Bits & Bites #221 - Health: Cholesterol & How Medicines Work

Sunday 29 September 2019

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Why is the cholesterol level in certain sick people high?
Because cholesterol is one of the ingredients for energy. When energy in our body is exhausted, the liver is called upon to produce more energy. Thus the liver produces an enzyme called HMG CoA Reductase, which produces CoQ10, which produces ATP, which becomes energy. At the same time, this enzyme also produces cholesterol. That's why the liver will produce more cholesterol when it produces more energy. Because of this, cholesterol level is high. People who are sick for long term is not uncommon to also have high level of cholesterol.

How does Vitaking help?
One of the ingredients is ribose, which can be converted into instant energy. Hence taking Vitaking helps to replenish the depleted energy. When ATP energy is sufficient in the body, the liver will stop producing so much cholesterol. Indirectly, you can reduce your cholesterol level. Also, when your limbs are weak, taking Vitaking strengthens your muscles.

Vitaking also contains lemon verbena. It is a natural herb for anti-inflammation.
To help subside inflammation, take Vitaking together with Lingzhi for better results.
You need to take at high dose. You may think that you can take at lower dose for longer period and save money. But you won't experience as much noticeable improvement to your health and so you give up too soon (e.g. an obese person won't notice much weight reduction if she only exercises once a week and because of that, gives up exercising).

When you are really sick, take up to 6-8 sachets a day. A lower dose gives you the collagen, which is good. But you actually need more lemon verbena to subside your inflammation problem. Thus a higher dosage is needed.

Some people who take Vitaking get diarrhoea as part of their vertigo reaction. Why?
Because these people have a lot of bad bacteria in their colon. The good bacteria are starving. When the good bacteria are fed with good food, they suddenly have energy to fight and kill the bad bacteria. That's why some people have diarrhoea to flush out the toxins in their colon.


Western medicine works on body organs, not cells. This means, if you have a headache, you take painkiller to reduce the pain. If you have stomachache, you take medicine to ease that pain. The treatment only handles the symptoms (in this case, the pain). Thus it is a temporary relief. Unfortunately, these medicines do not address the root cause of the problem - the thing that is causing the problem. Because of the nature of treatment, after taking one type of medicine for many years, you will definitely end up taking more and more different types of medicine in the long-term.

Lingzhi works differently. It addresses the source of the problem, which are all the tiny 63 trillion cells in our body. Once these cells are regulated, or repaired, or rejuvenated, or regenerated, the headache or stomachache will be addressed.

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