Bits & Bites #226 - Business: I Cannot Find A Better Alternative To Lingzhi

Sunday 9 February 2020

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Because of my corporate background, when I first came to know of Shuang Hor Lingzhi, I didn't just accept at face value what it claims to offer. I did my own research. I found that it is indeed an excellent product (and thus is not cheap). I tried to find a cheaper alternative to Lingzhi. But in these 10 years, I have not found a cheaper or better alternative.

Q. What is the cost of consulting a doctor? 
Time. A friend said she consulted a Chinese sinseh for her and her daughter's health problem. Every 3 days she had to go get medicine from the sinseh. She did it for 1.5 years. The amount of time lost is uncountable.
Q. What is the cost of cancer? 
It is becoming more and more expensive.
Q. What is the cost of seeing your loved ones in pain? 
It is uncountable.

After analysing, I find there isn't anything that's better than Shuang Hor - the product, safety and effectiveness, company, people, culture etc.
Do your own research and I believe you will come to my conclusion too.


There are 2 aspects when it comes to Retailing:

(a) Convince a person about the goodness of your products until they want to buy from you. But you don't just stop there. In fact, if you are able to achieve this part, you are only 50% there as it doesn't guarantee that your customers will continue to buy from you for the rest of their lives.

(b) The second aspect is something you need to put an effort to do, which is after listening to your explanation, your customers dare not take any other products anymore. In order to do this, you need to know your competitors' and your own products well.

If you are able to achieve both aspects, only then is your retailing considered to be a success.


Do you like to have a money printing machine which you can print whatever amount of money you want? It is not going to be given to you free though. You will be thought how to build it, screw by screw. Some take 2 years, some take 5 years to build. Be assured, you will be equipped with the skills to build it. You will continue to fine-tune the machine until when you put in the last screw, the money will start spilling out even before you can press the start button.
There is more. You are in a position now to give a similar machine to anyone you want to give to. Show them the possibility this machine can give them and when they say Yes, they want it, guide them how to build it.
If you teach someone how to fish, they will never be hungry for life.


It is all in the Mindset. When I offer you a cup of coffee, you may think I am just selling you coffee. However, look further, starting with this cup of coffee, I can change your life and how you live your life everyday, I can influence how you see things, I can transform how you think - do you still think it is merely a cup of coffee that I offer?
I feel great pride in being equipped with this power to make such a difference. That is why I offer you this cup of coffee.


Charity is not just about giving money. It is about the ability to Transform people's lives for the better. It is very powerful to know that you can positively change people's lives. It is about the ability to make a Significant difference.

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