Bits & Bites #222 - Health: What Happens When You See A Doctor and How Lingzhi Helps Dialysis Patients

Sunday 3 November 2019

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When you see a doctor, it is You who describe to the doctor what you feel (where you think the pain is and what is the discomfort) and many a times, it is based on your description that the doctor gives you a diagnosis and medicine. The doctor does not spend much time to fully probe your history and all the symptoms you are going through. If you forget to tell him something, too bad, you may get a wrong prescription.

What is a better alternative?
Take Shuang Hor Lingzhi. You do not need to worry about remembering all the symptoms you have. Lingzhi is 100% safe and doesn't counteract with any medicines you are taking. What's more, it helps protect and reduce the side effects of those medicine.


My personal health mission is Not to be lying on the hospital bed.
No doubt, I will die one day.
But I want it to happen naturally in my home, in my own bed, and not covered in tubes in hospital when I take my last breathe.
It takes a lot of effort.
But with Lingzhi, there is a higher possibility of not pumping my body full of drugs before dying.


Shuang Hor Lingzhi is very safe to be consumed by everyone.
Who can consume Lingzhi?

- Pregnant ladies.
- Children, including babies.
- Dialysis patients.
- Organ transplant patients.
- Auto-immune system disorder patients.
- Senior citizens.

Presently, there is no one single product or drug in the market that is as safe as Lingzhi and can be consumed by all these people.


Shuang Hor Lingzhi is multi-functional. It works for many different diseases and all the organs in your body.
For example, how does Lingzhi help with dialysis patients (and protect their kidney)?

(a) Cleanse the blood which can help reduce the burden on the kidney and lengthen its lifespan.
(b) Protect the glomeruli from being attacked by free radicals.
(c) Enhance liver function so it can work better to help the kidney flush out toxins from drugs which diabetic patients take.

Supplements can only provide nutrients to the kidney but they cannot perform all the functions as mentioned above. This is because Lingzhi is a Multi-Functional Healthfood.

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