Testimonies on Pancreatic and Nose Cancer

Sunday 2 February 2020

The 3 cases below show the miraculous results of 3 cancer patients who take lingzhi as their complementary treatment while doing chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Coincidentally, all 3 patients did their scan and obtained their results on the same day, 25 Feb 2019.

Case 1 - Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer

A 64 year old lady, Singaporean, was diagnosed with Stage 2 Pancreatic Cancer in Nov 2018. She went through an operation to remove her pancreas, gallbladder and part of her intestine. She was feeling weak and also had acites (build-up of fluid) in the liver.

She took 10 capsules YK Ganoderma2 daily together with chemotherapy. She went through a stable chemo cycle as she could maintain stable white blood cell count when undergoing treatment. She encountered minimum nausea side effects.

As per CT Scan report on 25 Feb 2019 (about 3 months later), there was no more new cancer cells reported. There was no reoccurrence and spreading of cancer cells.

Her cancer marker CEA reading reduced from the initial 20.8 to 7.57 and CA19.8 from 1,935 to 124. This is a very good result as pancreatic cancer is not easy to treat, and 5 years remission rate is very low.

Case 2 - Stage 4 Nose Cancer 

A 30 year old lady, Indonesian, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Nose Cancer with cancer cells having spread to multiple locations in her lungs and also lumps were found in her breast.

She started taking 20+ to 30+ capsules of YK1 daily together with intensive chemo. She went through the cycles of chemo smoothly without encountering any symptoms of side effects.

As per CT scan result on 25 Feb 2019 (about 2.5 months later), all cancer cells previously found on her nose, breast and lungs have nearly disappeared. Her doctor was amazed with the miraculous result.

The diagram on the left compares the PET/CT Scan after and before treatment. The cancer cells are "almost gone" / "clean" for the After scenario (as seen by the black spots in the chest area has lightened).

Case 3 - Stage 2-3 Nose Cancer 

A 50+ year old man, Indonesian, was diagnosed with Stage 2-3 Nose Cancer on Oct 2018. He was undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and was feeling a lot of side effects from the treatments, e.g. no appetite and tiredness.

He started taking 40 capsules YK1 daily. After that he increased the dose to 50 capsules. His appetite improved and he gained back his energy. He futher increased the dose to 60 capsules, and reduced to 40 capsules daily after the treatment.

During the PET/CT scan and MRI on 25 Feb 2019, the results showed remission (no cancer cell detected). He is very happy with the amazing results and want his experience to be shared with other people.


The above patients are still taking lingzhi at megadose. The cases are still being monitored closely.

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