Bits & Bites #216 - Business: A Fair Marketing Plan and A Business With Integrity

Sunday 23 June 2019

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Shuang Hor is really a fair and reasonable company. It reminds you that there are 4 things you must give your time and priority to, before you do Shuang Hor business:

1) Country
Perform your duty as a good citizen. Do what is required by your country e.g. national service etc. If you don't care about the place you live in, you will have no country and you become an immigrant.

2) Religion
Fulfil your obligations according to your religious requirements.
However, in Shuang Hor teachings, do not discuss your views on religion and politics with your prospects as differing views will create disharmony.

3) Family
Spend time with your family. If your family members are also taking Shuang Hor products, then you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone - share with them what you learn in Shuang Hor when you spend time with them.

4) Existing job
If you are under employment, do not do Shuang Hor during your working hours. Be ethical and show integrity to the company you work for. But lunch hour is your time. After work is your time. Plan wisely and fill these hours up with meaningful activities instead of simply going home to watch television.

5) Shuang Hor
If you have decided to do Shuang Hor but cannot find the time, that means you cannot manage your time well. Let your experienced leaders guide.


Shuang Hor's marketing plan is very fair. No matter when you join the business you will still make money. You can earn more than the friend who introduces you and those who have already been in the business for longer than you. The marketing plan rewards hard work.
The marketing plan is reasonable because it gives the right percentage to the distributors and the company. It is a plan that is proven to work because it has been around for over 30 years.
It is also a source of income that can be passed down to your next of kin; your future generations can continue to benefit from your effort even after you pass on.


Shuang Hor's business philosophy is hinged on Honesty and Integrity. This company does not promise anything until and unless it can deliver. Whatever it announces will be achieved.
This is what I really like about this company, because in the business environment where every company is out to make the highest profit, it's easy to get unethical for the sake of making more sales. Shuang Hor strives to rise above that.


Shuang Hor's Marketing Plan has a few unique features which make it stands out above the marketing plans of many MLM companies:
(i) Distributors are not required to stock up. If fact, we are encouraged to only buy what is needed.
(ii) There is no monthly minimum purchase. We have the flexibility to buy whenever and however much we want.
(iii) The bonus reward is given at unlimited levels down. Certain companies stop the rewards after 6 levels.
(iv) All downlines are welcomed to come for uplines' meetings. Certain companies do not allow those downlines to attend meetings of uplines when these uplines do not benefit from those downlines anymore.


In a business where money makes money, you need a pool of money to even think of starting your business. In Shuang Hor business, you use effort to make money. Be patient as people take time to learn. Service them well and educate them on the goodness of Shuang Hor products. Even if they are no longer doing the business, people whom you have serviced well will continue to be loyal consumers.

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