Exclusive: Lingzhi and Inflammation: Presentation by Ms Yu-Chi Cheng

Sunday 18 November 2018

I had the opportunity to attend a talk by Ms Yu-Chi Cheng in June 2018. She expounded on how Lingzhi works to prevent and protect against the main cause of many diseases in the modern world nowadays - which is chronic inflammation.

She is a highly qualified expert with many credentials to her name:
  • Dietitian of Double Crane Enterprise, Taiwan.
  • Bachelor or Science, China Medical University Department of Nutrition, Taiwan.
  • Master of Science, Taipei Medical University School of Nutrition and Health Sciences.
  • Specialist Dietitian of Renal Nutrition.
  • Obesity Dietitian.
  • Professional Health Food Engineer.
  • Senior Professional and Technical Certified Dietitian.
In this article, I like to share with you some snippets of her presentation:


Where do many of the diseases in our body come from?
It starts from chronic inflammation in our body.
It is found that Lingzhi can effectively counter many types of inflammatory situation and thus provides an excellent single solution for many diseases, from head to toe.

Why do we fall sick?
There are 2 factors that we cannot control - Ageing and Genetics. They will create situations of chronic inflammation and diseases eventually.
There are many other factors that we can control which also create chronic inflammation - Dietary habit, Lifestyle habits, late Sleeping habits, Pressure and Pollution.

Indications of inflammation include:
(i) On body surface - redness, swelling, heat and pain.
(ii) Inside the body - depletion of energy, accelerated ageing process of body cells, mutation into cancer cells.

Long term disregard of the symptoms may lead to serious consequences - a minor cut / trauma on the skin service may eventually lead to tissue necrosis when the inflammation spreads. In this instance, Lingzhi's ability to handle these inflammatory situations is very good and thus presents a multi-functional solution for most diseases.

In fact, in the conditions of our body between the state of Health (20% of world population) and Illness (5% of world population), there is a very huge number of world population in the category called Pre-Illness (75%).

There are many symptoms of inflammation before we reach the stage of feeling so sick that we need to consult a doctor. Unfortunately, many of us are unaware that these are early signs of inflammation, for example:


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