Bits & Bites #204 - Health: Drugs, Lingzhi Cost and Healing Reactions

Sunday 20 May 2018

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There are probably thousands of diseases in the world. I can't tell you for sure if Lingzhi works for a specific rare disease, but for sure, Lingzhi is excellent for modulating your immune system and protecting your liver function. Why not try it for 3 months and find out for yourself?
Overall you will feel a positive difference.


Take medicine only when necessary. Many people are overly reliant on drugs because of their immediate effect; or these people are unable to withstand any amount of pain and so turn to drugs at the first sign of pain.
Statin and Aspirin are 2 very common drugs. But both these drugs can be replaced by Lingzhi because Lingzhi can work better but without the side effects. 


Do you think that Lingzhi is expensive?
Actually, many people have that perception, including me. But after really understanding Lingzhi's efficacy, I change my mind. It may be expensive but if it works, then it's worth it, the price is secondary. Afterall, quality things don't come cheap.
Even though it is expensive, but it is guaranteed safe and it works, don't you agree it's cost effective and value for money? Otherwise, even if it's only RM30, you won't buy it as it will create more harm. There is no medicine that does not cause side effects when taken for long-term.
Do you really think low price is good? If I recommend a cheap brand, would you dare to try?
The key factor is the efficacy. If it doesn't help improve your condition, even if it's free, you should not take it.


How do you differentiate between Healing Reactions and Side Effects?
For a person with hypertension problem, after taking Lingzhi, it is normal for the blood pressure to go up temporarily. It may even go as high as 200/80 mm Hg. However, the person may not feel any dizziness, headache or vomit, which are common symptoms for people with such high level of blood pressure.
He should continue to take Lingzhi during the period of negative reaction until the reaction subsides.


Another Healing Reaction from Lingzhi
When diabetics start consuming Lingzhi, it is normal to find their blood sugar readings increase for a period of time before eventually going down to healthy level.
Why is this so?
Because Lingzhi cleanses glucose from the muscles and skin as well (not only from the blood). During this process, more sugar will be forced into the bloodstream to be eliminated out of the body. So if they were to take a snapshot of their readings at this point, it would appear that their blood sugar reading has increased.

Gogi King
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