Advice from a Wise Leader

Sunday 30 June 2019

My very experienced friend shared her thoughts in a very meaningful speech.
Here, I like to share with you what she said:

The beauty of Shuang Hor Business is you don't just grow your wealth, but you grow friendship and you build genuine relationship with people based on trust, love and care. You might think what is so important about that, as compared to your own success, your own well-being and happiness. But as you grow older each year, you may come to the realisation that relationship is all that matters. What's the point of having all the wealth in the world when you have no true friends or family to share freely your deepest desires or challenges in life?

I notice that I start to have more group chats with my school friends, university mates etc as I grow older each year. Perhaps they also realise that they have lesser and lesser real friends that they can share their joys and difficulties with. One of the most precious gifts I gain in SH Business is a group of good friends, whom we grow on this journey together. I really cherish all of you a lot.

In 1997, the Asian financial crisis has turned out to be a life-turning opportunity for us. SH came to us when we were at the valleys in our lives, with almost nothing in our pocket and not knowing what to do and where to go. It came as a lifeboat not just to help us to stay afloat but as a lighthouse that gives us clear direction, hope and strength to march on.

In the blink of an eye, 20 years later, we are glad to have successfully built a little treasure island which allow us to have the peace of mind and freedom to live the life we want. With that, I want to thank everyone involved in making it possible for us today. They are the people involved in the running of SH company for coming out with excellent products and good support system, which gave us a lot of confidence that we are partnering with a reliable, established and caring company, and we can build a life-long career with them.

Our appreciation to all our uplines for their patience, guidance and mentorship all these while. That's why when you decide to do SH, you don't have to worry that nobody can guide you. If you really want to do the business, so long as you extend your hand, your hand will be held by your upline and so long as you are willing to learn, unlearn and relearn. I want to extend my gratitude to all of you for the trust given to us, the friendship and being a great team player. We had gone through a lot of happy and challenging moments together. Your commitment, growth and success have brought us so much joy and inspiration. Your happiness is indeed our happiness.

All of you whom we have learnt a lot through your experience sharing, as well as those people who had rejected us in our journey, have made us stronger and wiser.

Today, here, I believe there are friends who still have not decided whether to embark on SH journey, and many who are actively doing the business right now. You could be at the crossroads in your life, not knowing what to do, where to go or which direction to take or looking for a better opportunity to change your life for the better. If you are at this stage, allow me to invite you to ask yourself 3 very important questions, what we call classic SH questions:

(1) What do you really want 5-10 years from now?
(2) How do you really want to live your life if there is no limitation?
(3) If an angel suddenly appears in front of you to grant you whatever you want, what would you ask for?

If you can answer these simple yet deep questions honestly, then to do or not do SH becomes a very easy decision. If whatever you are doing currently is unable to bring you the result that you want in your life, then come and see if SH can give you what you are truly looking for. If it can, then just commit yourself wholeheartedly for 3-5 years. If not, look for another opportunity immediately. Don't waste your life as I believe you already know that this business can offer you financial, time and health freedom simultaneously as well as the freedom to be your true self, to design and live the life that you want, and the personal growth, genuine friendship and many more.

When you are walking the SH journey, sometimes you feel up, sometimes you feel down and sometimes you are not certain if you are on the right path. You often doubt yourself if you can make it. My little advice to you would be to reflect on these 2 questions:

(1) Am I doing the right things in SHB?
(2) Am I doing the right things the right way?

If  you do an honest reflection, ask yourself if you are following and carrying out all the activities taught by the SH education system diligently, or you pick and choose to do only the activities that you like and are comfortable with and avoid doing those things that scare you the most such as home meetings. Are you using your own methods that are completely outside the SH system and only you  know how to do it, yet it doesn't give you the results that you want. The easiest way to find out if you are doing the right things is to ask your uplines for honest feedback and see if you are following the footsteps of your successful uplines, or you are all alone by yourself in the business. If you feel that you are doing the right thing but still not getting the results that you want in terms of your network and income in a reasonable period, then as yourself the second question - Am I doing the right things the right way? Do you have any growth in terms of your knowledge, your skills and as a leader? Or they remain the same as the day you started your journey?

