The 13 Unappreciated Traits You Absolutely Need to Succeed

Sunday 13 May 2018

Character is not inborn. It can be cultivated. For people to follow you (whether in terms of trusting you to buy the products you recommend or whether to partner with you in the business), you need to be able to attract them. It is your character that can hold you and the people you attract for a long time.

The usual attributes of successful people are being disciplined, committed and hard-working. Here, I share 13 other qualities that make up important ingredients for your success.

1. Mindfulness

This means being present. Whoever you are with or whatever you are doing at that particular moment, that is the most important person / thing you need to do. Pay 100% attention. The most important time in your life is Now. Your body and mind must be present all the times.

2. Solid speaking skills

Learn to speak fluently, sincerely and confidently from your heart. Brush up on your public speaking skills and people skills. Express what you feel inside. Put in a structured manner what you want to explain to your friends. Write down in point form if that helps you to be more organised so that you can communicate better.

3. Insatiability

Always be hungry for learning and growth. Go deeper into your skills and knowledge.
Our Outer self is always "not enough" because there are always new skills to learn and new things to share.
However, our Inner self is already "full", it is already perfect. If you really open your heart to discover and spend time to look within and appreciate what you already have, you will feel so fulfilled.

4. Decisiveness

It is common to encounter situations where we have no time to gather All the information before coming to a decision. We simply have to make the best decision with whatever resources we have. In such cases, if the decision is wrong, don't beat yourself up. Be fully accountable and learn from it. Then let go and move on.

5. Consistency

Many people can be disciplined and do things they are not comfortable with, but that is only for short-term. The key is to make whatever actions you take become a part of you - to be consistent. For example, it is easy to start a blog and post up a few articles. But to be able to continuously and consistently post up articles over the next 10 years is the hallmark of successful people.

6. Coachability

Successful people know there are always new things to learn. In order to acquire new knowledge, we must be coachable - be open to learning new skills. When you can do things other people cannot do, then people will see you as a role model and you can gain their respect.

7. Honesty

Honesty means being able to say "I don't know but I will find out for you." or "Sorry I cannot do this because it is the company's policy." or "I am new and not familiar with how this works but I will get back to you.". Be a resource - a person whom people go to when they are looking for solutions.

8. Calmness

This trait is mainly tested in times of crisis. When a emergency situation happens, if you are able to remain calm and handle it, that is the quality of a good leader. If you radiate calmness, impatient people get attracted to you as they look to you to calm them down.

9. Patience

Never push or rush people to try your products or embark on your business. Just sincerely offer the best to them and leave the decision to them. They will come to you when the time is right. Be patient.

10. Gratitude

Be humble and appreciate life. Focus on what you already have and the good things you are blessed with. Cultivate an attitude of abundance, then you won't feel that you are a victim of life. Really feel blessed that life has given you so much. Appreciate the small things in life, so you won't keep wanting more and more. The more grateful you are, the more you will receive.

11. Ability to read people

Ask the right questions. Listen to their answers attentively so you can read them better. Read their character through their body language. Find out what are their deepest concerns. Empathise with them. Then you can offer the best solution.

12. Hunger and humility

You must have a goal to aspire to. Don't just settle for "good enough". However, if your goal leads you to do wrong things, then change that goal. But if your goal inspires you to do good things and to become a better person, go for it.

Even though Goals are destination for you to aim for, the Journey itself is equally important.
Be balanced - Don't be overly confident until you think you know everything and don't want to learn anymore. On the other hand, don't be overly humble until you have no self-esteem.

13. Vulnerability

Be real, authentic and available. Be responsive. Be yourself.
Don't be afraid to let your downlines know that you are hurt or sad. The pressure to always act strong is not healthy.

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