Bits & Bites #225 - Health: Take Lingzhi as Annual or Daily Program

Sunday 19 January 2020

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Grub by Ahong
There are 2 ways to consume Lingzhi. Think of the analogy of cleaning your house.

(i) You can do a spring-clean once a year. It's going to take a lot of time, effort and give you a lot of discomfort during the process because a house that has not been cleaned for a whole year is very dirty.

(ii) You can do a simple cleaning everyday. It takes discipline so the effort is smaller.

In other words, it's a choice between taking a high-dose of Lingzhi for 1 month every year or taking a maintenance dosage every day.
Which is better? For me, taking a little a day every day is better than scrambling at the end of every year. But both options are available for you.


If you have these 3 criteria, you can live a longer life:
(a) Have a high HDL level.
(b) Have a lower heartbeat.
(c) Have a lot of kidney essence.


Be careful when you're looking for a solution to cleanse your blood. I do not know of anything in the market that can cleanse the blood in a truly effective manner.
Aspirin and heparin are blood thinners, with dangerous side effects of internal bleeding.
Fruit juices do a good detox job, but the difference is its potency, when compared to Lingzhi / Ganoderma. This is because Lingzhi does a much deeper cleansing, right down to the cellular level and not merely detoxing the organs. Lingzhi is a super effective blood cleanser.


When you take a lot of medicines, you should take it together with Lingzhi. Your health improvement will be better because Lingzhi helps to:
(i) Reduce the burden on your liver and kidney.
(ii) Protect your liver and kidney cells so that they can be used longer.

If you cannot change your lifestyle or stop the allergens that cause you to take drugs, take it together with Lingzhi. Having said that, drugs cannot be taken long term. The best way is to still control your food and lifestyle.


Lingzhi / Ganoderma from Shuang Hor has been scientifically proven to be excellent for our overall health. The high potency ones are thus not cheap. How can friends with budget considerations afford it? This is what I tell them -
"If your pocket is deep, eat more. If not, eat less.
What is important is to consume some everyday."
As the saying goes - An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Grub by Ahong
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