If your answers are positive, then this question could be the reason behind why you feel stuck - Do you become happier, more positive, confident, more at ease and kind with yourself and others? Or on the contrary, you become more stressed, more grumpy, negative and unhappy after you started your SH journey? If you and the people around you feel you become more unhappy, negative, stress, insincere, dishonest etc, then you are certainly not doing the right things although you seem to be doing the right things (i.e. improve in your knowledge and skills).

To me, personally, this is a very important point. To do well in SH, we must learn how to be happy, positive, light-hearted and enjoy the journey simply because we have explored and decided to commit ourselves in SHB. By right, we already know the direction and walking on the right path. Why aren't we happy but feel stressed instead? There's no reason for us not to be happy and celebrating our lives everyday, as every day and every step that we take is taking us closer to where we want to go. But if we become more depressed and competitive, insincere, greedy etc, then you must realise that you are not doing SH the right way, although you seem to be doing the right things. Because how you feel and your emotions determine your results in SHB.

Most of us have the tendency to think that we can only be grateful after we achieve our success in life. Therefore, we have the tendency to postpone our happiness to future. We give ourselves a lot of pressure, or become very impatient to get there as soon as possible, therefore forgetting that we can be happy and peaceful right here, right now, when we are walking on the journey itself. We don't have to wait until we become Diamond to be happy. In fact, you will not become a successful Diamond or achieve any real success if you are not happy and at peace, but always feeling stressed, exhausted, negative etc when you are on the journey itself. So please remember, success or happiness is not a destination, but in the journey itself. There is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So, happily, joyfully and lovingly carry out all the activities diligently and success is with you right now.

Believe you me, after 20 years in SH, I conclude that, besides hard work and commitment, the right attitude is still the key to success, especially the Three Cs that we should watch out for, as we tend to do it very often:

(1) Never Complain about the company, products, uplines, downlines, prospects, the weather, the SST or any other condition. I kept a very simple mind when I was walking the SH journey by telling myself if there are still people who are progressing in the business, and there are still people who are taking SH products, it tells me that the business is doable. It's all about me, don't blame other people and other factors. In other words, I don't entertain my own victim story.

(2) Never Compare with anyone or any other company. For better or worse, it is just our perception, which is wrong 95% of the time. Most of the time, comparison will only make us feel more depressed. If you must compare, make sure you know how to compare to make yourself feel positive, more inspired, more humble and grateful.

(c) Never Criticise or Condemn others and more importantly, yourself. Criticising others will only make us look small minded and reflect our inner insecurities. When we criticise and judge ourselves, it will only make us more depressed and sabotage our own self confidence. That is a violent act to ourselves.

Learn to be kind, be loving and more understanding with ourselves and others. Accept that no human being, including ourselves, are perfect. It is ok if we can't do it or can't achieve what others can achieve because each and every one of us has our own strengths and roles to play in this world. So don't be too harsh on ourselves. So long as you have given your best in that moment, just accept whatever outcome that life gives you.

Last but not least, don't be Greedy. We all know that it is important not to sell ourselves small, but if we get carried away to want to achieve more and more simply because of greed and pride, where we compromise our health, happiness and integrity during this pursuit, then although we may achieve some great titles and great wealth in SH, you will not have true happiness, peace and freedom.

So, dream big, as the sky is the limit. But live simply, happily and sincerely when you are walking on this journey. Have your goals set clearly, lay out your plans, take the actions diligently and persistently. Most important of all, do it joyfully and sincerely from your heart everyday as SH is not a conventional business which just gives you the conventional successes such as money, fame and power. But SH is a Path with Heart. Although it is a business, you have to do it not so much with your brain but from your heart. It is a business that allows you to open up your heart to connect with yourselves and with others, before you can touch and change the lives of yourself and others.

SH is a Path with Heart. It is our job to make every act become an act of love from our heart.
With that, I wish you a happy, joyful and fulfilling journey.

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