Uniqueness of Vitaking Collagen

Sunday 27 October 2019

One of the most unique feature about Vitaking is that it is hydrolysed. And there is no chemical substances and synthetic components in the ingredients.

(a) A lot of collagen products in the market are in big molecules and are not easily broken down by the body when consumed. As a result, it will be seen as a foreign substance by the body's immune system, which attacks it and triggers auto-immunity problem.

(b) Another problem of big molecules is the body cannot absorb thus whatever collagen that is consumed will be wasted.

(c) In order to achieve the objective of breaking down the collagen and at a low cost, many manufacturers use chemicals to do so. Chemical products stay in the kidney and cause side effects in the long run. Some producers even use the term hydrolysed collagen, thereby misleading consumers into thinking all collagen products are the same.

For Vitaking, enzyme is used to do the hydrolysis process. The molecule is broken down into very small bits and the body can easily absorb without needing to do further work. Thus there is no issue of absorption problem or residues staying in the body.

How does Collagen Function in the Body

From the diagram above, you can see the cartilage is located at the end of the bones, which are supported by ligaments. The cartilage consists of approximately 90% water and the balance 10% is made up of chondrocytes which comprise of collagen and proteoglycan.

Cartilage is manufactured by our own bones. The edge of the bones will grow the cartilage which then acts like a cushion between the 2 bones.

Before the age of 25, the production rate of collagen is higher than utilisation rate. This explains why young people don't experience knee pain and their skin look supple and bouncy.
After the age of 25, the production rate deteriorates at the rate of 1.5% every year, eventually resulting in deficit of collagen.
By the age of 40, you have depleted 25-30% of collagen in the body. That explains why many people start to have kneecap problem and find it difficult to walk.

Higher risk group include:
- People who are overweight because their excess weight burdens the knees more and thus use up more collagen.
- Badminton / basketball players as they use their knees a lot.
- Mountain hikers as the tendency to hurt their knees is higher.

This doesn't mean that you should avoid these activities. The only way to slow down this deficit process is to replenish with the right amount of collagen because it is a natural ageing process. Otherwise, undergoing a total kneecap replacement surgery is very costly, ranging from RM25,000 per leg to RM80,000 for both legs.

Glucosamine is a Common Solution

The most common solution  to treat joint pain problem is taking glucosamine.
Our bones synthesise cartilage. As we age, the rate of production becomes lower. How glucosamine works is by stimulating the growth of proteoglycan and chondrocytes by "pushing" them out of the bones.

Unfortunately, there is one negative consequence of long-term consumption of glucosamine that pharmacists usually don't highlight, which is how to consume it in the right way. It is advisable to stop for 1 month after every 3 months of consumption. If you continuously take, you will develop a disease which is triggered by over consumption of glucosamine, as the ingredients they are trying to stimulate i.e. proteoglycan and chondrocytes are over-produced. The kidney is unable to metabolise and flush them out quickly enough thus leading to the disease. Not only will it cause more burden to the kidney, it may even worsen the pain in the knee joints.

However, Vitaking works differently. As it is already hydrolysed, when you consume it with water, it goes directly to the area of inflammation. It doesn't trigger the growth of proteoglycan and chondrocytes but the collagen is directly provided to the area of inflammation so you won't experience excessive production of these 2 ingredients.

How to Consume Vitaking

We have 216 joints in our body. That's why for people who are already experiencing pain in their joints, they do not see much results by taking only 1 sachet Vitaking every 2-3 days. Over a short period, it is not enough to address the deficit problem in the cartilage.

Thus the right way to consume is to start with high dosage to address the problem. After you recover, you can reduce to maintenance dose. For example, people who experience sharp pain in their knees should start with 4 Vitaking a day. If it is very painful, take all 4 sachets at the same time, mixing with warm water (easier to dissolve and absorb). If you don't have financial issues, you can take it twice a day. Take in this manner for the first 5 boxes.

For the next 5 boxes, take 2 sachets / day if the pain has subsided. In other words, the patient should invest in 10 boxes of Vitaking to properly treat they problem. In fact, it works out to approximately Buy 9 Free 1, after discount.

For people with financial issues, they can buy 1 box at a time. However, they should be prepared to take up to about 10 boxes. Don't expect to see significant results after just 1 box.  When you supply sufficient raw material in one go, the recovery rate is faster compared to taking a little bit at a time. So even if they were to buy 1 box, take at least 2-4 sachets each day.


(1) Ms J's mother is overweight and used to suffer from knee pain whenever she stood for long periods. Even for activities such as cooking, she would need to take a break and rest in bed for awhile. Taking Vitaking has helped her improve her condition very quickly.

(2) Ms SL took glucosamine + chondroitin for 3 years for her knee pain problem. She found it to be not effective. However, after taking Vitaking for just 3 weeks, the pain went away. She only took 1 sachet a day, adding with Jia Hor Soya Protein + Jia Hor Fiber as a shake.

(3) Ms LH's mother, 69, felt knee pain when climbing the stairs. She took 2 Vitaking per day (together with Lingzhi) for 2 weeks and felt vast improvement until now.

(4) Mr P's mother, 80, fell down at home while mopping the floor. She fell in a "leg-split" manner and couldn't get back up. There was nobody at home so she had to sit on the floor and wait for over 2 hours before her daughter returns. She has torn some ligaments or muscles because even a gentle touch to the area caused her to scream in pain.
Day 1 - She consumed 4 Vitaking + 4 Yung Kien Ganoderma2 (important to clear blood clots and help pacify the patients). The acupuncturist came and treated her twice. She usually consumes 10 capsules Yung Kien Pollen + 6 Yung Kien Ganoderma + 3 Jia Hor Fiber + 2 Jia Hor Soya Protein daily.
Day 2 - She didn't experience any inflammation due to the presence of lemon verbena in the ingredient which has anti-inflammatory and calming effect. This is the effectiveness of taking so many Vitaking at a go. She consumed a total of 8 Vitaking. Even though she was in pain but she could go to the toilet herself as she could bend down.
Day 3 - She could already walk on her own with the help of a walker. During this entire recovery process, she did not see the doctor or take any medicine at all.

Usually, if a similar situation happens and the person is taken to the hospital, the common way of treatment is to first take an x-ray and then the leg will be bandaged with a plaster. The consequence is the person will be very immobile. She will have difficulty going to toilet and may have to wear adult diapers. She will take painkillers which may lead to gastric pain. The elderly may take 1 month to recover. The adult diapers may cause infection and inflammation in the buttocks area. After 1 month, when she tries to walk, the leg would have no strength. She may develop allergy and constipation problem because of too much antibiotics. The cost of medical bills may be RM8-10k.

In fact, it is not only physical pain that one has to deal with. If the pain lasts for several months, people can go into depression and if they are unable to handle, they commit suicide. Thus, to avoid all these possible complications, try Vitaking. It is an excellent alternative.

(Source: Shuang Hor seminar 14 January 2019)

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