long term. And if you add up the costs of all the bottles, it is definitely not cheap.

What is a better alternative?
Take Yung Kien Pollen. It is a One single product with All these nutrients that your body needs. In fact, it has much more, as it has around 200 types of nutrients, all in a little grain of Pollen. It is Natural, Wholesome and Complete. It is 100% Safe and replenishes your deficient micro-nutrients.

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